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Commissioned by Apple. "I try to find objects with a similar theme, whether they are items from the same room or tell a story of an event that just happened—like lunch. My inspiration often comes from the refrigerator. While at home, seeing the same objects over and over began to generate some new thoughts of what might stack nicely.” #ShotoniPhone this month #atHome by Scottie C. @scottie_cameron

4 days ago

Community Brief 30: Pets They may not be not human, but they’re definitely family. Tag #ThePetsSeries + #ShotoniPhone We’ll post favorites next week. Music: “Süpürgesi Yoncadan” by @altingunband

2 weeks ago

Commissioned by Apple. “Cooking during quarantine means getting creative with what we have. My four-year-old likes to move different pieces of food around to change the expressions on the faces — 'He is happy! This one’s sad. See, now he looks worried.' These days we carry all of these feelings inside. I remind the boys (and myself ) it’s okay to hold many different emotions at once.” #ShotoniPhone last week #atHome by Erin J. @theindigobunting

4 weeks ago

Commissioned by Apple. “The situation we’re all living has my mind working in so many ways to avoid boredom and anxiety. Getting away from home has always been my way of dealing with these things and expressing my creativity, but now being in lockdown has made me more aware of my immediate opportunities and advantages. I moved to this apartment less than a month ago, so this place symbolizes a new stage in my life. It’s very special to me. It has light coming in all day long because of the positioning of the building, sometimes even too much. Being so close to the equator, though, our 'magic hour' is very short, so I have to wait for it and be aware of the time. It’s like a hunt for light." #ShotoniPhone last month #atHome by Juan B. @juan_brenner

4 weeks ago

Commissioned by Apple. “I don’t want to give up on life right now. My entire state of mind revolves around that fact with everything going on. So I wake up everyday with specific activities in my house to keep me going, starting with photography, working out, and a lot of dancing. It’s been my daily routine. I’m honestly still not used to shooting at home this much, or photographing myself for that matter. But I’ve come to love the idea of capturing what my daily activities look like. I think it will become part of my norm moving forward.” #ShotoniPhone this month #atHome by Stephen T. @stephen .tayo

5 weeks ago

Showcase 29: #TheAtHomeSeries Favorites from last week's Community Brief - 1. Leandro C. @leandrocolantoni - 2. Anastasiia V. @ana_the_explorer - 3. Muhammed H. @hamodyhassan - 4. Shoyeb F. @shoyebfarooqui - 5. Svetlana S. @saharenok - 6. Louisa C. @louisa_s - 7. Artsemi P. @artem_p_79 - 8. Marwa A. @marwaalsayegh - 9. Ali J. @alijahanaraa - 10. Gursimran B. @coffee .karma

last month

A First Look at images of shadows and highlights intelligently enhanced by Next-gen Smart HDR. #ShotoniPhone by Jason N. @jason_nocito_studio and Robbie L. @robbiel1 . #iPhoneSE - “The camera on the iPhone SE can handle a lot of definition, from the background to the subject. As I’m looking for really beautiful natural light, I’m often taking portraits by windows. You don’t always need bright light — utilize the space that you’re in.” — Jason - “I’ve been shooting a lot in my home and on walks in my neighborhood. Working with the iPhone SE in bright sunlight, I noticed I wasn’t losing detail in the lowlights, despite a high level of contrast the camera was dealing with.” — Robbie

last month

Commissioned by Apple. “Being homebound while springtime teases outside has deepened my appreciation for my garden and the small flora I’ve placed in my window. The Earth is our most available and abundant subject — the more we are able to spend time with nature, the more we’ll realize how lucky we are and, hopefully, want to take better care of it. #EarthDay2020 feels like a return toward a deeper level of care and responsibility for our own backyards." #ShotoniPhone #atHome by Joyce K. @jokimbo

last month

Commissioned by Apple. "Being at home makes time move slowly, so I have a lot of time to think. Now, I hear birds chirping instead of cars honking, and I have never seen this city so calm. It’s inspiring unlike anything I’ve experienced before.” #ShotoniPhone last week #atHome by Bharat S. @bharatsikkastudio

last month

Community Brief 29: at Home We might be at home, but we can still come together. Tag #TheAtHomeSeries + #ShotoniPhone We’ll post favorites next week. Music: "Lightning Storms" by @ylabamba

last month

A First Look at iPhone SE Portrait mode images, using Portrait Lighting effects. An effect for every mood. #ShotoniPhone by Jason N. @jason_nocito_studio with #iPhoneSE Music: “Closer To You” by @amoamomusic

last month

Commissioned by Apple. "We live in an old shoe factory. It is feeling more and more like a shoe box. It has been a subject in my work for years but this experience has pushed me to photograph cracks and corners that hadn’t moved me before.” #ShotoniPhone last week #atHome by Mikaela M. @mikaelamartin_photog

Mar 2020

Everything feels different now. It’s unclear how long this will last, or what life will look like when it’s all behind us. And while much is uncertain, some inspiring things are happening, too. All over the world, we’ve seen an outpouring of creativity in the face of this crisis. People are sharing their unique points of view. Finding ways to connect from afar. To that end, @apple will be featuring moments captured at home by creators from around the world. We have always shined a light on artists, and we are committed to supporting them now, more than ever. We might be apart, but we’re in this together. #ShotoniPhone #atHome by… - 1. Yos B. @iyoso - 2. Greg M. @megaguire - 3. Sidney B. @sidneybensimon - 4. Emma W. @emmafwright - 5. Andre B. @decobueno

Mar 2020

“The Wonderland Trail was submerged in clouds when we arrived and I was feeling defeated after hiking all day. But as the sun began setting and the clouds dispersed, I was moved to tears with how perfect the world looked.” #hiking #ShotoniPhone by Lexi B. @fatgirl .hiking

Mar 2020

“Don’t focus your eyes just in the center of the image; every corner can tell you a different story.” #mirrored #ShotoniPhone by Marcelo N. @marcelonava_

Mar 2020

Commissioned by Apple. Take a cinematic journey through Russia’s world-famous museum. Filmed for five hours and 19 minutes in one continuous take and on one battery charge in the #Hermitage Museum. #ShotoniPhone 11 Pro by Axinya G. @axinya .gog. Music by @kirillrichter Watch the full film on the Apple YouTube channel.

Mar 2020

“Every year, the village of Pattan Kodoli turns yellow with clouds of turmeric.” #holi #ShotoniPhone by Dev D. @devdxb

Mar 2020

Commissioned by Apple. Photographer Petecia Le Fawnhawk @Lefawnhawk is known for creating striking surrealist landscapes using a mix of sculpture and editing techniques. Watch to learn about Petecia's creative connection with the desert and how she uses perspective to explore her sense of place in the world. #IWD #ShotoniPhone 11 Pro.

Mar 2020

Commissioned by Apple. "In a way, using your creative voice is spiritual activism. Spiritual in the sense that it gives the unseen a way to be seen. I feel women artists are seen, heard and regarded more than ever." #surrealism #ShotoniPhone by Petecia L. F. @lefawnhawk #IWD

Mar 2020

"These photos turned out quite spontaneously. I used random things in my backpack: a shirt, sunglasses, to allow people to hide their identity.” #portrait #ShotoniPhone by Ilya N. @energyjam

Mar 2020

Showcase: Night mode Presenting the 6 winners from the Night mode Community Challenge. Click the Newsroom link in our bio to learn how their photos will live beyond Instagram. #NightmodeChallenge #ShotoniPhone by... - 1. Konstantin C. @chalabov - 2. Andrei M. @houdini_logic - 3. Mitsun S. @mitsun - 4. Yu Z. @ericube .23 - 5. Rustam S. @tomrus - 6. Rubén B. @rubenpb

Mar 2020

“I come in peace.” #wildlife #ShotoniPhone by Jared S. @j_leeroy

Mar 2020

"It's a different vision of an ancient civilization that used to serve as a natural passage between cities." #perspective #ShotoniPhone by Meshari A.S @__graphic

Feb 2020

“Better together.” #naturephotography #ShotoniPhone by Sergey S. @stefanse