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🎥🎬Screenwriter, Playwright, Director, & Hairstylist, "The PAK Project"-everything done in memory of my❤️, my Husband...my Mario McKnight

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Mar 2020

TICKETS are now AVAILABLE!!! #CHOICES #JacksonTN DM for Tickets! Or feel free to click the 🔗in the BIO! THANKS IN ADVANCE!

Mar 2020

Tickets have officially gone LIVE!!!! Click the 🔗in the BIO! #CHOICES #JacksonTN

Feb 2020

CHOICES - the play MAY 2020 Jackson, TN. - HERE WE COME!! #CHOICES @iamhaym

Feb 2020

C H O I C E S 2020‼️ Meet Us in JACKSON, TN. May 16th!! #JACKSON #NASHVILLE #ALABAMA #LOUISVILLE #AMcKNIGHTproduction @iamhaym

Jan 2020


Oct 2019


Sep 2019

We still have a few adult MALE & FEMALE roles that need filled!! Please check out the Character Breakdowns below and MEET US on Sunday, 10/6!! Or, contact us at: Amckproduction @gmail .com #CHOICES2020 • LENA – ​ + In her 40’s(or can look ) + HAS to be able to sing + Very/Extremely sickly + Compassionate +Destiny and Joy’s mother +THIS CHARACTER HAS ONLY ONE SCENE • ANNA – ​ +In her late 20’s. +DOES NOT have to be able to sing + She’s meek and mild + She’s a bit gullible • MADELINE – ​​ +In her late 30’s , early 40’s +DOES NOT have to be able to sing + Devoted wife and mother + Pastor Russell’s wife + She is a faithful “First Lady” + Overprotective + Very fancy + Determined • SAMANTHA – ​ + Mid to late 20’s + DOES NOT have to be able to sing + She’s very sweet + Soft-spoken + Sophisticated + Educated + Focused • NETTIE – ​ + In her late 50’s early 60’s + HAS TO BE ABLE TO SING + She’s strong, powerful on the outer layer, but broken on the inner layer + She’s manipulative, mean, bitter, and rude + She’s holding on to pain + Landon’s mother + Ophelia, May, Constance, and Lena’s Sister • LANDON – ​ + In his late 20’s + HAS TO BE ABLE to sing + Nettie’s son + He’s a momma’s boy + Confident + Strong + He’s a bit of a peace maker • PASTOR RUSSELL –​​ + In his late 30, early 40’s + DOES NOT have to be able sing + Pastor of a mega church + Humble + Madeline’s husband + Proud + Strong + In love with May • SOLDIER – ​ + Early to mid 40’s + DOES NOT have to be able to sing + He’s very masculine/ muscular + Strong + Forceful + Tough + Scary at first glance

Sep 2019

I figured since it’s THURSDAY - let’s have a recap💛And, while I’m here let me send some enormous THANK YOU’S to every single last person that took part in an “idea” - I can’t express how much your support and participation meant! We had at least 80 people that came out - it was all ♥️ To the “EXTRAORDINARIES” - If God hasn’t shown you all His very best - it’s yet to come!! A Vision Delayed - Not Denied! For the naysayers - watch your tongue 😛 because trust - MY God isn’t through with Me! But, just Incase you missed it - https://youtu.be/XZwe6STgYEg @dmgstudiosofnashville @beauxsposh @locstar2015 @meyauneee @thewonderhairinc @nailsbyray @quibeauty_ @red_thetruth @ohsoshae @livelaughlola @mrjonesitis #HairExtraordinairesofNashville #AMcKNIGHTProduction

Aug 2019

The L E G A C Y. KING👑 🧢: @walmart 👕: @gapkids 👟: @citygearantioch #CoolKid #KidModel

Aug 2019

If you ACT inspire to ACT - SING this is your opportunity!!! Amckproduction @gmail .com!! - To setup a time to meet or Character Breakdown!! Tell A Friend!! #CHOICES2020

Aug 2019

AUDITIONS!!!! ACTORS • SINGERS please come out!! All YOUTH roles have been filled!! Thanks In Advance!! #CHOICES2020 #StillBelieving #AMcKNIGHTProduction 🖤

Aug 2019

Male / Female Adults - all Youth roles have been filled!! #SpringProduction #CHOICES2020 - Tell A Friend!! We’re also offering one-on-one Auditions in the meantime!! Thanks In Advance!!

Jul 2019

*****CASTING CALL******* In case you missed the first SOLD OUT show - you have another opportunity!!! It is a MUST SEE‼️***AUDITIONS in AUGUST!!!*** For Character Breakdowns and/or Casting Details email: Amckproduction @gmail .com - Tell A Friend!! #CHOICES2020

Apr 2019

J O H N S I N G L E T O N🖤 ~ A True Storyteller.

Feb 2019

Because it hasn’t happened doesn’t mean it’s not going to happen ~ God’s Promise “Sometimes you have to ENCOURAGE yourself” ~ Donald Lawrence #HappyThanksgiving #WatkinsFilmSchool08 #DreamingStill #SCREENWRITER #DIRECTOR @beautiful_toya @ohsoshae @gods_offspring @summarsalt_ @rosemoniquesadd #TIFF #DYLAN #MsWILMA

Sep 2018

Audience View....Did YOU make the SHOW?! Would You like to be on STAGE?! + A U D I T I O N S Tomorrow SUNDAY, 9/23 2-6pm • 2626 Murfreesboro Pike #D , 37217 • amckproduction @gmail .com • Bring A Friend!! @ohsoshae @lala_thevoice @atlashnashville @___mel___b @mrjonesitis @myway9200

Sep 2018

Just Reflecting🙏🏾.... #AMcKNIGHTProduction + Meanwhile - AUDITIONS are this SUNDAY, 9/23 - If you think you got what it takes COME ON!! Bring a Friend!! #MovingOnFaith #MDM

Sep 2018

Feel free to DM or Email for more details!! Tell A Friend!! #AMcKnightProduction

Jul 2018

What a great way to finish off a great weekend!! If you know me, then you know what I came for!😉 - I appreciate EVERY SINGLE LAST PERSON that came out and supported Me & my Phenomenal CAST!! There are no words to express how much it meant to me!! I’m still full from last night!! The love that has been shown is incomparable!! I give all the Thanks to God & my CAST!! I couldn’t have made it happen without them!!❤️ #AMcKNIGHTproduction #MoreOnTheWay #MDM #CHOICES

Jul 2018


Jul 2018

Sums up the cast perfectly. CHOICES The Stage Play 7/28/18🙌🏾❤️

Jul 2018

Cast dinner for CHOICES The Stage Play!! It’s almost time!!🙌🏾❤️ If you haven’t gotten your tickets GET THEM NOW!!👈🏾We only have a few left and you DO NOT want to miss out!! #CHOICES 7/28/18