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2 weeks ago

Throwback to Thursday. @takewheels

last month

Throwback to #Kaohsiung in #Taiwan at a time when you could travel around the world (2019 ).

Jan 2020

Throwback to one of the best #indierock concerts I ever attended /w @snowdenmusic

Nov 2019

Aug 2019

Couchsurfing crayfish party

Jul 2019

Had the chance to talk a little bit to @gretathunberg . One of us has the past week held speeches and campaigned for the world leaders to combat climate change. And one of us traveled home from a vacation in Copenhagen.

Jun 2019

It was a crazy day in #stockholm ! The weather was a blast! I headed out with @voiscooters to watch @fcsthlm play and experienced a very cozy soccer atmosphere (I'll surely go for future games as well ). I concluded the day with an anime meetup. Now I want to watch a lot of #anime , and go back to #Japan ! Which anime movie and series do you recommend? Let me know!

Jun 2019

Happy customer @voiscooters & @hedvig represent! Arrive here before 6 pm, and you have the chance to win 1yr VOI and Hedvig home insurance. (And you'll even immediately get 100 SEK VOI and free three months Hedvig as well ). #stockholm #dramaten #voi #hedvig #insurtech #startup

Feb 2019

Attended the first competitive game for @bp1942 in 2019, today. They met @fcrosengard . It was only four fans cheering on Brommapojkarna today since it was an away game. The coach said hello at the break and we high fived the team at the end. Great day! 🥰

Dec 2018

Oct 2018

A throwback to when I enjoyed the #cherryblossom in #kanazawa #japan

Aug 2018

It's lovely that #Stockholm is embracing boat as public transport and that the city has increased the departure time to #LillaEssingen . It improves the quality of life and decreases the number of vehicles on the road.

Jul 2018

I had a fantastic weekend with the lovely hosts and siblings @johnalbinzio @sagavalborg @trulsilago . Staying at their childhood home which is the old rural general store in Tolånga. Every year, they host a party for family and friends. At this magical place, a new family member was welcomed; Hjalmar Joe Mondrian Adida. A child surrounded by loving family and friends. We who had the chance, and you who will meet Hjalmar, know that he will shine bright lights in this world. It will be a delight to get to know you.

Jul 2018

Standing on the ledge for paragliders on #montsaleve , at 1100 m above sea level. Which apparently is on French soil. Enjoying the beautiful view of #geneva and #lakegeneva . #hiking

Jul 2018

#Switzerland has blown me away. The impressive public transport that brings you wherever you want to go. The nature and architecture that are a sight for a sore eye. And the laid back attitude, especially in #Geneva ; the tour guide Jane at @freewalkswitzerland quoted Lenin, “Geneva is the perfect place to plan a revolution because no one minds your business. But it’s the worst place to start a revolution because no one minds your business.”

Jul 2018

Touristing in India is challenging, yet rewarding. Approach the friendly and curious hotel staff at #RoseateHouse in #NewDelhi , that wants to provide you excellent experiences and refuge from the heat. But, also try to navigate the ever unfolding country, cities and streets, it will always surprise you and eventually blow your mind. #TajMahal #India

May 2018

Fever of #Sakura in #stockholm .

Apr 2018

A lovely day to watch soccer. @ofkofficial vs. @bp1942 : 4 - 0. #östersundsfk #brommapojkarna

Apr 2018

Apr 2018

Mar 2018

The intense sense of drowning.

Mar 2018

Anyone up for sake at a small Izakaya? 🏮 🇯🇵