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Leader of the new trip hop 🌊 got some copycats but they can never duplicate 📠 !! Click ⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️ for all platform links

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Nov 2019

🙄🙄 Thirst Trap edition take 1 !!!🎬

Nov 2019

let every day start off with a bang 🗯why wait for a new year , when you have 24hrs in a day to create a new you🤷🏽‍♀️.... Your Support as always Is greatly appreciated I love y’all 😌 #odw4life #AC3Y #goodmusic 🎶 #spotify #itunes

Nov 2019

People like to 🗣 a lot , but I rather 👂

Aug 2019

It’s Us ✊🏾ALL the WAY or none at all stop 🛑 🧢 n don’t do IT for the Culture because it’s popular do it for Yourself so that you no who YOU are 🙏🏽

Jul 2019

And another one ☝️ Dope$ finally getting some recognition 🤟🏽 thank you bro @lucidhousefilms #dope $ iTunes:Ac3y Spotify : Ac3y SoundCloud : Ac3y Model: @natalia .nevinn 💃 Videographer: @lucidhousefilms 🎥 Artist : @kingbellsforever @ Ac3y_nation

Jul 2019

🙌🏽 yo the love is real !!!Shout out to @nappyhead_254 @lucidhousefilms thank you for allowing me to be apart of something great 🙏🏽 model : @nappyhead_254 Videographer @lucidhousefilms #inthewoods 🌲 #inthewoodssummer Soundcloud : Ac3y

Jun 2019

You feel me🤔.... Sometimes we hang on to people weather it be relationships, friendships, or family because their “convenient”to be around 🤷‍♀️ ... At this point in my life I rather be beside people that are good for my soul and not just “convenient “ even if that means being alone 😎👌🏽💪 #summerhappy #ihavearrived

Jun 2019

Link in bio 🎶 👌🏾😎 #ac3ymusic #inthewoods

Jun 2019

Good morning 🌞😎

Feb 2019

You wanna have fun? Say word 😌 #Ac3yquotes #livelife #nyc #insomniacookies

Feb 2019

Sometimes people tell you not to follow your dreams because their afraid to follow theirs 🙄 😎 #Ac3yquotes #art #livelifetothefullest #nyc #behappy

Feb 2019

Had to step out to remind some of y'all who I am 🙄

Oct 2018

It's ok if people don't see the vision👀 , it wasn't meant for them to 👁it anyways💢💢 🙄😋😎

Sep 2018

No face no case 🙄

Jul 2018

When in Rome DONT do what the Romans do⚒🙄 .Make your own decisions. .Self love isn't a Trend, It's the way of life❤ Be the 👸🤴 that you where meant to be And travel out the MF hood as much as possible 😂😂 you'll thank yourself for it later 😌