Cystic Fibrosis 💜 • 19 🤤 • Mother Of Cherish 💕👩‍👧• Goofy 😜 • Love Yourself Because Nobody Else Will 💛 •Self Love Best Love 🥰🦋💙

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I Already Won And The Game Hasn’t Even Started Yet 😚🤍

2 weeks ago

I Do This So Effortlessly 💕👑

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No Thanks, I Don’t Need Your Approval To Be The REAL Me 👑💕

Dec 2019

I Don’t Believe In Competition. Your Not Me And Thats That 😚🤍

Dec 2019

I Can Officially Say I Have My Own Place ☺️ I Am 19 Years Old With My Own Apartment 💛 I Am 19 Years Old With A Lung Disease That Is Heathy And Own A Apartment 💜 I Am 19 Years Old With A 1 Year Old Daughter That Has Her Own Place 💞 I Am 19 Years Old Who Graduated High School With Her Own Apartment 🤍 I Payed All The Bills And Still Raise My Daughter 🤞🏽 I Moved In Today 🤪🤪🥰🥰

Dec 2019

Yall Already Know I Had To Hit My Favorite Kevin Hart 🤍😂

Dec 2019

Well World 🌎 IM A AUNTIEE!!!! 💞💞😍 A’myah Giselle Manning 🥰🥰 November 30th 2019 @12 :58pm 💕🤞🏽 Auntie ChyChy Will Always Be Here For You 🤞🏽 And I Promise You That Cherish Will Love You And Protect You ❤️ Y’all Dont Be Crazy In School 😂💕 I Love You Niece 😌 I Cant Believe I Can Say That Now 🥰🥰💞💞

Nov 2019

Literally New Hair Who This 😍😍❤️ I Had To Do Something Different 💅🏽

Sep 2019

Around This Time Last Year Was A Very Hard Place For Me ! I Was In Depression Also Suffering From Postpartum Depression With That And Then Anxiety And Then Heartbreak 🤦🏽‍♀️ It’s Was So Much Happen All At Once 💯 Then Being A Single Parent Taking Care Of My Daughter Was Hard With That Because I Never Wanted To Show My Daughter I Was Suffering So Every Time She Would Go To Sleep I Would Just Cry So Much 🤧 In And Out Of Hospitals 😢 Getting On Medicine Etc.. I Never Imagine I Would Have Went Through What I Went Threw But I Did 🤷🏽‍♀️ It Was One Year Of Pain And Suffering ! I Can Admit I Was Desperate! I Was Begging! I Was Doing The Most For Attention! I Had To Make A Choice Keep Suffering Or Put Everything Your Crying About Into Loving Yourself? And I Chose Loving Myself 💜 I Believe That Stuff Happen To Me Not Only To Make Me Better Person For Myself But Also To Love Myself More Then Anything Else! I Never Loved Myself I’m Gonna Be Honest 🤷🏽‍♀️ But After That I Had To Start Loving Myself And Choosing Me And I Have Been Doing That! Yes I Responded To Irrelevant Stuff Why? Because I Had So Much Anger Built Up ! See Pain Turns Into Anger 🗣💯 And Once I Let All That Anger Go And Stayed Up Alone Crying By Myself It Made Me A STRONGER PERSON 🗣‼️💯🙌🏽 I Am Only 19 Years Old More Stuff Will Happen To Me 🤷🏽‍♀️ But I Can Finally Know That I Have Myself And Love Myself! I Have That Mindset Now As “It Is What It Is” I Won’t Beg Anymore! I Won’t Cry Anymore! I Won’t Ask For Anything! Why? Because I Spent So Much Time Begging And Crying That It Made Me Not Never Want To Go Through What I Went Through Again 💯 I Refuse To Go Through That Again! I Can Finally Say That I Am A Strong,Beautiful,Loving,Loyal, Sweet,Caring,Good Woman/Mother!! I Never Thought I Would Have Gotten Out Of Depression And Out Of That Sad Broken Stage But I Did 🙌🏽 I Showed So Many Fake Smiles And You Could Just Tell Stuff Was Wrong Just By Looking At Me 💯 But One Thing You Can Tell About Me Now Is That I AM MYSELF AGAIN ‼️💕 I Have Fun Again 😍 I Prayed To Get The Strength I Have Today And God Gave Me That 🙌🏽 I Am Growing ‼️ I Am Learning More Each Day ‼️ But Most Part Is I Am Chyna Again✨‼️

Aug 2019

The Way She Looks At Me 💜 My Favorite Picture 😍 I Love You 💕

Jul 2019

Baddie 🤤💕

Jul 2019

HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHERISH NOELLE 😍😍💕💕😭😭 My Water Broke July 13th @2 :32pm I Was In Labor For 16 Hours With You 💜 I Got My Epidural At 5cm Because I Just Couldnt Take The Pain Anymore 😩 But 16 Hours Later @7 :59am Cherish Noelle Douglas-Potter Was Born 😭💕 I Never Thought I Would Become A Mommy At This Young Age But I Wouldn’t Trade It For Nothing 💯 I Love You So Much 🥰 Words Can’t Explain How Much You Saved My Life And How Much You Mean To Me! I Cherish You Through It All ❤️ You Make Me Happy Even When I Am Sad Or Mad I Have To Remember Who Is Looking Up To Me! Cherish Noelle You Saved Me And Helped Me Get Out Of Depression. Cherish You Grew Up So Fast 😭 You Legit Are One Years Old Today ! I Have A One Year Old Daughter 😩💕💜 Real Love Comes From Your Kids ! When Your Feeling Down Your Kids Give You A Reason Not To Give Up And A Reason To Keep Pushing 💜🙌🏽 I Love You 😘 Cherish My Princess You Are Being Raised By A Queen 💕👑 I Became A Single Mommy To You In September And I Can Admit As Much As It Hurt Me And Everything You Always Found A Way To Make Me Smile ☺️ I Always Wanted A Mini Me Since I Was Little And I Got A Mini Me 👯‍♀️💕 I Don’t Need Nothing Else But You ! Cherish My Babygirl I Care About You So Much You Will Never Know How Much You Care And Love Someone Until You Have A Baby 👶🏽💯 All The Nights I Stayed Up Feeding You And Putting You To Sleep And Not Sleeping At All But Watching You Sleep 😍😩 It Was All Worth It 💕😘 I Raised A One Year Old All By Myself 🙌🏽💜 I Will Always Be A Mommy To You And It’s Such A Blessing To Me 🙌🏽💜💯 Thank You Cherish For Not Only Helping Me Grow 🥰 But Helping Me Become A Stronger And Better Person 💕 I Became A Young Mother At 18 And Let Me Say This I Might Have Been Young But I Am Not To Young To Raise A Daughter On My Own 😘💯 You Was 20 1/2 Inches Long And 7lbs And 6oz 😍💜 I Pushed A Beautiful Baby Girl Out 💕🥰 This Is Your Day 😩💜 One Birthday Down Many More To Go 👑💕 Happy Birthday Mommy Baby 😘💕

Jul 2019

Her Birthday Is Sunday !! We Took This Yesterday I Literally Cried When I Got Into The Car Because You Will Be One In Two Days 😭 I Bought A Beautiful Baby Into This World 💕 Words Cant Explain How Grateful I Am To Be A Mother And To Watch You Grow Everyday From Newborn 👶🏽 To Almost One 😭 Makes Me Want To Cry But Cherish Baby I Just Want You To Know Everything I Have Done Was For You 💜 You Changed Mommy Into A Better Person And Make Me Want To Do More In Life 🙌🏽💕 Your My Princess 👸🏾 And I’m Your Queen 👑 And Thats All I Can Say 😘 I Love You ❤️Please Stop Growing Up On Me 😍

May 2019

ITS 12:00 !!!!!!! Happy Birthday To Me 🥳🎂 A Queen Was Born May 23, 2000 @2 :37pm 💕🎉 I Made It To 19 Years Old 😌 First Let Me Thank God For Letting Me See 19 🙏🏽 Second I Am A Young Mom At 19 👩‍👧 But I Am Also A Independent 19 Year Old Woman 💯 So Much Has Been Thrown At Me Since I Became Grown! Me Having A Child Of Course! Last Year I Was Pregnant On My Birthday 😩 This Year Awww Nahh It’s Ova Wit 😋 I Made It Threw A lot Of Shit 💯 Depression 💯 Anxiety 💯 Heartbreak 💯 And For That Hell Yeah Imma Celebrate 🎉 Shitt I Was Ready To Just Give Up Nahh God Keep Me Alive For A Reason And I Made It To 19 😋🎉 “Won’t He Do It” ❤️ Happy Birthday Too Me 😍😍😍🤤🤤🤤🎉🎉🎉🥳🥳🥳

May 2019

👩‍👧 There Are Wayy More Stuff But Here Goes Stuff ❤️ Like I Always Say I Got You Babygirl 🥰 All You Need Is Mommy ❤️ I Ask For Help And It’s A No But God Got Us 🤞🏽❤️ He Gave Me You For A Reason 💕🤞🏽 I Love You 😘👩‍👧 As Y’all Can See I Been Having Cherish Since She Was Born Never Got Me Time Or Nothing. Been A Mother 24/7 365 💯 But I Have Learned The Same People You Step On Going Up Are The Same People You Gonna Have To Step And Face Going Back Down 💯 But Hey It’s Getting Harder But I Been Doing It ❤️😘

May 2019

Where Do I Begin? Becoming A Mom On July 14th To You Was The Best Thing That Could Ever Happen To Me. Cherish Princess First Of All Let Me Thank You For Saving My Life And Taking So Much Pain Away. I Love You So Much 💕 When You Was Born @7 :59am It Was A Blessing. 16 Hours Of Labor Was Worth The Pain And Wait To Bring You Into This World ❤️Becoming A Mother At A Young Age Was Hard For Me. My Pregnancy Was A High Risk And Women Can Die From Child Birth But Me Having Cystic Fibrosis Also Put Me At Risk Double Times But God Kept Me Alive After Child Birth For A Reason. There Was So Many Sleepless Nights, Sad Nights, Rough Nights But As Long As You Was Okay I Was Okay. Cherish God Gave Me You For A Reason And I Thank Him Everyday ❤️ I Know That The Older You Get The Crazier And Harder It’s Gonna Get But Idc. As Long As That Your Healthy And Okay Thats All That Matters To Me. I Have Saw You Grow And Do More And More Stuff Each Day. You Are So Silly 🙃 But You Got That From Your Mommy ❤️ I Love You So Much Cherish I Keep Saying It Because It’s True 💕😘 You Are My Bestfriend 🤱🏽 Cherish Babygirl You Helped Me Stopped Being Depressed. It Was So Much Going On Through My Head But I Keep Pushing Because Of You. Nobody Will Understand That Your Baby Can Get You Out Of Roughs Times When You Think Youll Never Make It Out. I Know I Am A Very Good Mother To You ❤️ Cherish I Also Want You To Know I Will Kill Somebody Over You 💯 But It’s My Very First Mother’s Day 🤱🏽💕😍 I’m So Excited 😍 These Pictures I Will Always Cherish Them And Ever Little Moment We Have 💕💕 Happy Mother’s Day To Me ❤️🤱🏽

Apr 2019

Nails Done 💅🏽 Hair Lit 😍 Keep The Both Laced 🤤 Come Through Shinin With A Rollie Buss Face 😛

Apr 2019

Face Like Oo 😍 Booty Like Ahh 🤤 Yall Hoes Don’t Like Mee 😂 @yesimprettyvee

Apr 2019

Baby Mama 😍 Came Through Drippin 💧🤤

Apr 2019

But Let Me Hear You Say Please 😍👅👀