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19 hours ago

Today we want to tell you about Gail Johnson, a little known programmer for IBM during one of their most historic missions. Johnson helped write computer programs for the worldwide NASA network. One of her assignments was on the Apollo 11 mission to the moon with Commander Neil Armstrong and pilot Buzz Aldrin. Apollo 11 was the first space flight that landed humans on the moon on July 20, 1969. After the Apollo 11 mission, Johnson continued working on new ways to make computer programming faster and more economical. “It’s fascinating, challenging work. I wouldn’t trade for any other job that I could think of.” #GailJohnson #Apollo11 #bhm #blackhistorymonth #blackprogrammers #blackcoders #womencoders #moonlanding #nasa #ibm


Our favorite cakes are feminist cakes. @thesweetfeminist sending a reminder that abortion should be made accessible not just legal. At tonight’s debate and in every room policy is being written, we must demand our current and future electeds #askaboutabortion . ✊🏿✊🏽✊🏻✊🏾

2 days ago

Jalaiah, creator of Renegade, performed this weekend at the NBA All-Star Game. The Renegade dance went viral this year and spurred videos from celebrities and Tik Tokers alike but Jalaiah often went uncredited. But not anymore! Give Black talent and Black creatives credit all day everyday! Congrats, Jalaiah! #therenegade #blackart #blackculture #blackhistorymonth #georgiatalent

2 days ago

On this day in 1931, a legend was born. Toni Morrison was a Nobel Laureate in literature, book editor, and college professor. She was the first African-American woman to win the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1993 noted for works like “Song of Solomon” and “Beloved”. . Her books were among few to have critical and commercial success but were especially lauded for their depictions of the Black experience. With a careful mix of myth and reality, Morrison seamlessly intertwined the two to illustrate stories of slavery, family, and abuse not just to tell a harrowing story but to provide a nuanced critique of our society. . In 1989, Morrison joined the faculty of Princeton where she taught courses in humanities and African American studies and was a member of the creative writing program. Morrison passed on August 5, 2019 at the age of 88. #tonimorrison #blackhistorymonth #blackliterture #nobelprize #beloved #blackhistorymonth2020

4 days ago

This weekend many celebrated love alone, with friends, family or a partner. All (consensual ) love is beautiful and so today, in continuation of Black History Month, we celebrate these brilliant queer Black women, who made outstanding contributions to their fields whilst being unapologetically brave and authentic. . Photo 1: Audre Lorde. A self-described “black, lesbian, feminist, mother, poet, warrior" who made lasting contributions to the fields of feminist theory, critical race studies and queer theory. . Photo 2: Stormé DeLarvarie. Among many things, she toured the black theater circuit during the 60s as the only drag king at the Jewel Box Revue, the first racially integrated drag revue in North America. . Photo 3: Ernestine Eckstein. A leader in the New York chapter of Daughters of Bilitis, the first lesbian civil and political rights organization in the United States. . . Who are your Black queer heroines? #BlackHistoryMonth #BlackHistoryMonth2020 #LoveIsLove #LGBTQProud

5 days ago

Today is Susan B Anthony’s 200th birthday. As many celebrate her part in the Suffrage Movement, we must remember that the struggle for the vote did not end with the ratification of the Nineteenth Amendment. In some Southern states, Black women were unable to freely exercise their right to vote until the 1960s. . Let us instead today remember Sojourner Truth, Ida B. Wells, Mary Church Terrell, Ella Baker and Rosa Parks, whose contributions to Black American civil rights and women’s rights span 200 years. . . #BlackHistoryMonth #BlackHistoryMonth2020 #SusanBAnthony

6 days ago

Our hearts are with Parkland today and forever ❤️ . Text reposted from @marchforourlives - Two years ago, our hearts broke as 17 lives were senselessly stolen. . 17 futures. 17 last goodbyes that their loved ones didn’t know were last goodbyes. Families were torn apart and the Parkland community was forever changed. 17 more were injured and are still learning to live with their wounds. Others have wounds that are invisible but run deep, and in the months to come we lost 2 more lives. We remember them, too. . Our work to prevent gun violence is for them, and in their honor. Regardless of your politics, we can all agree that their lives were beautiful, and cut short far too soon. We must not forget that the trauma & pain did not end on 2/14/18 – our lives were forever changed, and that heartbreak will never go away. It’s felt every day by our whole community. It’s felt every time a headline of another death by gun violence pops up on social media. . . #MSDStrong #MarchForOurLives #Parkland

1 weeks ago

Roses are red, violets are blue, we love smashing the patriarchy with you. Happy Galentine’s Day 🖤 . artist credit: @mimimoffie

2 weeks ago

Black trans women are regularly at the forefront of the liberation movement, speaking up for the voiceless in the fight for equality. However, Black trans women are still disproportionately targeted by violence and forced into unemployment, poverty, homelessness and survival sex work. Today, as part of #BlackHistoryMonth we celebrate Black trans women whose contributions to our world range from activism to writing to entertainment and whose authenticity and love is an act of resistance. . . Photo 1: Marsha P Johnson, who was a prominent figure in the Stonewall uprisings of 1969 which sparked the Queer Liberation Movement. . Photo 2: Munroe Bergdorf, model, outspoken activist and the first transgender ambassador for British helpline, Childline. . Photo 3: Miss Major Griffin-Gracy, who served as the original Executive Director for the Transgender Gender Variant Intersex Justice Project and who also participated in the 1969 Stonewall Riots. . Photo 4: Janet Mock, a best-selling author, host and activist as well as writer and producer for Pose. . . #BlackHistoryMonth #BlackExcellence #TransExcellence

2 weeks ago

Black womxn make important contributions to our democracy both in the public eye and behind the scenes. Today, in continuation of #BlackHistoryMonth , we want to celebrate two women who keep our system accountable in their service to the American people. Both @IlhanOmar and @AyannaPressley are examples of what unapologetic hard work and determination look like in the face of adversity. . . The way that Trump exploited our justice department during the #ImpeachmentTrial can feel disheartening. But, with these incredible women in politics, we have hope. Now more than ever we must support Black women in politics through allyship and sisterhood <3. . . #BlackHistoryMonth #BlackExcellence #ImpeachBarr

2 weeks ago

Today is the International Day of Women and Girls in Science, which falls during Black History Month every year. Black women have and continue to make life changing contributions to the field of science and these are some of our favorites. . . Photo 1: Annie Easley worked for NASA during a 30-year career as a mathematician and rocket scientist. NASA says she was a "leading member of the team which developed software that laid the technological foundations for the Space Shuttle launches and launches of communication, military and weather satellites.” . . Photo 2: Dr. Gladys West was inducted into the Air Force Space and Missile Pioneers Hall of Fame in December 2018 as the hidden figure whose mathematical work lead to the invention of the Global Positioning System (GPS ). . . Photo 3: Dr Patricia Bath invented a laser cataract treatment device called a Laserphaco Probe in 1986, becoming the first Black American female doctor to receive a medical patent. . . #blackhistorymonth #internationaldayofwomenandgirlsinscience #womeninscience #blackwomeninscience #blackexcellence

2 weeks ago

Today is Asian American and Pacific Islander Equal Pay Day. The current wage gap means it would take 44 years for Asian womxn to earn what white men are paid in 40 and amounts to $240,280 lost over a 40-year career. Reposted from our friends at @napawf : Not being paid what you deserve makes the other challenges in your life harder. How has the wage gap impacted you or you family? . . #AAPIEqualPay #NotYourModelMinority #PayGap

2 weeks ago

Last night, @cynthiaerivo gave a stunning performance of “Stand Up” at The Oscars from the twice nominated biopic ‘Harriet’. . . Harriet Tubman continues to be a symbol of strength and resistance in 2020, reminding us of the power and potential womxn possess even when the odds stacked against us seem so high. This empowering rendition embodies the spirit of this great woman. . . #BlackHistoryMonth #Harriet #Oscars #Oscars2020 #HarrietTubman #CynthiaErivo #BlackExcellence

2 weeks ago

Today we had the privilege of attending @rising_majority “We Are The Rising Majority” town hall with @aoc @repayannapressley @rashidatlaib @ilhanmn . It’s clear that those of us who fight for justice have an uphill battle ahead. But it was also clear that we must continue to organize at the intersections of our struggles in order for all of our communities to get free. #WeAreTheRisingMajority

3 weeks ago

We know it, and every member of @SenateGOP knows it – otherwise they would have allowed witnesses to testify. But instead of putting our country first, they voted to acquit Donald Trump. #ImpeachedPresident #StopTheCoverUp #RejectTheCoverUp rejectthecoverup.org

3 weeks ago

Those who continue to ask what good a one day march is, aren’t paying attention to our continued acts of resistance. It’s time to rally and #RejectTheCoverUp . Today at 5:30pm local time, Americans are gathering across the country to tell Trump & the Senate: there’s no vindication or true acquittal through a sham trial. Join us: rejectthecoverup.org 📷 @kishabari

3 weeks ago

Thank you to everyone who shared their #RealSOTU story with us. We received hundreds and shared as many as we could across Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. We hold every single one of you close to our struggle and to our hearts. ❤️

3 weeks ago

She was not just a tired seamstress who needed to take a seat on a bus to rest her feet. Prior to her history making stand on a Montgomery bus, Rosa Parks had already spent two decades organizing for civil rights. When she took a seat on that bus, she was one of many organizers who made a calculated act of civil disobedience in order to push a national movement for equal opportunity for black people in the U.S. For that act, and for the decades she spent organizing for abused women, for black people in Alabama, and for a more just society, we carry her strength with us today on #RosaParksDay . “I didn’t tell anyone my feet were hurting...it was popular, I suppose because they wanted to give some excuse other than the fact that I didn’t want to be pushed around.”

3 weeks ago

Trump’s SOTU address promises to be filled with misinformation that will give the public the impression that his attacks on our most marginalized communities have led to a better country. Tomorrow, we are reclaiming the narrative. We want to hear from you. What is the #RealSOTU ?

3 weeks ago

Caucus-goers in Iowa woke up to kids in cages all over the city of Des Moines. Why? @RAICESTexas want to remind everyone that this is still happening & we need a solution NOW. #DontLookAway We need the #MigrantJusticePlatform . Read it & sign on: https://www.migrantjusticeplatform.org/

3 weeks ago

Hone your power and hone your magic this Monday 💫 🖼: @mimimoffie

3 weeks ago

Let history show that we did not accept injustice quietly. 🚨 EMERGENCY PROTEST 🚨 today in DC and across the nation. The omission of witnesses and evidence in Trump’s impeachment trial must be met with public outcry by every individual who believes in government for the people and by the people.

3 weeks ago

We don’t take any bit of support for granted. Every volunteer, every penny, and every drop of coffee keeps this movement going. Thank you @abakedjoint @vigilantecoffee @littleredfoxdc @zekescoffee for fueling #WomensMarch2020 !

4 weeks ago

The government is eroding due process of asylum seekers and families at the border through their “Remain In Mexico aka MPP” Policy. Thousands of men, women, people & children's rights are violated daily. The Department of Homeland Security’s federal prosecutors are controlling the process and in some cases restricting lawyers’ ability to meet with their clients. DOJ is controlling the immigration judges by limiting their authority and pre-determining certain legal outcomes from D.C. MPP must end and we must restore asylum now! #RestoreAsylumNOW #FamiliesBelongTogether