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🎹 Zimbabwean 🇿🇼 I pray 🙏🏾 n I ball 🏀 👫 @_i .am.clay_ ❤️ YouTuber👇🏾

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4 days ago

Your Dummies just turned a year old, Happy 1st anniversary Babe. Papi love you hard. 🥴🥺♥️ #1yeartogether #Love #helpuscelebrate

4 weeks ago

Inspired soo many Just when I thought the 26th wouldn’t get any worse. R.I.P Kobe💔 #MAMBA

last month

Happy 11th Monthsary Boo, you’re amazing...you being a Dummy is such a vibe.YOU ARE SUUUUCH A DUMMY!!!!It’d be a great lie if I say it was easy getting where we at rn but no matter how hard the journey might’ve been, it was worth it. A friend told me once that "the harder the battle the sweeter the victory" n this couldn’t have been more real. We’re just getting started 🤞🏾.I’m not the same me that I was when we met n that’s what I live for ..."growth". Thanks for wiping all that I thought was love n teaching me how to love you uniquely. Yeah uniquely coz you’re unique. You’re beautiful. SWIPE FOR THE WAY SHE LOOKS @ Me 🥺♥️ I love you #sorryfortheancientpic

last month


last month

•Eccentric• 🔌🔋

last month

All spruced Up!!🖤

Dec 2019

Holding on ♾ ❣️

Dec 2019

My brain is a gold mine 😉 Déjà vu 🍂

Dec 2019

I’m HIGH 💊

Nov 2019

What you wanna achieve is above the waves 🌊 you see now. Keep your eyes above them and don’t let them be a distraction 💫✨ #CivilEngineer #Visélespoints #Theodolite #oceanswherefeetmayfailhillsong 🚀🚀

Nov 2019

Hey @_i .am.clay_ You Are the beginning of every day. You Bring happiness and warm feelings Each and every time I feel down. My thoughts are of you constantly. Time stands still when I cannot hear your sweet voice. When I go to sleep at night, In my mind, you are the one lying beside me. My dreams are of us and when I wake, I feel your presence. You are the beacon that draws me, Like a moth to a light. Your kind words are a blessing to my ears. Your unselfishness is a trait that many strive for, Coming naturally to you. Though you may feel down at times, You still have kind words to share Cheering others up. When I tell you these three words, Know they come from the heart: "I love you" and everything about you. You hold the key to my heart, And you have since we met. I will love you forever, And no matter how much we fight, Things will be okay. Like I said, I will love you forever, No matter what. I’m sorry for the times I’ve gotten too comfortable to Notice I have a fragile possession To hold dear n protect. Love Drey

Nov 2019

Seeing my dreams come true humbles me When I look back at howfar I’ve come n how I’ve always had this sense of certainty that it’s gonna happen it leaves me nothing but sums of gratitude and praise to My Father. I don’t know what but next chapter about to get lit 🔥 n all thanks be to God. Ride on with me or get out of my way. #grace #gratitude

Nov 2019

Experience 💛✨

Oct 2019

Gangster love 🖤 #Zimboflavor 🇿🇼 #DreynClaydiaries #StayTuned ...

Oct 2019

Never gets old 💫🖤

Oct 2019

"We don't do the cleaning, the Holy Spirit does ...🕊 “I lean 💉⚖️

Sep 2019

"I’M ALL IN" 💛💍 "And I’m fortunate to have you"

Sep 2019

"Stardust "⚡️🔋

Sep 2019

Calm efficiency 🔌🔋

Sep 2019

14-02-19❤️ I’m in awe @_i .am.clay_ 🙌🏾, I never knew it’d be this much. But I’m grateful for it all. I love you❤️

Aug 2019


Aug 2019


Aug 2019

Your past has nothing to do with what you are n /who you are in Christ Jesus. His love goes above and beyond.

Jul 2019

What kind of imagination could inspire such beautiful things from scratch.⚓️🕊