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55 minutes ago

Oof, this was me. Sometimes we are so busy licking our wounds and staying comfortable in our familiar pain that when something real comes along we self sabotage and push it away. It’s so much easier right? Most of the time we’re attracting things that we haven’t healed, it’s easier to play out familiar cycles than actually face our bs and confront our unhealthy patterns and choose people who force us to grow out of our old ways. You only attract unavailable people, people who don’t choose you, people who don’t love you, when you are unavailable, you don’t choose you and you don’t love you. It’s all just a mirror for you to reflect on everything you’ve been lacking to give to yourself.

2 days ago

This is the greatest test of all time. We are all so damn terrified of saying what’s really on our mind and you know why? Because vulnerability is one of those things that FEELS terrifying but is actually one of the most powerful things we can do. The more we are honest about our shit, own up to our flaws and mistakes, and express our deepest desires and thoughts, the more we truly connect with who we really are at our core. For me it’s one of the most attractive qualities in a person when they can be fully real, it shows that they know who tf they are and are not afraid to be fully seen. I dare you to say exactly what’s on your mind right now.

1 weeks ago

If it makes u feel shitty, just leave already

2 weeks ago

You can’t lose anything that wasn’t yours to begin with. If people wanna walk away please let them: The people you need in your life are the ones that don’t need convincing. The people you want around you will propel you into a feeling of self worth rather than make you question it. Know this. Know your worth. Happy V Day lovers. Don’t let today discourage you. But rather give you the strength to let go of anything you’re hanging onto and show yourself the love you always ask for from others.

2 weeks ago

So we won’t.

3 weeks ago

This concept is one of my favorites. It alleviates the idea that anyone is ever going to act, respond or agree in our favor or mirror our own values, morals and beliefs. We are all unique and different and we don’t always see eye to eye. The sooner you accept this and realize that you can’t always expect you from others, the more at peace you will be. Let others be who they are, be an avid observer of who they are and then make the conscious decision of who you want them to be in your life.

3 weeks ago

Here’s the thing y’all. The best connections are never one sided. Great relationships, friendships, and connections take T👏I👏M👏E. Time to really get to know someone. To know their flaws, their pet peeves, what makes them happy, what makes them annoyed, what their favorite thing is to do on a Sunday, who they admire, what makes them excited. Problem is, we live in a social media saturated world where we are constantly out looking for the next best thing. We’re never satisfied and always chasing or looking for other better, more interesting options and not cultivating and strengthening the bonds that we already have. Enough is no longer enough. I get a lot of dms about this so wanted to say that whatever situation you are in, make sure you are working with someone who has a mutual desire to strengthen and grow with you. 🤍🤍🤍

4 weeks ago

We are all the same you guys. We all don’t really know what the f*ck we want. Who we want. What we feel. What to say. How to think. Who to love. Where to go. When to leave. Why we run. Who we trust. Why we do what whatever it is that we do. We are learning. And all of your incredible responses showed us all that yesterday. You deserve your own sympathy more than ever. I am proud of you. Keep going and trust the process. Finding yourself is a lifelong journey.

4 weeks ago

The truth is, the things that hurt us the most also seem to teach us the most. Pain is uncomfortable but it’s also inevitable and so necessary if you want to truly grow. Without pain you wouldn’t know what pleasure is. Without sadness you wouldn’t appreciate the times when you’re happy. Everything is about context and perspective. Learn to appreciate the painful times as much as the good times because both are equally valuable in your growth journey.

4 weeks ago

There’s so much happening in the world right now. I can’t help but contemplate the fragility of this life that we live. Our moments are so sacred and precious. Take the time to speak your truth now. Don’t wait for a better time. Spread more love, feel and please tell people how much you care about/ love them now.

5 weeks ago

I loove when two words sound so similar yet have such opposite definitions. Sometimes we don’t realize how much people are actually complicating our lives until we take a step back or are forced to pay actual attention. Do the people in your life complement or complicate it?

last month

It’s a strange thing to lose people that we were once so close to. But it’s a part of life... Remember that you were able to be happy before certain relationships or friendships even began and came to their end. That’s that silver lining and hope that you’re more capable of cultivating your own happiness than you know.

last month

Letting go of the old version of you is one of the most important things you can do to move forward. It’s part of growing into the person you’re working to become. Forgive yourself for the mistakes, the time you wasted, the bad choices you made.. You’re not that person anymore.

last month

Maybe you’re not crazy, maybe you’re just not being treated the way you deserve to be treated and it’s causing you to lose yourself and not feel grounded in who you are? Other people aren’t always to blame, a lot of it has to do with our choices so make sure you’re choosing people who bring out the calm in you.

last month

You guys, I had to do this. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 the world needed this... also is @pennbadgley a fuckboy?

last month

we all have shit we’re healing from that we’re not always showing people or talking about. We’re all in this together. I hope you’re ready to heal, cause it’s time. Tag someone who is ready to start the healing process. We’re on that 2020 healing energy.

last month

Friendly reminder; Your feelings are valid, and if anyone important to you invalidates them it’s time to re evaluate the relationship/friendship. Some people choose to not feel, or simply don’t know what it is they’re feeling. If people are invalidating how you feel let em go you don’t need that kind of negativity in your life. Feeling deeply and strongly is a gift and only people who really understand that will appreciate you.

last month

Sometimes, we stay in toxic situations for too long. We recycle them instead of throwing them away all together. We choose familiarity over the unknown because it’s more comfortable— and it’s something we’ve learned to cope with. We all know to get rid of toxic people but I think what’s more important is identifying toxic patterns and behaviors and learning to say no whenever we see the pattern repeating itself. Remember, the universe will keep sending you the same lesson until you learn it. Time to step into your power and embrace the unknown.

last month

2020 energy. Pay attention to what you allow. Take responsibility for your choices. Who you choose to be around says everything about you. It’s time to level up.

last month

Shit. Please take a moment to give yourself some credit for everything you got through this year. The l’s and the w’s all added up to get you exactly where you are now. It’s not always easy, I knew someone who didn’t make it through this year. Talk about your emotions, express how you’re feeling and show yourself compassion. 🙏🙏🙏 tag someone you’re proud of.

last month

Your time is the most valuable, non-refundable, non-returnable gift you can give to someone. You’ll never get it back. Make sure you’re not giving it to people who don’t value it. Tis the mfckng season to truly start valuing yourself and your time.

last month

The best gift you can give yourself is letting go. Let em grow. People tend to come back around when they realize you were just showing them love they didn’t have for themselves. Merry Christmas to you all, love TFW🎄

Dec 2019

People do 1 of two things: they’ll either make you feel crazy, or they’ll make you feel calm. Who you surround yourself with highly influences your state of mind. Don’t be fooled. Choose wisely friends.

Dec 2019

We all get lost along the way and need to find directions. Problem is we try to find direction in people who don’t know where they’re going either. It’s not always you. Some people just don’t put in the work or need extra time to figure themselves out so let them baby. Keep doing you. 💘💘💘