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15 hours ago

My sissy. My heart! @tiamowry #twins


🙏🏽 Beautiful + strong #WordsToLiveBy as we remember the amazing #MartinLutherKingJr today. #MoreLove #MLKDay

2 days ago

This #SundayMood , brought to you by Miss Ariah👆🏽😂 #myminime #weekendmode Mommy said “No phone while we are eating at a restaurant. This is her response. Mommy’s response? 🤷🏽‍♀️

3 days ago

🤣 My daughter knows me too well. Just give me food, water and 🍷 and I am happy. If you missed it, head to the link in my profile to check out this week’s all-new episode of @thehousleylife 👆🏽 #momlife #TheHousleyLife #wine @adamhousley

4 days ago

Grinding!! So grateful. Thanks for believing in me, my journey, and always pushing me along the way. The more often I #workout , the more I live for my #sweatsessions with @juicechapman_ 💪🏽 @xclusive_speed 📸 @aaronvchap

5 days ago

#TBT to that time the Housley family hung out with the amazing @michelleobama #throwback #TheHousleyLife

6 days ago

“Who is funnier, Mommy or Daddy” 🤣Thanks for having my back Aden! Head to the link in my profile to watch this week’s all new episode of @thehousleylife . #momlife #lovethem #TheHousleyLife @adamhousley

1 weeks ago

When you ground yourself with inner #peace , there is a calm + powerful #strength that comes along with that. More of that in 2020✌🏽

2 weeks ago

Man, those eyes get me every single time! #mylittleman

2 weeks ago

#SoulfulSunday Seriously, #wordstoliveby 💛

2 weeks ago

In case you missed it: On this week’s all-new episode of @thehousleylife , @adamhousley and I are talking (and disagreeing 😂 ) about how we met! Link to the episode is in my profile. #TheHousleyLife #mylove

2 weeks ago

My favorite man and my favorite place🙌🏽 @adamhousley #Napa #love

2 weeks ago

#TBT to what mornings in the Housley house used to look like😍 I miss these days! #throwback

2 weeks ago

Guys @thehousleylife is BACK with an all-new episode! This week @adamhousley and I are talking about when we met and fell in #love . His version and my version aren’t quite the same 🤣 Don’t miss it! Head to the link in my profile to watch it now. #TheHousleyLife #mylove

2 weeks ago

#2020 , let’s do this!!! Thank you @juicechapman_ for keeping me grinding!! 💪🏽 @xclusive_speed @aaronvchap #workout

3 weeks ago

If I’m just a tiny bit of what my grandmother Cloretha was to many. I’ll be happy. I miss you every day. ⁣ ⁣ In honor of you grandma...“Dare to be different. Always putting God First. Being true to yourself, your values and your calling. If you lose your reputation, your integrity, you’ve lost yourself.” #loveyou #missyou #Restinheaven

3 weeks ago

#SoulfulSunday #TRUTH ✨ Wise words from @msjeanettejenkins

3 weeks ago

No matter what happens, these two ALWAYS brighten my day and make me feel #grateful for our little #family @adamhousley . #momlife

3 weeks ago

#FBF with @adamhousley ❤️ #mylove #myrock

3 weeks ago

Soaking up the last few moments of this #holiday break with #mylittleman (and a #hotchocolate of course ).

3 weeks ago

👆🏽Me dodging negativity, drama or anything else that doesn’t serve me in #2020 . #HappyNewYear guys!! It’s going to be a good one.

3 weeks ago

So cool that all my 2019 highlights involve my family — My rock, my life, my loves. And my grandmother Ms. Cloretha, who I feel is my guardian angel of wisdom everyday 💕✨ #happynewyear 🎵credit @carrieunderwood “Kingdom” #top9of2019 🎉

4 weeks ago

I can’t even tell you guys how many✈️ rides I took in 2019 😂 I used to have such a fear of flying and this year has really pushed me to conquer that fear. #travel

4 weeks ago

#SoulfulSunday 2019 was definitely a year full of a lot of lessons. I can’t wait to see what 2020 brings! What are you guys excited to see happen in 2020? #newyear