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2 days ago

When You don’t put your phone in airplane mode 🤦🏾‍♂️😭everybody please just do as the pilot says, I just always feel like they made the airplane mode for a reason 😂 Like,Comment and Tag 3 people who would find this funny. @23_is_leland @cleanuniform @ive_ben_jamin @l0veandpeac3 @dylanpatel4_ @playthatjohn @rdcworld1 #comedy #rdcworld #jokes

2 weeks ago

How Companies be watching hood niggas on they app 😂😭🤦🏾‍♂️ I know the triller creators be judging like hell watching hood niggas take over they app. Same for whatever else 😂😂😂 Like,Comment, and Tag 3 friends ! @23_is_leland @playthatjohn @cleanuniform @l0veandpeac3 @ive_ben_jamin @dylanpatel4_ @rdcworld1 #comedy #niggasbelike #rdcworld1

3 weeks ago

My Signature Pose 😂! But that’s it for the Star Wars Theme Park and Disneyland! Thank you @adidas @starwars @footlocker for the amazing trip! Even laced me with the lightsaber Pack Hardens! ❄️🌎😭

4 weeks ago

Wow I used to watch this all the time. We really got a before they were famous. Real Dreams Change the World. 🌍 We just starting though ✍🏽

4 weeks ago

How hood rappers be making love songs 😂😂😭 man why rappers be acting like this shit romantic or something stop it! Like,Comment, and Tag 3 friends who will find this funny! @rdcworld1 @ive_ben_jamin @23_is_leland @l0veandpeac3 @dylanpatel4_ @cleanuniform @playthatjohn #comedy #hilarious #rdcworld1

5 weeks ago

Proud of the fact that we made this video 27 minutes long and took our time with it. Made y’all wait an extra 3 weeks. Put an original opening and ending on this video. And y’all still got it to a Million views is 23 hours and #3 on trending (was #2 woulda been #1 but Billie eilish dropped some shi nothin we can do bout that lol )😂😂😂😭❤️🥇🔥 I’m so thankful thank y’all. We Grinding

5 weeks ago

ANIME House 3 is out and # 2 Trending on all of YouTube! Go watch now! On our YouTube Channel RDCWorld1 😭😂 Like,Comment, and Tag 3 friends 🌍 @23_is_leland @rdcworld1 @ive_ben_jamin @cleanuniform @l0veandpeac3 @dylanpatel4_ @playthatjohn

last month

If the hood had haunted houses part 2 😂😂😂 man if the hood had haunted houses it would be some wild shi in there 😂😂😂 also I put part one in the swipe just in case you forgot 😁 Like,Comment, and Tag 3 friends! @l0veandpeac3 @23_is_leland @ive_ben_jamin @dylanpatel4_ @cleanuniform @playthatjohn #comedy #halloween #hilarious

last month

Six Paths Of RDC 🌍☄️ Aff really the sixth path but nobody could take the pic as good as him so he nagato 😂😁(my naruto people get it )

last month

Man my girl hand made me the best Durag ever! now I bet my waves finna be hitting harder than niggas done ever seen 😂😌😌❄️🥇she make stuff here @n .c.scrunchies

last month

How it is guarding somebody with infinite stamina 😂😂😂 man I hate hooping with people like this shi really annoying 🤦🏾‍♂️😂 Off our @houseofhighlights show! Like,Comment, and Tag 3 Friends @23_is_leland @l0veandpeac3 @ive_ben_jamin @dylanpatel4_ @cleanuniform @playthatjohn #comedy #NBA #rdcworld

last month

How Plants vs Zombies would be in real life 😂😭Who remembers Plants vs Zombies?! Their new game Plants vs Zombies: Battle for Neighborville is out now and available for download! #sponsoredbyEA #PvZBfN #ad

last month

How players really wanna talk to each other after the game 😂🏀😭 I know a lot of hoopers that would like to do this 😭😭 Like,Comment,and Tag 3 friends who find this funny @23_is_leland @ive_ben_jamin @l0veandpeac3 @cleanuniform @dylanpatel4_ @playthatjohn @rdcworld1 @jamauri0 @elit3 .dre @thejaelynbrooks @_nbrooks12 @tr3wayc #comedy #basketball

last month

Wow! @issarae thank you for mentioning me and RDC in this interview. I’m so grateful to even be in this position, and it’s humbling to know so many people I’m inspired by watch the content we create. 🥇🌎❤️

Oct 2019

How Cops be Acting in every Scary Movie 😂😭😭 they just don’t make no sense why do they always get killed and help nothing 😂 Like,Comment, And Tag 3 Friends who finds this funny. 😂😂 @l0veandpeac3 @ive_ben_jamin @cleanuniform @23_is_leland @dylanpatel4_ @playthatjohn @rdcworld1 #comedy #scarymovies #rdcworld

Oct 2019

How they expect you to react when you get an amber alert 😂😂😂😭😭 how loud those notifications be I know they want us to be vigilante as hell 😂😂😭😭! Like,Comment, and Tag 3 Friends @ive_ben_jamin @cleanuniform @23_is_leland @dylanpatel4_ @l0veandpeac3 @playthatjohn @rdcworld1 #comedy #amberalert #rdcworld1

Sep 2019

How Computers Don’t be Helping you on Single Player 😂😂😂😂😭😭😭 man I promise this shi too real. Computers don’t be doing shi on the campaign 😂😂 LIKE,COMMENT, And Tag 3 Friends who find this funny! @cleanuniform @23_is_leland @l0veandpeac3 @ive_ben_jamin @dylanpatel4_ @rdcworld1 @playthatjohn #comedy #videogames #rdcworld1

Sep 2019

How it is when you hooping and people keep getting on the court 😭😭😂😂 man I know all the hoopers know what this like 😂😂😂 Like,Comment, and Tag 3 Friends who find this funny @23_is_leland @ive_ben_jamin @l0veandpeac3 @cleanuniform @playthatjohn @rdcworld1 #comedy #basketball #RDCWorld1 #nba

Sep 2019

How black people be supporting black people in every sport no matter what 😂😂😂😂😂 if you from a black family you know this how it be 😂😂😂😭😭😭 everybody go watch the FULL VIDEO ON House of Highlights YouTube Channel supremedreams Show episode 3! Like,Comment, And Tag 3 Friends who will find this funny @23_is_leland @cleanuniform @ive_ben_jamin @dylanpatel4_ @playthatjohn @l0veandpeac3 @rdcworld1 #comedy #hoh #sports

Sep 2019

25 Years of Life Today 🌎 and Just hit 3 Million Subscribers ⭐️ thanking God every day for this.

Sep 2019

How niggas that’s cold in 2k hoop in real life 😭😭😂 now I’m not saying this is everyone but we all know somebody like this 😭😂😭 Like,Comment, and Tag 3 Friends ! @cleanuniform @l0veandpeac3 @dylanpatel4_ @ive_ben_jamin @23_is_leland @playthatjohn @rdcworld1 #basketball #2k #RDCWorld1

Sep 2019

How Coaches wanna act when they star Player gets hurt 😂😭😂 coaches in all sports be mad as hell when they star player get hurt 😂 LIKE,Comment, And Tag 3 Friends who find this funny! @cleanuniform @23_is_leland @l0veandpeac3 @ive_ben_jamin @dylanpatel4_ @playthatjohn @rdcworld1 #comedy #RDCWorld1 #sports

Aug 2019

How side characters be in Anime when they realize their a side character 😂😭😭 If you watch anime you know side characters always getting hoed 😂😂😂 it’s really not fair! Like,Comment, and Tag 3 Friends who watch Anime @rdcworld1 @23_is_leland @l0veandpeac3 @cleanuniform @dylanpatel4_ @ive_ben_jamin @playthatjohn #comedy #anime #RDCWorld

Aug 2019

How chick fila Workers was when they heard about Popeyes new sandwich 😂😂😭 I know chick fila and Popeyes straight beefing now man it gotta be like this! Tag 3 Friends! Like,Comment and share! #comedy #hilarious #rdcworld #popeyes #chickfila