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@darealmontana and da rest of da ganggang grubbin in between shows. #setitofflive #dressingroomflow #goodvibesonly

3 hours ago

In the Popeye’s line at airport and THIS happened...He was dancing and had my video playing on his phone. Sometimes we work so much that we can easily forget that we’ve touched the lives of fans of all ethnicities. This made my morning. #sosoblessed

3 hours ago

..the party continues “4Ever” #setitofflive #dressingroomflow

3 hours ago

After da show it’s da after party. After the party it’s the hotel lobby. Battery Park Braves Omni Hotel rooftop suite link up to end the evening. #toastsandsalutes #fammo

5 hours ago

Callin ALL my ICE LOVERS!! #setitofflive #atlanta #dressingroomflow

5 hours ago

It’s a VIBE EVERY TIME my girl Meezy @thelilmoshow step in da room! “Woo woo woo woo!” #setitofflive #atl #dressingroomflow

5 hours ago

#BRATONDAMOVE #BRATCHRONICLES Headed to Raleigh North Carolina to #SETITOFFLIVE #sosoblessed

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#SETITOFFLIVE the stage play in ATL TONIGHT and TOMORROW at 3pm and 8pm at Cobb Energy Center! Go to @jecaryous and @ticketmaster to get dem tickets b4 it’s too late! The CHEMISTRY between me, @thelilmoshow @drewsidora and @keshiaknightpulliam is CRAAAAAAZY! This is one you DON’T WANNA MISS! #PULLUP

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ATLANTA!! TONIGHT at 8pm and TOMORROW at 3pm and 8pm at Cobb Energy Center...CATCH ME, @drewsidora @thelilmoshow @keshiaknightpulliam @leon and more in the live stage play #SETITOFF #SETITOFFLIVE ‼️ For tickets go to @jecaryous or Ticketmaster before it’s too late! @rmax ( my hoodie tho ) #sosoblessed @dishnation @dishnation @dishnation @dishnation @headkrack @garywdtea @porsha4real

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My FAV! @yellabeezy214 “Dats on me baby!” @pureatlanta

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Got the bestie @mariahcarey and dem kids dat @bumpboxx GETCHORS #BUMPBOX

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@PureHouston @lizziepure My FAVORITE store in EVERY CITY!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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#Repost @porsha4real ・・・ Dis what I b doing at work 😂😂 #DancingDiva #SWD #DrillTeam #DecaturwhereItsGreater @dishnation

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I be missin dem doggie-babies. #Stax ... da biggest baby of them all. ❤️ 🐶 Mug: @sophiemua Fit: @pureatlanta 🔥

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🙏🏽 @latashawopwilliams She Can't Pray Right Now !!!!! So let us pray for her She Has No Strength Right Now!!!!!! So let's hold her up She Has No Words Right Now !!!!! So let's let her moan and be her voice She Has No Understanding Right Now!!!!! So let us be reminded that He's Sovereign She Has NO recollection of just 1 Feeling !!!!! So let's show her LOVE She's surrounded by Onlookers So let's be her private Warrior's. She DID NOT LOOSE a World Recognized Person!!!! She Lost her Husband and her Child. Women, Wives, Mother's ....Let's Stand United For Vanessa Bryant. Please Fight In The Spirit For Her. Fight like You Know The Road Ahead Is Tough. Fight Like Her Life Will Never Be The Same. Fight Like You Know That The Enemy Wants To Take Her Mind....Fight On Purpose.....Fight 💜 Author @latashawopwilliams @womenofpurposeglobal