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Jul 2019

When I look at you I count my blessings. Losing your twin wasnt easy on me baby boy . It's took a lot out of me , it shook me , hence I dont like talking about it . But you , you my boy are a testimony!But l know He/She's in heaven , in the most dreamy & peaceful place ever , so that soothes my heart..Today I have a bit of mixed emotions. So ecstatic that its my love bug's day, buh at the same time , i kinda feel a void coz my other love bug isn't here with us. Buh I'm grateful for this day, coz l kno God knows best and may he take all the glory.. You are so precious to me Lee-lee . I will never let you go Jay. May God guide you & protect you for me , i mean for us .. May you sore higher & higher in your dreams & At your age , you listen so attentively. You are so adorable my ❤ ...You are simply the best. You put a million smiles on our faces .. You lighten up everybody's faces . Wherever You go people are so smitten by you, wit your adorb face.You are my rainbow baby...You are so loved Jayceon . I would lay my life for you baby boy...l give all the glory to God for your life Liam. God knows how difficult my pregnancy was , to hold you in my arms is a gift in itself Somto. I'm so blessed to call you my baby.. May God give you long life. May you fulfill your destiny. May you shine always .May you always find joy & happiness in whatever u do or wherever you go..l love you Liam Somtochukwu Jayceon Orji. HAPPY 1st BIRTHDAY my lil soldier , you are a warrior as one of your names imply .YOU MY PRECIOUS lil one, you are mummy Rainbow indeed ❤ May you grow in the Lord's way. Technically in Africa its still your day thou its already the 5th here in New Zealand . Still the 4th in Africa.. So i decide to post today coz u both a New Zealender & an African bubba...I choose to celebrate . I celebrate the two of you today . You & your guiden angel twin. My heart is full my love bug..Blessings always my Amazing Rainbow. Mummy would die for you my little one . I LOVE YOU

Jun 2019

First post .. Please be kind INSTAGRAM world/ igers ❤ #me #fun #instadaily #igers #life #photooftheday