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#sigh I'm still Fighting. I have been fighting for a very long time and I'm still fighting. Lord give me the strength to keep on going just 😊sham

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Aug 2019

So Instagram you don't have my permission @instagram

Jun 2019

Normally I would add filters on my pics but not today. Them: Uno Black eeh . Me: oh my god you're soo white. Them: dont worry put up that pic because you guys look too Black. Me: ok dn. Them: I'm serious Me: who the hell cares if you're serious or not and FYI You had the same color we had once but u went ahead and bleach it out.don't let the color of our skin be your problem 😤 I don't have a problem with you changing your skin color so don't have one with our. I know I'm too black already i know it all because I hear it every day so just let me be OK .

Apr 2019

So what if I'm black. God didn't want the world to be all white. #blackgirlrock @blackgirlsrock

Aug 2018

I maybe broken inside. I may cry myself to sleep sometimes but I still wear a smile on my face it may look dark now but I know the light is coming. Happy birthday shanice.

Dec 2017

I wear glasses so you will never see pain in my eye an a big smile on my face so you will never know if I hurt or not. #ismile

Oct 2017

☺😏 #itsgonnabeokshanice I 😊 even if its just for a little while. I 😊

Oct 2017

I smile ☺. I believe the storm will soon be over. I believe the rain will go away. I believe that I can make it through oo oh I believe its already done . #betterdaysarecoming

Sep 2017

Its going to get better just trust and believe #god

Aug 2017

It's My Birthday. Happy Birthday to me 😁😁😍😍

Jul 2017

Jul 2017

Its time for bed oh well. #stillwatchingteenwolf #itsalreadydoneshammie #godloveyoenogirl 😙😙😚😚❤💖💘💕💓💗❤🌸🌸🌸🌸💗❤💖💘💓💕💖💘💓🌸💕💓❤💖💘💞

Jul 2017

Bestie @ibheesassiitammii 😘😂😂

Jun 2017

You'll have more love in life ,those who love you the most may need more time to grow give it time take it slow learn to forgive be who you are #shammieitsalreadydone 💞💞💕❤💘💞💞💕

Jun 2017


Jun 2017

I may have a big smile but there is a lot of tears behind that smile #hold on dont quit gods on your side shamme💞💖💕

Jun 2017

Shammie 🌸🌸 for everything there is a season