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Bookings contact Bookings4Safaree @gmail .com New Smash single “BUSS AH BLANK” out now! Click link below 👇🏾👇🏾

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12 hours ago

Working on my Ep at @dnlstudionyc !! My best project to date on the way!!! #stuntgang we ain’t letting up🔥💫🔥💫


This how I’m riding in 2020! I’m not playing with y’all!! The world is gonna feel and hear me🔥🔥FOCUSED LIKE A MUTHAAA! I’m so different. Nobody does it like me! I gotta give me the credit so I don’t need to depend on others for it 💫🔥💫 #DUCATTI boy

2 days ago

This record is a Banga ! “Buss ah blank” prod by @rickyblazetv out everywhere now!! 2020 I’m not playing!!! Tell a friend to tell a friend 💫💫🔥🔥 I’m neva gonna stop!

2 days ago

It’s a young MANS HOLIDAY!! I need all 2.7 million of y’all to help me wish my lil sister @neequa_09 aka my Lil bro a happy birthday! You’ve groomed yourself to be a respectful gentlemen 😂😂😂🎁🎉🎈🎊🎂 I got a nice gift for you when you get back from Jamaica 🇯🇲 😇😂

5 days ago

The face you make when ______ **fill In The blank*** Doin what they said I couldn’t do!! God controls my destiny. Period!!

5 days ago

They say you can’t be too real out here it might cost you!!! There some ppl i wish i could erase knowing 😩 I’m so mischievous 🤣😈 This that clean up and talk on any platform look. Ayo y’all faces are hilarious 😂 @thejeanniemai @comiclonilove @therealdaytime @tishacampbellmartin @tameramowrytwo had a good time!! Catch me again later if you missed it on ya local network🍾💎 straitttttt

5 days ago

Catch me on the real later if you missed it! I was mad hype when they played #bussahblank at the real 😂😂😂 on all streaming platforms now big up @rickyblazetv

6 days ago

Every chance you get to shine do it... they hate to see that 🙏🏾 I’m dropping off a surprise for my patient fans tomorrow on the real @therealdaytime

2 weeks ago

My upcoming body of work is gonna do a lot of talking for me! I’ve been working and quiet about it but the noise is coming! I can’t wait to drop it... the artwork the music the visuals... I’m coming hard this time around! They gone have to give me my credit

2 weeks ago

Catch me Today at 8pm on @bet Hip Hop holiday!! DONT MISS IT!!!

2 weeks ago

Don’t miss my acting debut 2morro in Hip Hop holiday on @bet 8pm 📽📽📽

2 weeks ago

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2 weeks ago

Brand new Video Clothes can’t done remix out now!!! @popeyecaution x Safaree on YouTube now link in his bio!! this 1 is a movieeeeee! 2 for 2 today!!

2 weeks ago

My 1st Soca feature For all my soca fans brand new out now titled “Flavah” wit @realproblemchild go check it out now on YouTube!! 📽 @dreamteamdigital

2 weeks ago

Green is the color of life, renewal, nature, and energy, is associated with meanings of growth, harmony, freshness, safety, fertility, and environment. Green for the WIN! ✅💚📗💶🔋🎾🥎🥦🥬🥒🍏🍐 custom suit by @emreeduru @sarar_usa

3 weeks ago

I shoulda been in Bad boys 3... @willsmith redo 🔥⭐️💎 always keeping it Real!! STRAIITTT custom suit by @emreeduru @sarar_usa

3 weeks ago

If you are genuinely happy in life no one can keep you angry. Life is too good to harbor negative feelings. These are my brothers 😂 ! Life is good in real life ova here 🤷🏾‍♂️

3 weeks ago

Give the flowers while you could still smell em⭐️❄️ thanks you @glowboothusa for holding us down💎🔥

3 weeks ago

Dancing wit the stars give me a call 🤣!!! I AWAYS WANTED TO DO THIS!! 🎥 @nytevisionllc 🔥🔥 #smoothcriminal we did it @calveteran 🤣 to I wanna take this on the road!! Taking all bookings now 🤣🤣

3 weeks ago

🎀 Getting ready for Her. Where’s my modeling contract at 🤔 I do no play with the wears!! custom suit by @sarar_usa 🔥🙏🏾 hair by @manofsteel208 📸 @koreankandy

3 weeks ago

Annie are you ok? ... you’ve been hit by a #smoothcriminal 🐐 my daughter loves Michael Jackson already

3 weeks ago

Last night atl @djkashatl bday bash was a movie... big up @sai_itaintso @popeyecaution @rickyblazetv @3flyprince @majahhype !! 🎬 @drewvisions STRAIIITTTT

3 weeks ago

So @yandysmith bet me $1,000 I couldn’t jump double Dutch... guess who left a stack richer 😇😇😇 don’t judge me I grew up with all women 😩😂😩 I have a lot of hidden talents 😂

3 weeks ago

@traxnyc got me right the proper way shopping and looking for a tennis, from looking through diamond parcels to gold castings! The whole 9 yards! If you looking for some good diamond chains or anything go holla at him ASAP! Tell em i sent ya🔥❄️💎