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Here’s the Freehand Tattoo I created for my client from last nights Episode from her ideas she gave me. This was fun to create for her! Much love! 🙌🏽 #9MAG @9magtattoo


CLEVELAND!!!! Make sure to come out to the @villainarts tattoo Convention tomorrow and all this weekend!!! @9magtattoo will be in the building! We have appointments open and walk up first come first serve Slots to be tattooed! See you tomorrow! #9MAG


Tune in, It’s LIT! 😎 #BlackInkCrew #9MAG #MyCityBehindMe

2 days ago

The look when you ALREADY KNOW you about to get got by the greatest to do this @dcyoungfly 😅😂😩🤦🏽‍♂️!!!! Tune in tonight on @vh1 at 8pm to @mtvwildnout to see how my first time went with @bishop__don & @phoreverim !!! #9MAG #NMOL #vh1

3 days ago

The noisy outside world’s misinformed disrespect does not overshadow what BEAUTY IS.... and how much you Use YOU and myself to help other WOMEN in all kinds of situations... be peaceful 😌 #NOVA

2 weeks ago

Shit, 😌we had Fun for Nola.. 😬😌😂🤷🏽‍♂️ ...

2 weeks ago

Create the memories

2 weeks ago

WE ARE OPEN!!! So many people call and ask can you just come by @9magtattoo AND THE ANSWER IS YES! We take walk-ins! Come to the address or just GOOGLE #9MAG AND COME ON IN! 12 AMAZING ARTISTS and Piercers and STAFF waiting to give you the #9MAGexperience known to THOUSANDS worldwide! Just come on in! Thank you and see you there! #9MAG

2 weeks ago

CLEVELAND!!! @9magTattoo will be invading your city for the @villainarts Tattoo Convention FEBRUARY 21st-23rd! Always a lotta love in CLEVELAND and surrounding cities so make sure to come out, get a Tattooed, grab some merch, take some pictures and say what’s up! Book your appointments now from the info in my bio! See you there! #9MAG #9MAG2020

2 weeks ago

Family vacation don’t stop no show! Had the flu the last 2 days but it’s still No Days off even in MEXICO! Got a great Pump in at the famous @tulumjunglegym , amazing creativity! Stay inspired! Motivate! 💪🏾 #9MAGfitness #Tulum @9magtattoo Gone hear this Victory lap all week from me 😌🤷🏽‍♂️💪🏾🏁

3 weeks ago

Wrapping up @windycitylive with @charmainej_tv ... this baby is about to pick out so I’m every step of the way like this 🤲🏽🤲🏽😬 😎. ... . #UncleRyan #NolaBey #SoundsLikeNOVAsoImGeeked Tune in tonight to #BlackInkChi @on @vh1 8/7c for her OUTSTANDING Over the top Gender reveal! #9MAG

3 weeks ago

Key to all of this is Nutrition.. even when I don’t want to 😩🥴... Stay dedicated to something... if you want better do better. @chefboya .d 🙌🏽 #Respectfully #9MAGfitness

3 weeks ago

Glimpse at a second chest day this week already with some arms.m thrown in... NUTRITION is key, you see me frustrated a bit on some lower weights because I depleted my healing this week by not eating on schedule this past weekend with my workout intensity, so I’ve been Fatiguing very early during workouts this week just trying to get back on track with eating. Diet is 70% of this, for loss and gain. You will lose all your gains and hinder your progress if this isn’t learned. I’ll be better tomorrow and next week from this lesson learned. ✊🏾 #9MAGfitness

4 weeks ago

Focus is key...

4 weeks ago

Little look in to some back day today... killllled with the squad #9MAGfitness @9magTattoo #9MAG

4 weeks ago

Most felt thing of this morning for me... @realjaywilliams #LetThatShitGo on live Tv, whatever... ✊🏾

4 weeks ago

His wife and Kids is all I can think about during this... Damn... #Mamba

4 weeks ago

SWIPE... READ!! I keep my Sister and Niece’s Story Alive to this day, 11 years ago which feels like yesterday, not for sympathy, but for the fact that it has and hope to continue to help women all over... today was His birthday, they were broken up and separated, and he just wanted to see her and please let me in just today cuz it’s my birthday... already had a gun on him, already knew what he intended to do. As she was shot six times, final shot to the head, and Ava at 10 months shot twice, final shot to the head. I say this to say, that if you see the signs of things getting bad with that man... it don’t get no better. Take those signs and get the fuck away! Without a dime, you still need to leave. I don’t believe that time heals all wounds cuz I’m fucked forever and my family was torn apart with me just now dealing... but I’ve lived to make her proud and would rather have them back. @n .o.v.a_star_project plans for the future will be to house and shelter runaway women and children from these same situations who feel they have nowhere to go and no way to get away... take heed ladies. You are worth it all and use my family’s loss as your strength... fuck that nigga. I don’t care what He finds in prison for life, I will never forgive, he will not find God and go to the same heaven as the my sister and niece... in these pictures he is rotting away daily on 23 hour solitary. Live with it. #NovAva

4 weeks ago

Mentally and emotionally defeated this morning and today but @bishop__don dragged me out of bed to get this MF WORK today! No days off! Nothing can defeat you but YOU! @gorillaseason @9magtattoo #9MAGFITNESS #BigFuckinBACK #LumpsAndBumps

4 weeks ago

Everything you see here is only recorded at the 4th and 6th sets once muscles begin to fatigue and it’s not “Instagram pretty”... we show these and leave out a lot of the workouts that are done to show the push and drive it takes to reach past the comfort levels... stay motivated! Got some real work with the team @gorillaseason @bishop__don @theanthonylindsey #9MAGfitness @9magtattoo

4 weeks ago

Glimpse into a bit of a murderous Chest day yesterday and some shoulders with @gorillaseason ... We change it up with different bars and hand positions and muscle groups ever time so the muscle Confusion is amazing! All a process ✊🏾💪🏾 #9MAGfitness @9magtattoo

5 weeks ago

@lionoushe ...I caught my mama today under her breath say to herself, “I have the best son in the world...” I literally live my life and work as I do to make people happy, it’s my gift and curse. To know my mama is proud of me just as she always has been and supported ANYTHING and everything I’ve done in life since a child, stuck behind my art and showed it off when I thought it was trash, to where we are now and growing... my number one Lady who will never turn on me no matter my flaws is happy.... HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOMMY!!! I will continue my job, loving you and taking care of you. 🙏🏾 😉 Love you forever and a day

last month

First tattoo done here in PHILLY at @villainarts tattoo convention! Rose wrist coverup done so badly just a few months ago she thought she couldn’t get color again. We are here all weekend @9magtattoo !! Come through PHILLY!

last month

Showed up in Style for Glenda... ✊🏾.. appreciate y’all support hope you felt tonight’s episode 🙏🏾 (before the goofy ish ) #BlackInkCHI #9MAG