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10 hours ago

*Finger snaps* RTT fam, drop a ✋ if you are on your journey to loving and healing yourself. #RedTableTalk .

13 hours ago

On our latest episode, #Jada , #Willow , and #Gammy are asked to touch on some hot topics— and they leave it all on the table. Join this real talk now on Facebook Watch. (Link in bio ) #RedTableTalk


Our ladies are diving in deep. RTT fam, your burning questions have been answered on this ALL-NEW episode of #RedTableTalk . We invite you to join us now on Facebook Watch. (link in bio )

3 days ago

Our ladies take a seat at the table and answer some of your toughest questions on an all-new episode of #RedTableTalk TUESDAY at 9a PT/12p ET

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Dig deeper into your relationships this holiday season with the new @werenotreallystrangers #RedTableTalk expansion pack. Shop now on IG Checkout, just tap the shopping bag icon or visit shop.redtabletalk.com to purchase and enjoy 20% off all RTT merchandise.

5 days ago

We’re obsessed with this incredibly realistic sketch of #Willow ! 😍Fan art by @xaneasiamah . #RedTableTalk

6 days ago

RTT fam, we love seeing your comments after each episode and we’re thankful you continue to join us at the table. What moment from this episode struck a chord with you the most? Let us know below. If you haven’t already, join our Official #RedTableTalk FB Group to continue the journey with us. ❤️

1 weeks ago

On this week’s episode, #TI , Tiny, #Jada , and #Gammy took a seat at the table to discuss the importance of understanding different perspectives that exist within a relationship. And later, Jada sheds light on the choice of relinquishing one’s power and the effect it may have in one’s relationship— for better or for worse. fb.me/TIandTinyPt2 #RedTableTalk

2 weeks ago

Tiny opens up about her marriage with #TI and the obstacles they’ve overcome. Hear her side on our all-new episode of Red Table Talk on Facebook Watch. #RedTableTalk

2 weeks ago

On today’s new episode, #TI talks about his struggle to acclimate in his relationship with Tiny once he returned from prison. Join us for this honest conversation now on Facebook Watch. (Link in bio ) #RedTableTalk

2 weeks ago

PART 2 of T.I and Tiny’s visit to the Red Table discusses marriage, divorce, and the realities when #TI returned from prison. #RedTableTalk

2 weeks ago

The game that brings you closer to your close friends and family. 💕Take the Red Table with you anywhere you go with the new @werenotreallystrangers #RedTableTalk expansion pack . . Buy now on IG checkout this holiday season. Just tap the shopping bag in the corner and follow the instructions to checkout without ever leaving the app! 😱

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We are so incredibly thankful to have such a supportive and loving community like you. ❤️ Happy Thanksgiving from our RTT fam to yours! What are you most thankful for this year? Share with us below!

2 weeks ago

May we all be on the track to healthy eating, but first Thanksgiving. 😋

3 weeks ago

Rapper, actor, and producer, #TI and his wife, #Tiny took a seat at the table to have an open conversation on the current controversy surrounding statements that T.I. has recently made. Join us for this eye-opening discussion now on Facebook Watch. (Link in bio ) #RedTableTalk

3 weeks ago

TOMORROW. #RedTableTalk

3 weeks ago

RTT Fam, keep it up! Another stunning portrait of #Willow 😍Fan art by @liya .july. #RedTableTalk

3 weeks ago

RTT Fam, we appreciate all of the love and support you give us. You always go in to our new episodes with an open heart and a fierce mind. If you haven’t already, join our Official #RedTableTalk FB Group to connect with us. ❤️

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Bring the Red Table everywhere! We partnered with @werenotreallystrangers to bring thought provoking questions on perception, connection, and reflection with loved ones and strangers right in your home! Just in time for the holidays! 🎁🎉 . . TAP the Shopping Bag Icon in the corner to purchase the game bundle right here on Instagram and share with us what you bring to the table with #RedTableTalk !

3 weeks ago

In this heartfelt episode, #RobynCrawford joins #Jada at the table to discuss her connection with #WhitneyHouston and the sacrifice they made before Whitney’s career took off. And later, Jada drops a gem on us about relationships. https://fb.me/RTTRobynCrawford

4 weeks ago

A powerful statement by #RobynCrawford ! ❤️ RTT Fam, how do you carry on the legacy of a lost loved one? #RedTableTalk

4 weeks ago

#RobynCrawford opens up about some painful truths regarding Whitney Houston’s passing. Hear her story on the latest episode of #RedTableTalk now on Facebook Watch. (Link in bio )

4 weeks ago

So much respect for #RobynCrawford who shared her story and honored her dearest friend, #WhitneyHouston . ❤️ Join us for this honest and open conversation, now on Facebook Watch. (Link in bio )

4 weeks ago

It would have been a special kind of episode to have #WhitneyHouston at the Red Table.♥️ #RobynCrawford , dear friend to the legendary singer, sits down with #Jada for an intimate conversation. We invite you to join us now on Facebook Watch. (Link in bio ) #RedTableTalk