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23🐱 My husband @lonewolf_kid 😍😘💍💖 Mostly post about my babies🐩🐕🐈🐹🐍 get used to it or not I really don't care

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2 weeks ago

So I was gonna wait till colin got home to surprise him with this but why not surprise him while he's at work lol. 8 years in the making and what's a better way to celebrate by getting his name tattooed. I don't want to sound like a broken record each year but I'm glad I get to spend my life with such an amazing person I get to call my husband and bestfriend, thank you for all that you do and Simply just being you. Happy anniversary babe I love you very much😘🥰💖 here's to 8 years and many more to come😚💖💕

4 weeks ago

Here are some pictures of Charlie nobody asked for 😆💖

last month

I couldn't resist when I seen this little guy for adoption at petsmart. I've been wanting a rat for the longest time but could never find one, this little baby is 7weeks old🥰 and his name is rocket.

Dec 2019

LIVING THE DREAM !!! first time at the reptile zoo and it was amazing! Got to take a picture with an albino Burmese and a ball python. So many beautiful reptiles to see, we even got a chance to meet @jayprehistoricpets such an awesome and chill guy. We got to see him cut a clutch of reticulated pythons and even take a picture with one. Thank you Jay for an amazing first experience of seeing snakes being hatched #adayatthereptilezoo

Dec 2019

Scarlett and goliath were more interested in the tree lol😂. Happy holidays from my snake family to yours 💝😁🐍🐍🐍🐍❄🎅☃️🎁🎄✨ #hypoboaconstrictor #albinoburmese #bananamojaveballpython #buterblackpastelballpython

Dec 2019

Okay u guys I just gotta change my ig name to crazy snake mom now 😂💀... I can't believe our crazy asses got YET ANOTHER ONE 😂🙃. This was what we got on black Friday and he finally arrived. Meet lucky the banana mojave ball python, ain't he a beauty😍😍 #4 #lucky #bananamojaveballpython

Dec 2019

Silverbell 💖 #longhairhamster 🤗🐹

Nov 2019

Selfies with my baby scarlett 💖🐍

Nov 2019

Got the husband an early birthday present 💛 an albino Burmese python named bane #3 #albinoburmese #berm #bane #anotherboy #earlybdaypresent #hegonnbeaBIGboy #snakeparentof3 🐍🐍🐍

Nov 2019

All late cuse I've been forgetting to post it😂😂. Thumper the Easter bunny lol 😂🤷‍♀️

Oct 2019

Guinea's first little photo shoot 😂😆 he did pretty good as long as he was eating carrots lol

Sep 2019

Thank you to everyone who wished me a happy birthday yesterday 🥰💖💕 here are some pics I took yesterday and some pics I took at our day at universal today thanks to my momma🥰💖

Sep 2019

I'm always posting on my story so here's something for my page. Took scarlett on a car ride today and took her into the store, I want her to get used to car rides so I can take her with me to places, mainly petsmart when we need to get her food lol and she does pretty great in the car. I'm gonna be the weird lady in the stores with a snake in her bun 😂😁💖💕 P.s my bun is her favorite place to be

Aug 2019

My early birthday present that the hubby got me. A butter black pastel ball python, he's so beautiful 😭😭😭. Welcome home black butler 🖤💖 thank u so much baby I love him

May 2019

Guys I know I probably get annoying af posting about scarlett all the time but you guys really need to enjoy your animals to the fullest because u never know what can happen. Today we had a MEGA scare with her. We were measuring her in the hallway and we have a cabinet we did not know it had a hole underneath and this bitch went in. Only like an inch of her was sticking out but with much effort colin managed to wiggle/pull her out of the hole. Guys.... we were fucking terrified we almost lost our baby today, I never knew I could love her as much as I do because I fucking SOBBED the entire time he was trying to get her out. Hopefully she'll be okay because that was a lot of stress on her and she did get some of her scales scrapped and she was a little weak. She just needs some rest to regain her strength. Cherish your babies guys 💖💕 #heartattack #scarlettthesnake 🐍 #ourbaby #ilovehersomuch #ourlittle 💎🐍

May 2019

My baby finally graduated today 😭😭😭😭 words can't describe how proud I am of him for completing school. He could of just took the easy way out and not have finished but he didn't. So proud of u baby😭💖💕 #classof2019

Feb 2019

Decided to turn my heater on and saw this .....Excuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuse meeeee ???? No wonder I'm fucking freezing

Feb 2019

Happy anniversary to the love of my life 😘💑💖💕💍. I can't believe we've been together for 7 years now, to be able to grow as close as we are and to be able to call him my bestfriend is amazing. We had some problems in our early years but we managed to work them out and haven't had any problems for 4 years, which is fucking amazing. I love this man too the moon and back and can't wait to marry him💖💕. And to all the people who doubted us and said we wouldn't last together😂😂🖕 bet ya'll feel real stupid about now 😂💀(we laugh about this all the time, we ain't goin anywhere honey ). These 7 years have been the best years of my life and I couldn't ask for anything better. Happy anniversary baby💑😚💖💕 I love you so so soooooooo much and thank you for always being you and for being an amazing fianće #happyanniversary #iloveu #myfiance #7picsfor7years #mybestfriend #theloveofmylife

Jan 2019

I just want to take a moment to realize how big my baby is growing 😭😭. First pic(1stday we had her ) second is from October 2018. And the last pictures were from yesterday *look at those two pretty snakes🐍* lmao 😂😂 p.s I know I probably get annoying posting about her on my story almost all the time, TO BAD I DON'T CARE😂💀. Just LOOK how big she's getting😭 I keep telling colin I can't wait for her to be big(she can get up to 6ft long ) but now that I see her growing I want her to stop lmao 😂. The struggle is real. Even though when she's 6ft long and girthy af she'll still be my little baby😭💜 #ilovehersomuch #shesgrowingsofast #2prettysnakes 😂 #scarlettthesnake 🐍

Jan 2019

I'm so awkward at taking pictures oohh🐳🤷‍♀️💩

Dec 2018

Okaaaaaay, soo I found this adorable little rock when I went to the market and I have no idea what #CHLR means?... (don't beat me up people lol ) does anyone know about this ?

Dec 2018

Welp I finally got bit..😅 scarlett was definitely hungry still😶. It's cool ya'll just a little baby bite, I best not get bit when she's bigger😂😅

Nov 2018

My first time going to a wwe events was awesome !! I got to see my favorite superstars up close and be apart of the crowd, got to see Charlotte kick ronda's ass !it was pretty cool. Definitely an amazing experience #nxtwargames #survivorseries #raw #smackdown #rawisthesuperiorbrand

Nov 2018

Litty, let's do this