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Shanell Was Here ♡ I Love You 👻preciousjulie79

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5 days ago

Valentine’s #2020 so many years of Valentines celebrated with you❤️ #miamor

2 weeks ago

Contigo todos los lunes parecen viernes💃🏽 (in Marc Anthony voice ) ha ❤️ @tito_que_bola79 @gab_v85 @christianvera47 @as .hley.xo

4 weeks ago

I can be both💋 with or without my greys #thisiswhat40lookslike

last month

The beautiful birthday twins🎂❤️ my daughter and sis n law... had a great birthday bash.... yasss queens 2019

last month

Help me wish this beautiful creature of mine a Happy 19th birthday🎂💚 know that mama admires how you’re working your way up. I will always have your back and will love you till the end of me😘 best wishes always💋

Dec 2019

Welcome to the fucking “40’s” 🤪ha thought it’ll curb around you... happiest of birthdays to you babe🎂 wishing you nonstop blessings your way and may you have a day full of joy and surprises... love you till the end of us😘💋 #welcometothe40s #40 #happybirthday

Dec 2019

Instagram top 9 #2019 💋👌

Dec 2019

Happy birthday to this baddie🎂 my beautiful sis❤️ hope your day is filled with joy. I’m so proud of how hard your working your butt off to reach your goal... keep reaching high... love you gorgeous ❤️😘

Nov 2019

#__flawless3 #unfiltered Head to @__flawless3 and get yours now... bring your vision to life.. shop now😉

Nov 2019

“Tito Que Bola Gives 0 🖕🏽’s” @__flawless3 did that👌have your imagination brought to life

Nov 2019

Halloween with the hunny🎃👻🎃2019

Nov 2019

Halloween 2019🎃👻 #thepurge #brideofchucky

Oct 2019

I’m as transparent as anything vivid in black and white #transparent #transparency

Aug 2019

Ha!! Got a picture on the 4th day but is all good🤪 #mamasboy #2019 #6thgrade

Aug 2019

Just in case #Instagram #nope #dontthinkso

Aug 2019

Middle school ready (so I thought with a nice pic ) not this year for him🙄 well wishing him and every kid starting school a great year📓✏️ #stayfocused #gohard #benice #dontbully #dontbeabully

Aug 2019

One down 4 more to go.... family is being reunited🤗 tio got his niece @tito_que_bola79 @gab_v85 @bbg_to_short @as .hley.xo @christianvera47 ❤️

Aug 2019

I have to give my daughter credit for these beautiful pics @as .hley.xo they must be shared😘❤️ #our24thanniversary #lovethem #2019 @tito_que_bola79

Aug 2019

Happy 24th 😬 anniversary babe🥵 @tito_que_bola79 oh it’s been a long ride alright... but....We will still walk side by side until the end of us. I love you dearly and always❤️😘 #itsour24thanniversary #iloveyou #lovehim

Aug 2019

Celebrated my fab 40’s with these fab ladies❤️ I want to thank each and everyone of you for making it happen especially my daughter who planned it. @rhousewynwood I didn’t know what to expect and I truly was blown away. The shows were amazing, service and food and the surrounding all beautiful. Each Queen was espectacular👌 I highly recommend a visit you will have a blast.I will never forget my fab 40’s I love you all dearly 💋💋💋💋 #fab40 #mimosas #brunch #rhouse #wynwood

Jul 2019

Happy 40th birthday to me🎉 I bragged about it the whole week I know🤪 our days are never promised and I am thankful for everyday but today I reach 40 and with everything going on in this world I say thank you to god for letting me see another year for keeping me sane and for my family and friends I love you all☺️ #itsmymothafuckingbirthday #happybirthdaytome #40 💋💋💋

Jul 2019

Oooohhhh that’s my baby.... #changingdaily #voicechange 💙 #mamasboy

Jul 2019

When these 2 are together is as if they were never apart❤️ can’t wait for my babe to be back and see my niece #alllove #lovethemtopieces

Jul 2019

Weekend is over😏 but let’s take a minute to admire ourselves😘❤️ #sundayvibes