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2 days ago

After the shoot is done and you’ve edited the shots, the exciting part isn’t over. Animating your images and creating Plotagraphs is so rewarding. You never know what can be until textures start moving and you start going through the over thousand choices of overlays. This shoot with Alina was a lot of fun and I really love this image. It was an extra hot day so after running around town shooting we decided a dip in the pool would be perfect. It was ❤️. Thank you @alina_trump Great job!

3 days ago

Having fun shooting more TikToks and Plotagraphs here in Bali. Did you update your iOS Plotaverse App yet? If not do it now and check out the sweet surprise. I’ll post a tutorial soon to show you the new features. 👍

4 days ago

Here’s another change up in direction. If your a gamer try using a screenshot to animate. There are always great things to animate in games.

5 days ago

Let’s change it up! Write your caption for this image in the comments section.

2 weeks ago

Happy Valentines Day from Team Plotaverse ❤️ Check our the carousel to see how I animated this image.

2 weeks ago

Tomorrow is Valentines Day. Make sure to do something special for the someone special in your life ❤️😃🌎🎉😍💓😘🥰

2 weeks ago

There are so many cool things you can do with Plotamotion. Looping the Boomerang effect is always a fan favorite. With Plotamotion it’s not only a one tap process but with your choice of over 1,000 overlays the possibilities are endless.

2 weeks ago

Get ready because this will be your Daily Challenge image for tomorrow. Check out the carousel to see how I animated today’s post. Leave and questions or comments below.

3 weeks ago

More original content from Bali. Plotaverse is setting up to be the only app you need for your photo and video editing needs. With over 1,000 FX it’s hands down above and beyond the copycat apps that are out there. Stay tuned for a massive feature coming in the next to weeks to PlotaPhoto.

3 weeks ago

More content from Bali. This time the video was edited with Plotamotion which is exclusively on iOS. If you have any questions leave them in the comments section.

3 weeks ago

More original content! 🌎 I shot this image of my friend Polly in a train station a few weeks ago in Sofia Bulgaria. Check out more of Polly’s photos and videos @soyou .bg Be ready time animate this image yourself on today’s Daily Animation Challenge on Plotaverse.

3 weeks ago

Here’s a little TikTok inspiration. This video was edited in Plotamotion. FX and all! Then shared directly to TikTok from the Plotaverse App. We are proud to be one of the first apps to do this. Definitely check out today’s carousel to see how simple it is.

3 weeks ago

Welcome to Bali! Stay tuned for new original content from Troy and the team. Check out the TikTok at the end.

4 weeks ago

Sometimes less is more. This whole animation was done with 4 tracks. The mask of course is super important and the overlays add the finishing touches. Check out the screenshots to see how it was done. Comment below if you have any questions.

4 weeks ago

Check out the pendulum tool used to animate today’s post. If you have any questions leave them in the comments section.

4 weeks ago

Hello from Bali!! This is my first trip to Bali and so far it’s exceeding my expectations in every way. Beautiful place and really nice people. If you have been to Bali and have a cool story or suggestions for me leave them in the comments section ✌️

5 weeks ago

Take you photos to the next level! This photo was adjusted in PlotaPhoto and then animated with Plotagraph. Why use multiple apps when you have most everything in one. Today is my last day in Sofia Bulgaria. Bali is next so stay tuned for a recap of Sofia and some amazing images coming soon from Bali.

5 weeks ago

Life is what you make it! Check out all 9 Plotagraphs today and let me know what your favorite one is in the comments section. Also, if any scene resonates with your life make a comment. This same image will be available for you to animate on the Plotaverse Daily Challenge tomorrow. You get your own shot at it! Show us what you got!! 😃❤️✌️

last month

Today’s image is out of this world. If you are trying to stand out with your work Plotagraphs are the way to go. Statistics show a big increase in engagement when photos are animated. Turn on notifications to stay up to date.

last month

Check out today’s Meme and let us know what you think 🌎

last month

Let’s Change it up. I purposely picked an image to animate today that seems to have nothing to animate. I went for the Pendulum tool for this one including 8 overlays and camera FX movement. Let me know what you think.

last month

Check out how this image was animated with our amazing chain toon feature. Also, make sure to turn on Notifications and tag your Plotagraphs for your chance to be our next featured Artist.

last month

Here’s an awesome surreal post for you. Make sure to check out the tutorial in the carousel, it’s a good one💥 Touring Europe is getting our creative juices flowing 🌏

last month

This image is a great example of how to use the FX eraser to add dynamic movement in layers. Images that don’t have a lot of texture to animate can be brought to life through Plota FX and the eraser is the icing on the cake. Send us a DM if you have any questions. We are happy to help.