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last month

Squad on the game and in real life!! 💪🏽🤪 . . . Had such a fun time in our favorite Sugar House neighborhood. They came in clutch with the kingsize candy bars, cans of soda(again ) and I even scored a dollar!!! Woohooooo . . . I didnt have kids of my own to take trick-or-treating but I went for them 💀 Mostly cause it was @percillaalovili first time trick-or-treating so I ddnt feel too alone, but it was still funny seeing people’s faces as we rocked up holding out our pumpkins for candy. And at least now we don’t have to take anyone else’s candy 😌 Good times!!! #KINGSIIIIZE #ilovemyfamily #happyhalloween2019

last month

Today... today was hard. Physically, I was exhausted and sick, having woken up with a sore throat and somewhat of a running nose. I was hangry, and even more so because I was trying to cook dinner for my family and I. I was tryna get that done as fast as I could so that I could hopefully get even just get an hour nap in before my 12 hour graveyard shift. Boohoo for me, ikr? 😂😅 . . Through all of this I could feel myself slipping but I specifically couldn’t help but be amazed at how mothers have to go through this sorta of thing ALL OF THE TIME! And yet how often do we see them showing any signs of distress? Hardly ever in public that’s for sure. It made me realize how much preparation I still need to go through to be ready for many different things in life, not just being a future mother. There’s a process to achieving everything we want to achieve in life. Some people do get lucky and it’s just handed to them, but rarely ever does that happen. We go through the hard times to prepare us for even harder times. But after all the suffering, a grand reward awaits! . . I also realized that if ever anyone were to make it through their hard times, they could never do it alone. Whether you have a companion or a friend or not, I feel that most people forget that the Savior is always there to go through the hard times with us. The adversary wants us to think and feel that we are alone, but the truth is that our Savior Jesus Christ, will never leave us alone. Thus we can always find divine help, even if we don’t physically have anyone in our life we can turn too. . . No ones life is all pretty, especially not mine. I know my posts may seem like I’ve got it all together but I have my days and just wanted to let y’all in on a side of me I hardly ever show for a sec. Some people vlog, some people make podcasts, some people draw, some people sing or dance, my outlet is to write. Not great, but it’s me. Grateful for all the people in my life who help me see the brighter side of things and especially those who bring me closer to Christ. Just a random selfie of me dying after a hike. Eye bags and all. Literally me everyday 😂 #life #imisssummerweather #wintersucks #loveyall

Sep 2019

These are just too cute not to post! 😌🥰😂 . . S/O @hamosupply for having the cutest island Apparel!!! I’ve been a fan of @hamosupply since I found out about them. Been a fan of everything about them from the products to the pricing and especially their cause!! For every purchase you make they commit 10% of it to assist in Humanitarian Aid for those less fortunate in Samoa. 🇼🇸❤️ . . Love in Samoan is Alofa for my non-Samoan spoken followers 😆 I have so much alofa for @hamosupply and their products. I’m feel so alofa for myself when I wear any of their apparel. They’re just so cute and makes this Samoan girl feel like money y’all, FRRRRR! So go get yours!! . . Anyways, excuse my tired eyes 😅 Life’s been busy and not busy at the same time. Same old, same old. So grateful for all my friends and family and people I associate with on the daily that make life a pleasure to live. Grateful especially to my Heavenly Father for all the opportunities I have, especially the opportunity to build a closer relationship with him! . . Summer was great! I’m not ready for fall and winter so just had to take the chance to snap a summer vibe pic at least once more 😅 Alofa Atu IG fam ✌️ #noImStillinUtah 😂

Aug 2019

Seeing others the way the Lord sees them is the best thing for us to do to increase in Love for our brothers and sisters who are on this journey of life with us! To have charity for others, the pure love of Christ! . . President Thomas S Monson stated, “Charity is accepting people as they truly are.” Who people truly are is where we go wrong in our perception of them. They are not their flaws or weaknesses. Flaws do not define who we are. Just because someone smokes or drinks, uses bad language, listens to rude music etc, doesn’t mean that they’re a bad person. We all sin differently but it doesn’t mean that we should treat anyone different. . . All that is required of us, is to love each other the way the Lord loves us. He loves us when we are doing what’s right and he loves us when we aren’t doing what’s right. His love is UNCONDITIONAL! No matter what we do, we can’t separate ourselves from his love. The Lord loves us for who we are because of our divine potential! That is who we truly are. Don’t be blinded by peoples choices right now. See them through the Lords eyes as someone who has great potential to be a light to the world and everyone around them. It will change the way we love, even the way we love those who persecute or belittle us. We are sons and daughters of a King with potential to be JUST like he is!!! . . Just some humbling thoughts that really put me in check of how far from being Christlike I am. This is my nephew Keona and this picture was perfect because he’s looking straight into the camera, and what innocence babies have. An innocence that I continue to strive for. Happy Sabbath Everyone ☺️❤️ -also, excuse the drool on his ofu. The babysitters were slackin 😅😅

Jul 2019

It’s been a while since my last post and life has been quite different for me lately. A lot of change happening in my life, so it’s been a lot of adjusting for me. . . Change is always uncomfortable at first because it’s new. I’ve found myself wanting to retreat to what I was familiar with before these changes but I know I can’t do that because with all this change growth will come. . . With change comes pain, with pain comes growth! No one likes pain, and I’ve certainly been trying my best to live through the pains of all the change in my life right now. I’ve been wanting to write out these feelings for a long time but am finally finding the words now. . . I’ve been trying my best to stay close to the Lord and make Christ the focus of my life because I know that he can help me through ANYTHING! When I’m feeling alone and not wanting anyone to know my struggles, I cry to him and he ALWAYS sends me comfort. I know everyone has their pains and struggles but he promises that they will be but for a season. Then you will see your blessings! . . If you’re struggling to hold on and live through whatever pain you’re feeling, just know that your blessings, your rest is coming! It’s coming and it will be tremendous!!! I’m very willing to eat, hangout, hike, swim, cruise with, talk to or hear out anyone who ever needs to unload all the stuff going on in your life. There’s so many people who love and care for us and who are willing to help us more than we think. I know I am meant to live a life of service and I just want to be of help to anyone who needs it. 🙏🏽❤️

Apr 2019

Girls stay waiting for the perfect man that’ll never show up. It’s me, I’m girls. . . Naaah, this is me looking to see where my eternal companion is at. 👀😂 . . Jk, my hair has surprisingly been looking good lately so I wanted to get some pics in before it gets to an awkward growth stage again. 8 months since the shaved look and people always tell me how quick my hair grows 💁🏽‍♀️ and for that I am grateful! . . plus more shots of a random Sunday photoshoot lol. S/o to the girl behind the camera, @zarahyalt 😌🙏🏽

Mar 2019

I’m grateful that I can find countless things to continue smiling about through the storms of life. . . I’m especially grateful for a loving Heavenly Father who loves me 100%. Whether I do what I should or not. His love will never be more, it’ll never be less. We can’t lose it nor can we earn it, because he has always and will always love us, INFINITELY!!! . . Because of his love I strive to be a better person, day by day! #TruthVSKnowledge

Jan 2019

2019: 15 days in and I’ve already shook my head and facepalmed at myself a million times. Anyone else feel like they’ve failed already? 😅 . . The key is to keep on trying right!? Well, my do-over for 2019 is today, so Happy New Year everybody!! 😌 . . I needed a reminder to be patient with myself and the goals I want to accomplish this year, and I got that reminder yesterday. No matter how many times we fall, we just needa get up and try again! Much Love Fam ❤️ . #doover #itsyouryear #liveitonyourterms #goals #drive #letsgo #keeppushing #keepgoing #consistency #patience #success

Dec 2018

2018 is almost over and I’ve been reflecting a lot on the events and happenings this year. Can’t sum it up with any small explanation, but I can definitely say, I’ve loved and I’ve lost, I live and I learn and that’s the way life will continue to go. 😌🙏🏽 . . My faith in Heavenly Fathers plan and will for me has grown tremendously!! A year ago I was a hard headed girl who never wanted to do anything that was hard or made me feel uncomfortable, but I did the uncomfortable anyway because I knew it was good for me. I knew that I’d learn from it and grow. “In order to reach God’s standard, we must step out of our comfort zone.” 💯 . . So many things happened this year particularly that testified of the Love Heavenly Father has for me, and for those around me. I know that he is aware of everything going on in my life, and that he is mindful of and will always be there for me. . . A year ago I would hesitate to sacrifice certain things to be a better follower of Christ. Now however, without hesitation I gladly and willing give the Lord my all. Whatever is needed of me!! . So very grateful for all the people in my life and all the life lessons they help me learn and grow through. “If the Lord brings you to it, he will bring you through it.” 2019, I’M READY FOR YOU!!! 😌🔥looking to the future with a brightness of hope. ☺️ #tbphoto #summervibes #lighttheworld #shareyourtestimony #growth #changes #confidence #superwoman #letsgo

Dec 2018

We showed up to the party wearing identical outfits, totally unplanned. 😆 Love you Kika Girl 💖💖 My girl @nenii_27 got the memo too lol. Thank you SLC1st for having us! First Christmas party to kick off the Holidays. 😌🙌🏽 . . Sione finally decided we were cool enough to take a pic with 😆😂 #sweaterseason #christmasisthebest #newfriends #bestfriends #holidayszn

Nov 2018

I’m feel so happiness. 😌 . . Yeah I’m still saying this 😂. Grateful for everyone who makes me laugh/smile. To all who bring joy into my life, I hope I do the same for you. . . Happy Holidays Everyone!! 🙏🏽😌❤️ 📷: @kekoalei_ 💡(lighting assistant ): @mathiasfue lol

Nov 2018

This is America cuh!!! 🙌🏽💯🇺🇸 . . Same costume, different year 😅 I’ve had my dads uniform in my closet for a whole year now lol. Made me look even more patriotic with my US Flag blanket. . . Had lots of fun with my fav cousin Dickie and the Mulivai’s trick or treating in Sugarhouse. Yes we went to the rich neighborhood cause they give out full size candy bars and sodas for Halloween. We trick or treated for 3hrs and I think that’ll be enough until I have my own kids next year 😜🤪 #happyhalloween #happyearlyveteransday #itsNoveeember ! #ishlit

Oct 2018

Can we just take a moment to appreciate the BEAUTY and HAPPINESS in these pictures!!!? 😭😍❤️ . . My 2 days late post, cause being sick has just not been the bees-knees 🙄🤦🏽‍♀️ . I appreciate you Candy, so so much!! Happy Belated 20th Birthday !!!! 🙌🏽🎉❤️ Thank you so much for taking care of me on your birthday, sorry I got randomly sick that day. 🙃 . Candice is a very compassionate person who is always putting others needs before her own no matter what is going on in her own life. 😭❤️ Im so lucky to have you as a cousin/aunt lol. She has such a beautiful soul both inside and out, it’s a fact that everyone whose ever met her knows. You leave people better than when you found them Candy, and I am definitely a living testimony of that!! I saw how much you cared about other people and how much you just wanted to comfort those in need and it made me realize that I needed to do a better job in administering to others! . Candice will be your biggest hype man but then be the biggest downer on herself. 😭 I know she’s tryna work on this because HUNNAAAY, HAVE YOU SEEN HOW TALENTED & BEAUTIFUL SHE IS!!!!!!??? What’s there not to be hype about!? 😍😍😍 Shes the best iPhone photographer/videographer i knooow! PLUS, she can definitely work it infront of a camera too!! What beautiful genes run through our blood! Such a blessing 😂🙌🏽❤️ Candice has a soft, soothing singing voice that she so willing shares when asked to. So next time you see her, have her sing you a song. You won’t regret it!!! 😌☺️ . I’ve only known Candice for about a year and a half now, but it feels like I’ve known her my whole life. The Lord knew I needed Candice in my life, especially after moving to Utah from Samoa. Candice and I have some of the most intense discussions about life/world issues, church/family relations or just boys and dating lol. We can be so mature at times and then act like the biggest fools too, especially when no ones watching us. 😂😂 . Candice loves to laugh and sometimes she jokes at the worst times or her jokes are totally out of context but hey, that’s what makes her Candice. 😊😂 Can’t wait to see where life takes you next!!! I love you so so much Candy!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Sep 2018

Dreams happen while you’re asleep, Visions happen when you’re woke. 😍🙌🏽 • • • Ask yourselves: What would you do if you weren’t scared!? The possibilities are endless !!!!! 🤯🤔 • • • Make the changes you need to make, shift your life and gain the experience of giving 120%!!!! #millionairemindset #askthehardquestions #StayWoke #Visions >Dreams #LateNightThinking 📷: @sugahhunney ❤️

Sep 2018

Proverbs 27:17 “Iron sharpeneth iron; so a man sharpeneth the countenance of his friend.” ⚒ • This past weekend I had the wonderful opportunity to meet and connect with these amazing people and so many more. • What an experience it was to learn from and learn alongside them. • These pieces of iron sharpen my knowledge and skills and constantly enhance my personality !! • It really makes a difference who you surround yourself with. Can’t wait to see all of y’all in March ☺️🙌🏽🔥 • Shot to my cousin @polypreneur for bringing me along on this crazzzzy journey of growth and development!! Forever grateful for you 🙏🏽❤️

Aug 2018

SHE DID ITTTT!!!! 😭🙌🏽❤️ . . My baby sister had her last chemotherapy treatment today after over 2 years of constant treatment. She’s grown so much over these 2 years and now looking forward to the rest of her healthy life ahead!! To celebrate the occasion I chopped off my hair and will donate it so that another cancer stricken soul can have the blessing of hair. . . Cancer has taken so many of my families lives and i do this not only in honor of my sister beating this disease but in honor also of all those who lost the fight. The Lord has blessed my family and I more than we ever could’ve imagined. All the praise be to the Lord for his constant love. And thank you to everyone who has shown their love for my family and I and continue to do so. ❤️❤️❤️ #shebeatcancer #cancersurvivor #cancersucks #littlesis #grateful #godisgood #bestlifeever #family #over #everything

Aug 2018

“There's no start without commitment. There's no finish without consistency." . Make a serious commitment to the goals and the things you want to achieve in life, then work on them on a daily consistent basis until you see them through. 🏆 . Everyone has a dream but not everyone has the will to grind and put in the blood, sweat and tears necessary to make those dreams come true!! . . Do in your moment of weakness that which you committed to do in your moment of Strength! 💪🏽💪🏽 It’s easy to set goals and be fired up about them in the moment, but when that momentum runs out, don’t stop doing the things that will propel you to greatness. . They say your goals and dreams should be so big that they scare you. Go and take action on the things that will help you achieve them because ACTION CURES FEAR!! 💯🙌🏽 #TakeAction #AchieveGreatness #Success #millionairemindset #MotivationMonday #selfiepost

Aug 2018

YOUR OBSESSIONS BECOME YOUR POSSESSIONS ‼️‼️ . . So many people stay obsessed and worried about their struggles, problems and everything that isn’t going right in their lives and wonder why they continue in those struggles. . . Stay obsessed with solutions to the struggles and problems, successes in life and in everything you do, and you’ll have them! Stay obsessed with being grateful for the things you have and for the things that are going right in your life instead of everything that’s going wrong. . . Be careful what you choose to focus on because it will most likely come to you. 🙏🏽 #priorities #solutionsinallthings #success #gratitude

Aug 2018

YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT!!! I am the culmination of everything being created in my life. Everything I say, everything I think is a seed for the things developing in my life. 🌱🌱 . . . Be careful what you plug into your mind. ☀️ Make sure you are feeding your soul and that your thoughts and words are aligned with that which you want in your life. The most powerful voice to your subconscious is your own! 💯 . . . #growyourmind #growyourpockets #successisyours #manifestyourlife #IWOKEUPLIKETHIS

Aug 2018

‼️ Hair Appreciation Post ‼️ • Just cause my hair is too damn long and it gotta go 💇🏽‍♀️😉😂 It has definitely served its purpose since the last time I cut it, 4 years ago. Y’all wanna know the good thing about it thooo?? It grows back 🤯🤣🤣 featuring the lil sissy @rahyamoors whos always so happy to untangle these locks lol. • P.S. don’t tell me what to do with MY hair. Thaaaanks 😊😘 #LongHairNowICare #PolynesianHair #Thick &Bushy #GreatWhileItLasted

Mar 2018

It’s your road and yours alone. Others may walk it with you but no one can walk it for you. ~ Rumi . . . Yes I googled, road life quotes 😂😂😂 PC: @lowkey .fa2

Feb 2018

This Love is incomparable to any other 😌🙏🏽 Lil sis always got love for me and she’s always happy to see me, even tho I’m mean to her a lot 😅(older sibling ting haha ) I love Valentines Day because it emphasizes Love. And no matter where we look, we can find that Love resides there. Stop complaining bout not having a boo to give you chocolates 🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️ I’m sure y’all got family and friends with more Love for you than you could ever imagine!! Love on your siblings, love on your parents, love on those you hold dear to your heart 💖💖💖 HAPPY VALENTINES DAY EVERYONE 🤗💞 #MyValentine #Sisterlove #lilsister #loveislove

Feb 2018

My CandyBoo is back for good!! 😘❤️😌 #aussieCouldntHandle 😏