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6 hours ago

My latest @oprahsbookclub pick “American Dirt” by @jeaninecummins is a novel not for our times, but for THIS moment in our times. This story changed me and hopefully it will change you, too. Link in bio to download your own copy. #ReadWithUs 📚📚📚

16 hours ago

Hello, fellow book lovers! My next book club selection is “American Dirt” by @jeaninecummins . From the first sentence, I was IN. Like so many of us, I’ve read newspaper articles and watched television news stories and seen movies about the plight of families looking for a better life, but this story changed the way I see what it means to be a migrant in a whole new way. Tap the link in my bio to grab yourself a copy and follow @oprahsbookclub to join the conversation. We’ll start discussing it on 1/27📚 #ReadWithUs

2 days ago

I knew I had to make my first trip to Maine the moment I started reading Elizabeth Strout’s “Olive, Again.” So for our @oprahsbookclub discussion, I gathered some book club members and took them to @dolphinmarinaandrestaurant to discuss the book and have some good ol’ lobster rolls! Stream our conversation on @appletv or by clicking the link in my bio📚🦞 #ReadWithUs

2 days ago

A friend just sent me this...Thanks to all of you who came from near and far to be with us in Charlotte and left with a better vision for 2020! @ww .now #oprahs2020visiontour

3 days ago

Listen, I heard @amyschumer hadn’t 💩 and I thought it was TMI—but then she told a sold-out arena about it and apparently people love to talk about 💩 (or not ). Amy, thank you so much for spending your Saturday making US laugh and sharing your journey through motherhood, marriage, and yes 💩. And Charlotte, you guys were EPIC! @ww .now #Oprahs2020VisionTour

4 days ago

Can y'all believe this party was at 1 pm on a weekday??? I heard @drmartezprince hosts free wellness fairs outside his pharmacy @premier_rx in Charlotte, North Carolina, so I had to stop by! Events like these are so important because not only can people get FREE health screenings but they bring the community together around the things that matter the most, our wellness. Fireball! @ww .now #Oprahs2020VisionTour

5 days ago

Charlotte, I’m headed your way with the WW 2020 Vision Tour this Saturday 1/18! Let me know if you have any questions for @amyschumer and I’ll see if I’ll ask it on stage. Link in bio for tickets to join the party @ww .now 💃🏾🍷 #Oprahs2020VisionTour

6 days ago

My conversation with Tina this past Saturday was so much fun. She had 15,000 people 😂😂😂 Who knew she was also ALREADY a @ww member? Stream the entire interview on my Facebook page. @ww .now

2 weeks ago

This right here.. is a different kind of cold! 🥶🥶🥶 Thank you Minnesota. Next time see you in summer #Oprahs2020VisionTour @ww .now

2 weeks ago

Minnesota: You gave me Mary Tyler Moore, the @kwepack , and the COLD! But the temperature didn’t stop us from having a sold out crowd. Thank you to your city and Tina Fey for a soul warming day—and to Emily and Kendra for not letting anything stop you from coming. Now, gooooooo Minnesota @vikings ! @ww .now

2 weeks ago

You better believe I was going to visit the Mary Tyler Moore statue when I touched down in Minnesota! Thank you for joining me, Tina Fey. Liz Lemon would’ve loved this. See y’all tomorrow for the WW 2020 Vision Tour, St. Paul! @ww .now #Oprahs2020VisionTour

2 weeks ago

St. Paul, I’m bringing the WW 2020 Vision Tour to your city this Saturday 1/11! Let me know if you have any questions for Tina Fey and I’ll try to get you an answer on stage. Link in bio for tickets to join the party 💃🏾🎬 @ww .now #Oprahs2020VisionTour

2 weeks ago

My conversation with @ladygaga this past Saturday was one for the books. She was so strong, so real, so herself. A lot of y’all have been asking where you can see it. Stream it now on @ww .now’s IGTV.

3 weeks ago

Ft.Lauderdale my heart got expanded by this experience with you all. Thanks for doing the work of committing to a higher way of seeing the world. #Oprahs2020VisionTour @ww .now

3 weeks ago

Fort Lauderdale, thank you for your warmth and fantastic generosity. And @ladygaga : Your willingness to ‘go there’ with your vulnerability opened all our hearts today. Watch our full interview this Wednesday 1/8 on @ww .now’s IGTV. #BigBiteOfBravery

3 weeks ago

Kicking off my day in Fort Lauderdale with a Wellness Beach Walk with @officialblackgirlsrun , @latinasrunclub , Healthy Chicks, and @jennabhager ! Thank you for waking up early and putting yourself first. See y’all tomorrow at the kickoff to the WW 2020 Vision Tour! 🏃🏾‍♀️🏃🏾‍♀️🏃🏾‍♀️ @ww .now #Oprahs2020VisionTour

3 weeks ago

Fort Lauderdale, I’m on my way to kick off the WW 2020 Vision Tour in your city! Let me know if you have any questions for @ladygaga and I might just get you an answer this Saturday. Link in bio for tickets to join the party 💃🏾🎤 @ww .now #Oprahs2020VisionTour

3 weeks ago

May 2020 bring your greatest visions!

3 weeks ago

Gettin’ ready for WW 20/20 Vision tour. @berkleytheartist found something yellow to wear! Link in bio for tickets. Fort Lauderdale, here we come! @ww .now #oprahs2020visiontour

4 weeks ago

The perfect pair? My new @othatsgood skillet and @sabatinotruffles . I don’t leave home without this stuff! Check it out at trufflezest.com and be sure to look for all 6 of my delicious skillets in the freezer section #SabatinoPartner

4 weeks ago

We’ve been friends since she was 21 and I was 22.. Still celebrating! Happy birthday @gayleking 🎉🎉🎉

4 weeks ago

Wishing you all so much Merry from our front yard to yours!🎄

last month

Celebrated the 9th graduating class at #OWLAG in South Africa this week! 🎓🎓🎓

last month

Our 2019 Thanksgiving welcoming committee! Keeping our tradition of every time a new quest arrives.. we Sing em in! Happy Thanksgiving y’all. Hope there’s plenty of song and fun at your house!