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KEEP IT SIMPLE I like white color & organizing🌵 I love brownies, cats and finding beauty in simple things of daily life🌿 #dreamy #advancedselfie

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8 hours ago

I love my earrings, my sister gave it to me last Christmas, they’re gorgeous, she got them from @urpicajamarca monstera y my favorite plant in the world. So those earrings are perfect. ••• Amo mis aretes, mi hermana me los obsequió la última navidad, son hermosos, los consiguió de @urpicajamarca la costilla de Adán es mi planta favorita en el mundo. Así que estos aretes son perfectos! . . . . . #green #verde #arete #earring #monstera #monsteraearrings #costilladeadan #aretedecostilladeadan #eyes #ojos #closedeyes #ojoscerrados #minimalist #minimalism #minimalista #minimalismo #minimalart #minimalpic #redlips #labiosrojos #peru #cajamarca #celendin #peruvianmodel #model #vogue #beautiful #selfportrait #advancedselfie #instaselfie

4 days ago

Ok, so this pic has A LOT of color compared to my latest pictures, idk, I just wanted some color, give life to my feed, this time I put both pics, after and before so you can see if a fixed the image or if I just ruined it. However, I saw on Pinterest boots with flowers, but not this type of boots, they were pretty boots, tomboy style? Am I correct? Anyways hope you like this pic guys. Thanks again for reading 💕 . . . . . #fucsia #colorful #dress #pinkdress #purple #purpleboots #boots #rainboots #botas #botasdelluvia #fuxia #colorido #vestido #vestidorosa #wind #windy #viento #aire #imhappy #instahappiness #instamind #instaselfie #peacefullness #greenfield #park #parque #dreamypic #dreamynorway #dreamyeurope #myhappyplace

3 weeks ago

Today I went to the street market and I saw this fresh #chamomile so I had te idea to take pictures with it, first it didn’t work out I just wanted to use a couple of them, but at last I ended up using all of them, it was kinda funny glueing them in my body, but I felt glamorous, oh my gosh, I’m going to use more flowers in the future, I know. Do you have any favorite flower? Which is it? . . . . . #chamomiletea #manzanilla #littleflowers #vogue #fashion #trend2020 #pink #white #rosa #rosado #blanco #trendy #girlish #fresa #meandmyself #lips #naturallips #labios #meandmycamera #celendin #paris #aurorafan #inspiredbynature #aurora #naturegirl #angelic #sweet #january2020 #january

3 weeks ago

Went to Trujillo after a long time, it was a short trip with my mother. I don’t see her very often so this kind of situations I treasure them in my mind and heart. I live alone, so many years, almost 10 years alone, no couple and I don’t have a best friend neither, so spending quality time with my beloved ones is the best thing ever ❤️ . . . . . #myfoundwings #wings #seashells #seashellwings #pink #white #yellow #rosa #blanco #amarillo #alas #forcedperspective #beach #playa #trujillo #cajamarca #alone #happy #fondmemories #instahappy #instapic #memories #tryingtobecreative #ocean #oceano #mar #sea #cloudy #pacificocean #vintagestyle

4 weeks ago

I like instagram, cause I can use it as a virtual album of things that I want to keep for a little bit longer, people here have a concern about how their pictures are going to be upload, so we can have an aesthetic view, I wish I could be able to have an #aesthetic feed, so you can enjoy too. We all do the best we can, aren’t we?

4 weeks ago

What is the superpower you always wanted to have? Mine is being invisible, imagine all the things I could do being invisible, I could travel without anyone notice it, I could go to the cinema, just imagine all the things you could do. So tell me, what’s yours? : ) Thanks for reading.

5 weeks ago

Today’s pic was fun to make, this is my first #forcedperspective and #photoshopped pic ever! And I’m so happy to share it with you, lately I’ve been feeling a little bit creative, most of the time I’m kinda blue person, but doing this stuff makes me happy! So, yeah, thanks for reading 😊

last month

I like flowers so bad, when I was a kid I used to be scared of them, i don’t know why, maybe I heard that plants had little animals that eat your flesh and that I was going to be left without a nose, so now that I’m all grown up I can see that yes! They have little animals but not all of them have it or not all of them have this little flesh eater animals. Anyways, I’m enjoying them right now.

last month

First pic of 2020, I saw a similar pic on @kutovakika and I really wanted to try it, but I couldn’t xD flowers are so heavy or maybe I just cut the stems too much. Anyways that girl is my inspiration, thank you 💕🌺

last month

Last pic of the year. I’ve learned resilience, that this life is so beautiful but also so unfair, I mean, sometimes happens horrible things to people that they didn’t do anything to deserve it, you cry, you hate everyone, you get in a deep depression and you realize that you can’t change anything, you realize that it’s not your fault, and that being negative doesn’t change anything, so there you understand and start working with what you have, some people may be struggling with health problems, others money problems, love problems, I don’t know any problem, but being overthinking it and being negative doesn’t help at all, just self love always, acceptance of the situation and move on trying to see the beauty in our world and not only the dark part of it. Happy New Year everyone. Have a nice start of year 💕

last month

You cannot eat money! When the last tree has fallen And the rivers are poisoned You cannot eat money, oh no! (I heard this on Aurora’s song but I think it belongs to someone else, correct me pls )

Dec 2019

Everyday that passes, I feel more and more connected to the earth, I don’t know how to explain it, I can feel its breath, its warm, its cold, pain and happiness. Woods are calling me, there is this deep force that’s trying to reach me, and I’m sometimes scared but sometimes (lately ) I just want to run and get lost on it.

Dec 2019

Celendin, quería ir al bosque de pinos y ya no había, talado total. Quise ir a un mirador y tampoco pude, había una mina cerca y tenía unos perros increíblemente grandes y bravos, estaba yo con mi hermano en moto lineal. Entonces me quiso llevan por Cusichan y estaba todo casas xD como cambian los tiempos, antes había naturaleza everywhere, en fin. Fue una linda tarde con mi hermanito 💕

Dec 2019

Dentro de poco será otra navidad, ésta es la mejor época del año, luces de colores en armonía (rojo, verde, dorado ). Comida everywhere, época para pasarlos con tus seres amados. Simplemente la mejor época si señor🎄❤️💚

Nov 2019

Hace MUCHO que no me tomaba fotos 🥺 Como siempre es un auto selfie #advancedselfie y tengo dos lados por así decirlo, uno al cual le gusta el blanco y otro al cual le gusta los colores psicodélicos.

Oct 2019

09.10.2015 Mi primer selfie avanzado por así decirlo 😂 Con un celular de 5 megapixeles creo. Que épocas aquellas 🥺.

Oct 2019

GALLETAS CON CHISPAS DE CHOCOLATE Súper fácil, les cuento a continuación cómo se hacen : ) Ingredientes: -1 huevo -125 grs de mantequilla o margarina (lo que gusten ) -1 tz de azucar -1 y 1/2 tz de harina leudante -1 pizca de sal -1 tz de chispas de chocolate Preparación: 1. Precalentar el horno a 180•C 2. Batir el huevo y el azúcar juntos hasta lograr una mezcla uniforme. 3. Derretir la mantequilla y agregar al bowl del huevo. 4. Agregar harina, sal y chispas de chocolate y mezclar bien. 5. Colocar las bolitas en una fuente con papel mantequilla. 6. Hornear durante 10 mins. Tip: dejar que se enfríen antes de sacarlas o si no pueden quebrarse.

Sep 2019

La vida. Puede ser tan compleja y tan sencilla, puede ser tan desgarradora y tan hermosa, puede ser tan pasajera como duradera, nosotros somos tan pequeños e ignorantes cómo para comprender la funcionalidad de este universo. Venimos a la vida a disfrutar? A dejar una marca en el mundo? Venimos a pagar deudas y sobrevivir? A qué es lo que uno viene? Expiar pecados de vidas pasadas? A qué creen que uno viene? Hay días en los que uno se levanta muy pensativo, tratando de encontrar respuestas para todo, por que esto, por qué aquello, hay días en los que solo te levantas y dejas que todo se teja, que todo siga su curso, sin interferir... entonces tenemos todos dos personalidades? En la que por supuesto en este caso ambas son conscientes de que están divididas y tratan de integrarse? Hay dos seres viviendo en ti?

Sep 2019

No esperen un post profundo 1. Tomando lista antes de 2. Sacando las primeras basuras 3. ¡Que miedo! ¿Saldrá de ahí algo inesperado? 4. Hombres de verdá 5. Haciendo de médico forense 📷 by @gabbel_ 🙌🏻

Sep 2019

Loner. Mariquita 🐞

Sep 2019

Langosta? Saltamontes? Que es? 🦗

Sep 2019

Dicen que soy una persona risueña, pero que en fotos salgo seria. La verdad es que yo me considero un ser muy serio.

Sep 2019

Recuerdos, habrán ocurrido tal cual los recordamos? Nuestra memoria los exagerará? Resaltará lo que más le conviene a nuestra mente, tan caprichosa ella. Un feriado familiar de uno.