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8.29.58 | Long live my brother 💛🕊

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last month

Ian second to none 🤍 !!!

Dec 2019

Merry Christmas ❤️🎄🥳 !!!

Nov 2019

Real quickkk🦋🤩🤩

Nov 2019

Today makes a month since you been gone and I promise it seems longer. 💔 For some reason it just don’t feel like you’re gone. I still wait on you to throw a rock at my window in the middle of the night so I can let you in. I still look out my window and up the street to see if I can see you walking home. I be hallucinating and think I see you but it don’t be you. I miss you coming in my room bothering me saying “ hey beautiful “ 🥺 like just thinking that none of this will ever happen again makes me feel like life is not worth living anymore !! I miss my brother so much but God needed him more than I did ♥️ I love you so much synor woofers !!!

Oct 2019

My ride or die since 02. 💚🤞🏽 If I knew yesterday was gonna be the last day we was gon bang it out I would’ve never done it. I would’ve just held you tight and never let you leave. I should’ve never let you leave mike. Something told me to go out there and hug you before you left. I swear I had a weird feeling but I thought nothing of it. I’m sorry I couldn’t save you

Oct 2019

Jackson shit 🥳🥳🥳 !! #hoco2k19 { MUA : @slayeddwithshenk 🔥 }

Jun 2019

Say man she said I what ? 🥱🔥

Jan 2019

He literally just made that up. 😂😂😂😂😂

Apr 2018