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you know you can’t control me, baby • • • • • #dallas #happiesthour #prettylittlething #plt #ootn #styleinspo #explorepage

2 days ago

Undeniable talent gone way too soon. Prayers for Vanessa & the girls💔 May Kobe & Gigi rest easy in Heaven

2 weeks ago

and God created Woman 📸 @teaphotography88

3 weeks ago

Looking for the one? Well you’re looking at the one 📸 @teaphotography88

4 weeks ago

to be continued... 📸 @teaphotography88 • • • • • Did 2020 come and you just feel underwhelmed? If you were like me, you were excited about the change. You had plans, wrote stuff down, prayed and manifested. That doesn’t mean I expected this extreme shift, but I just feel blank. Though all the excitement I had about this year took a backseat, I’ve been able to practice patience and realignment. I’m reminded that this journey is my own, that I was created to do more than I could imagine. Social media has a nasty way of putting unnecessary things in our eyesight, ultimately causing us to swerve in other lanes, that means: pocket watching, concept borrowing, shady comments, backhand compliments, one-sided business deals, & clout chasing. Listen man, fuck these folks (excuse my language ). This year is for you and your fresh start, whatever it may be. Stay in yo lane and don’t swerve. Where you’re going is far better!

4 weeks ago

You lost your diamond playing in glitter (yes, that means I left you in 2019 )

last month

#Atlanta what’s popping?! Step into the New Year with a MADE beat! A few slots are available each day, so take advantage. Meet you at Virgin Strands honey #MadeInTheA • • • • • #atlmua #atlantamua #WOC #BridalMakeup #maccosmetics #colourpop #beautifulmakeup #eveningmakeup #makeupinspo #morphe #danessamyricks #makeuplooks #ABH #bennye #makeupaddict

last month

presence over presents, but I want both 🤪

last month

we say it’s up, then it’s up.

Nov 2019

playing hard to forget

Nov 2019

It’s a #Sexy $ix Situation

Nov 2019

told em I’m wavy, baby • • • • • #rolltide #alabama #gameday 🏈 #boohoo #dollskill #fallfashion #bootseason #corsets #blackfashionista

Nov 2019

wild one

Nov 2019

made it look sexy

Oct 2019

i like doing too much

Oct 2019

On the gram popping s*

Sep 2019

@hermusicofficial presents #lightsonfestival - - - Truly such a magical experience. I watched my favorite artists on one stage showcase that R&B is indeed NOT DEAD! Each of them have much talent and authenticity. I sung my little heart out lol. The cherry on top was seeing @arilennox @jheneaiko @danielcaesar in the airport today (if you saw my story you knew I needed that pick me up ). Have you had an outer body experience? I kept it cool, kinda, but I swear I wanted to freak out and let them know how much I loved them. I literally listen to them every day so this festival has definitely brought new meaning to their music for me. Idc if it’s 2053, Best Part will be my wedding song. I will forever stan @summerwalker so I’m catching her again in December. @hermusicofficial you were successful! Wow, thank you ❤️

Sep 2019

Respect me like Hov girl, I got the blueprint 🌀

Aug 2019

Sweet like Peachtree🍑 • • • • Custom Dress: @_shopcrownedqueen *check Made Maven highlight for more of this dress*

Aug 2019

New life. New abundance. Thank God for #24 🎁

Aug 2019

Never slippin' but the difference is the all above

Jul 2019

giving you fever 🔥

Jul 2019

eye candy & soul food 📸 @teaphotography88

Jul 2019

baby really a problem, somebody gotta stop her 📸 @teaphotography88