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My ♥️ is full! #LittleRedRidinInTheHood

Aug 2019

Can’t believe I’m really chuckin up the deuces to good ole KIRTLANDISTAN! The life lessons learned, the family gained, the friends gained, the tears shed, the liquor bottles emptied, the screaming laughs shared, the eyes rolled, the paperwork received... but most of all, knowing that I’ve added value and left an impact in the lives (hopefully positive ) of everyone I’ve met here is a damn good feeling! I’ve asked for this, so it’s time to receive every ounce of it and phuckin RIDE!! Much love to y’all! ♥️✌🏾

Jul 2019


Jul 2019

FeLt CYoot MiTe DelETe LateR

Jun 2019

Happy Fathers Day, to my Poppa! As hard as I try, I don’t think I could ever be half the man you are. I love you, jefito.

Jun 2019

I got too excited to play with that new new, and forgot to take the safety off 🤦🏾‍♂️😂 #BTDubs #ItsNoice

May 2019

Happy Mother’s Day, I love you girl! ♥️ I don’t know how you do what you do, it’s crazy... but whatever it is it’s working! And your kids did NOT turn out dysfunctional! 🤘🏾😬🤘🏾 #imaybethedysfunctionalone

May 2019

God is good man, this literally wouldn’t have happened without his grace and mercy! Forever blessed for my support system, love y’all... and thank you to my classmates that blessed my life with their outrageous personalities! 🤧😂😂 #CA #CombatArmsInstructor

Apr 2019

I could give you the recipe, but the sauce ain’t gone taste the same 🤷🏾‍♂️

Feb 2019

The reason I’m so sassy... The reason I speak my mind.... The reason I love Gwen Stefani and Kesha #BigSister #SheLovesToHateMe #TeamKillAHoe

Feb 2019

Forever my main squeeze 😏 #brotherbear

Feb 2019

My poppa picked up a ‘69 beetle, the #Scarab 😎 He’s so happy, man! He looks good in it, huh?! @scarab1969 @foxytrot22 #vw # vwbeetle #volkswagen #scarab #beetle #projectcar #oldcar #vintage #1969 #love #vwlove #vwbug #classiccar

Aug 2018

Glad I got to see one of my mains before he heads out again! #JetSettinOnTheseHoes #Wessop

Jul 2018

|As rare as affordable healthcare|

Apr 2018

This morning was bittersweet; the parentals saw me off to work, and I saw them off before their drive back home to Cali. This visit from them really made me put things into perspective, and helped me to realize some things. One, being that these two including the rest of my family, are divine blessings that I have literally taken for granted. Five, it’s something about “Parental Wisdom” that helps you to realize a lot of the problems that your dealing with, aren’t really as big, or as serious as you make them out to be. And nine, my parents LOOOOVED Last Call... so now imma have to invest in one of those freeze dry shipping containers and send them a few carne asada burritos for their bdays 😂 I love you guys🤟🏿🖤 #WakandaForever 🙅🏿‍♂️ #TheyNeverWorkDad 👂🏿 #JohnCenaWillBeUrSoninLaw #2Truths1Dare

Apr 2018

Happy #nationalsiblingsday love you guys ❤️

Feb 2018


Dec 2017

I’m home ❤️ #SupriseVisit #TheOnesThatMatter

Dec 2017

Yeah no, David’s obviously not going to Japan with his parents in a couple of days🤷🏾‍♂️😂 #UncleMoAndDavidAreTakingOver

Nov 2017

You were seriously one of the best supervisors I’ve ever had, I wish you the best of luck on your future plans!🤘🏾

Sep 2017

Reunited and it feels ohhhh so good! 🤘🏾😌🤘🏾 #LoveThemtoPieces

Aug 2017

Jul 2017

I swear I'm happy

Jun 2017

Thanks Air Force for the refreshment! 🤙🏾 #TDY