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This is preaching...


I had a FREAKIN BLAST!!! Special Thanks to my BFF @blkbeautynik for my birthday gift to see our girl Fantasia!! P.S. SISTA BUN WAS IN THE BUILDING YALL 😂😭😭😭😂! Sat right in front of us on the floor, and "she" was extremely entertaining 😂😂😂 ( @karltonelebyofficial ). Our little group enjoyed the entire night FUUUULLLL of laughter, and loads of Love! SO MUCH FUN (Especially at our AFTER PARTY 😂😂 )! I Love y'all! @thebonfyre was amazing! @robinthicke was also amazing! Tank didnt make it to the last show...

4 days ago

World Aids Day! Bringing awareness.... For those of you whom may be carrying and are afraid to speak out for fear of judgement and/or being disowned by family and "friends" etc, please know that I Love You and will continue to Love you through your journey. I pray I can prevent atleast 1 suicide with showers of love and understanding. God loves you and so do I! ❤

2 weeks ago

Special thanks to my Fam Bam for surprising me with dinner, cake and beautiful cards! Oh.. and how I wish I wouldve recorded the birthday song they sang to me (priceless lol 😬😄😂 ). My big boy Joeziah chose the cake by the way. Special touch is my Grandfather being present as well 💜. Thanks for making the last year of my 30's extra special. This is a great way to end a Birthday after work. I love you all!

2 weeks ago

HAPPY 39th BIRTHDAY TO ME!!!!!! I thank God for another year of life! I'm so blessed and THANKFUL 💜

3 weeks ago

Well saints.....

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4 weeks ago

Love is: Staying out past 3am to celebrate your sisters birthday. Im not as young as I look and im proud to say I was able to hang lol. Im wide awake now so thanks a lot @honey__krys 😜 Have a safe flight and enjoy the rest of your birthday festivities. Love you 💜

4 weeks ago

Its my sisters birthday y'all!!! I love you little girl! Help me wish her a Happy Birthday!!! You're Such a Brat, and you live on my nerves, but I love you to life!!! May God continue to bless you with all of the desires of your heart that line up with his will 💜. ITS A CELEBRATE (lol )! @honey__krys

4 weeks ago

You aught to Thank "him"

last month

#Mood ... Y'all don't know nothin bout this right here!!! Lol #TheLordIsBlessinMe #RightNow

last month

ADULT Halloween nights in Hollywood with my folks. Yep, it was a good time in our ridiculous costumes lol. I won't call out any names but SOMEBODY wanted to show up once the turn up turned down 😂😭😂 (you know who you are lol ). Shout out to my girl @capristyles and her girls!!!!! I was sooooooo excited to see you!! @anamaphat I Know she showed you the evidence 😂😂 #Wristbands #Goodnight #NotAsYoungAsILook #ItsBeenReal #ImTired

last month

Thank you @braidsbytaash__ for taking on the challenge of putting twist Over my locs!!! I appreciate you helping me switch it up a little while my locs are still short. Now im curious to know how the braids will work out (Your idea ma'am lol ) 💜 #ExcuseMyTiredEyes #ASistaHasBeenOnTheMove #Grateful #Thankful #HavingFunWithMyNaturalHair #AddedHair #LongToMyBehind #TryingSomethingDifferent

last month

Celebrating the birthday girl with great folks!

last month

My big boy requested that his pic be taken after school just for me, and had the nerve to POSE ON HIS OWN! Listen!!! Those that know Joeziah KNOWS he sprints from the camera on a regular basis 😂! This is a HUGE DEAL guys! Aww He loves his mommy. Thanks son! Im so shocked y'all (yet honored )💜 @cycotledge * Photo Cred: Uncle Lee * Director: Joeziah E. (lol ) * Tuesday Driver: Auntie Connie aka "Lady" (he looks forward to Tuesdays ride with you lol )

Oct 2019

History.... 👏👏👏🙏💜

Sep 2019

Repost @bigboy

Sep 2019

I wont make the celebration of life for my nephew @ty .johnson_23 today, but the family is in my heart. @chandeloronstage we've already spoken (I love you ), and @bossikethebarber you know. This one is different for me..... I love y'all and pray Gods peace, love, understanding, comfort, and strength all over the entire family and all those who love Tyler. #HardBlow #StillReppinFromHere BlackWhiteAllRedShoesForTy #NOTGangAffiliated #LoveTy

Sep 2019

Dear God: PLEASE Forgive me for not blessing your creation called my Eardrums with THIS SWEET SOUND OF FIRE before now (as in recently )!!!!! @supastarc I would like to ask for your forgiveness as well (lol )...In JESUS Name I pray, Amen! IT WONT HAPPEN AGAIN 😂! #IHaveSinned 🔥💯🙊

Sep 2019

This ENTIRE album is getting me together!!!! LETS NOT EVEN GET ON THE DRIVE OF THESE SONGS!! YESSUH!!!!!

Sep 2019

Happy 7th Birthday to My Hearts Joy!!!! I'm such a blessed mama to have been chosen to nurture such an intelligent, wise, silly, protective, sweet, kind, and amazingly beautiful soul. May God continue to cover, protect, guide, and keep you throughout your life. Lets celebrate a bit today sweet face! I love you 💜

Aug 2019

THANK YOU THAILAND!!!! I Love You! #ImFreeToBeMe #Lewis10YearAnniversary #ThailandSquad2019

Aug 2019

Crying Real Tears 😂😂😂😭😭😭😂!! #NotForTheSensitive #WatchWithCaution

Aug 2019

Top of the morning to ya 💜! #Thailand