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22 hours ago

Am I finally getting a hang of this African print vibes or nah? . . Top : @moussolou_official Photo cred @trendywendyy_ Location @atmosphererooftop

2 weeks ago

Listen! when it comes to aesthetics, Lagos restaurants are killing it 💯 Every spot is a spot !(if you know you know ) 😍

2 weeks ago

Learning to be more intentional about opting for water even when at a fancy place with lots of tempting drinkss. So here’s me having a chilled cup of water & soaking in a good view 🌴. My fit fam people pls add me to the Whatsapp group 💪🏾

3 weeks ago

Adding this to the list of photos I’ll show my kids to let them know their mom was a full course meal 🥰

4 weeks ago

It’s lunchtime, who’s hungry? 😋

4 weeks ago

🎉 Mood for the New Year ! It’s not just the start of a New Year it’s the beginning of a New decade. So let’s make the most of it shall we? Happy New Year guys 🎉🎊🎁🎆 . . . Outfit @moussolou_official . 📸 @timmy_adaiy . Location @788onthesea_twinwaters

4 weeks ago

Two questions for you guys; - Who can guess what I was wearing in this photo? . - Was I facing or backing the camera? Whoever answers correctly gets a surprise from me 😆

4 weeks ago

Sunset series to end the year, see you guys in 2020! 🌅

5 weeks ago

Proof that sometimes random unplanned shots turn out best! #SunsetSeries 🌅 . . 📸 @jcattipoe

last month

When you have less than 10mins to get ready for a shoot but you still have to use your favorite jade facial roller cause it’s become a habit ! . . Wondering what a facial roller does? Facial rollers help smooth fine lines & wrinkles, decrease dark circles and under eye bags, calm inflammation, boosts the circulation of blood flow beneath the skin for a revealing glow, most of all it feels sooo good and relaxing 😍😍 Tip - Put in the fridge for some time before you use it, & thank me later!!!! . . Top - @shop_at_winskys Music - Royalty free music from bensound.com

last month

A girl with a thing for surreal views ✨

last month

The sun is slowly setting on 2019. What’s one thing you achieved this year that you’re proud of? . . 📸 @_abdularafat

last month

Complete this statement - “It’s not love if......“

last month

Few months ago if you guys can recall, I got scammed here on IG after ordering a pair of shoes from a fake vendor. After that experience, I was so sure I was done with shoes on IG cause local girl cannot can . However @fashionpalletgh has brought back my confidence in shoe shopping on IG 😄. Her customer relations is excellent & you get exactly what you pay for. Thank you @fashionpalletgh for these shoes, I could wear them anywhere😍😍

last month

Hello Morocco 🇲🇦! 😍 Haters will say this is not Morocco , y’all can talk to the hand ✋🏾 🤣 . . Just kidding, this is @sogakopebeach with the surreal views 🔥 #mysogakopeexperience

last month

Sauce ! . . 📸 @jcattipoe #mysogakopeexperience

last month

Cheers to new beginnings #mysogakopeexperience

last month

One of my most favorite moments this year was spent lying in this hammock and taking in the cool breeze & good view @sogakopebeach ❤️ What’s your idea of a good time? Cause for me, this is it. Location @sogakopebeach

last month

Last month, out of about 11,000 applications I got selected to be one of the participants of the Young African Leaders Initiative (YALI RLC West Africa )cohort 15. It was such an amazing experience at training center over the course of three weeks, working, learning and networking with fellow young leaders from 9 countries in the West African region. I cannot put into words the depth of new knowledge gained, or put a price on the value of the new relationships forged within this new family I now belong to. It is an honor to have been a member of the YALI Cohort 15 and now a YALI fellow. #yalic15 #yalicohort15 #yalirlcwestafrica #yaliwestafrica2019

Nov 2019

Sometimes life gets a leg up on you, but you gotta maintain your balance and enjoy the view it gives you. . . Good morning from this view 🌞 @sogakopebeach #mysogakopeexperience

Nov 2019

The past 3 weeks really showed me that no matter how much you think you know, you really don’t know a lot. Never stop learning, never stop the pursuit of self improvement, there’s a whole world of new knowledge waiting to be unlocked, you’ll be surprised. #mysogakopeexperience

Nov 2019

This baby girl life was definitely made for me ☺️ Location @sogakopebeach 😍 Dress @moussolou_official Shoes @fashionpalletgh #mysogakopeexperience

Nov 2019

What’s one property you’d love to acquire if you had the money? 💰 For me, it’ll definitely be a beach house on the outskirts of town 😍.

Nov 2019

Double tap if you love a good view 😍😍