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2 weeks ago

Yooooooo! I met @treachtribe and my mommy was so hyped🤣 well I was too but... he was so cool and impressed that I knew his music. This was so dope!! #naughtybynature4ever #realhiphopmusic #workoutmusicplaylist

2 weeks ago

Me and @luca_luhan just chillin after a hard and fun day at work. This is the life!!! #childactors #brosforlife #hollywooddreams

2 weeks ago

Can't wait for Saturday!!! This was so fun. Don't forget to watch.

2 weeks ago

Check out the next episode of #henrydanger on #nickelodeon

last month

This is what my mommy let happen to me when I couldn't see lol. This was scary and fun getting a mold of my face. #hollywooddreams #specialeffectsmakeup

Dec 2019

I got movie madness!! #queenandslim #21bridges #harriet !! All must see movies!! For real!!

Sep 2019

I had an amazing time at @amariandamir 13th born day turn up. I met some dope people @dj .boss @christianjsimon and many more. Mrs. Erica you are the coolest🤗😍

Sep 2019

I had an fun night out. Always a great time with one of my favorite people in the world!! @thefredericklevy #fullofribs #thesmokehouse

Aug 2019

Guess who I had the honor of working with! @shaylinb who played young Nala in the @thelionking . She is soooooooo cool!! #voiceover #madagascar #dreamjob

Aug 2019

I almost forgot how much fun we had this day. Look at all the young Queens I have to protect lol!!! I love it!! #lookingahead #childactors #goodvibes

Aug 2019

Chillin in the park after an Audition.... I am at total Peace!! For real! #nickalodeon #goodvibes #childactor #peacefullness

Jul 2019

I love to bring life to cartoon characters. That process is amazing to watch!! #voiceovers always make me feel like I can be silly and goofy for no reason and get paid to do it🤣🤣 I love this life!! #Animation #osbrinkkids #disney #grateful

Jul 2019

You never know who your gonna meet at a #disneyanimation call back!! The energy was amazing!! Break a leg @thejadahmarie and @ashlyngracehall I had so much fun!! Peace!! #disneylife #disneyanimation #disneyanimationstudios #descendants3 #celiadescendants3 #justgetsbetter

Jul 2019

I just saw the episode 3 of @justrollwithitdisneychannel and it reminded me of how much fun I had with everyone. Especially director Mr. @robbiecountryman it was dope!! I'm sure we will meet again #justrollwithit #robbiecountryman #disney #lightscameraaction

Jun 2019

Thank you @netflix for giving me and my mommy the VIP experience!! I will not ever forget this moment. I met so many amazing people last night. @marsaimartin you are even prettier in person. @c .syresmith thanks for the words of wisdom. Im still like whoa did this really happen lol!! #netflix #redcarpet #moviepremiere #childactor #grateful #livingmybestlife

Jun 2019

My first red carpet premiere!! The day is just getting started. Im excited and hyped!! Extremely grateful!! #strangerthings #redcarpet #younghollywood

Jun 2019

Home sweet home!! #letsgetthisbread #grindtime #actorslife 🎬

Jun 2019

My main sis @suzycarlson and her mom and my main man @edhelms came to visit us in our last days in Canada much love to both of u guys 🤗🤗🤗

Jun 2019

I felt like a King around my African Connection Family!! @osmoses @o .k.a.y.s_s @ebonyskygod if I didn't say it. I don't know what your ig name is so please forgive me if I did not put it. I won't forget this day!! The love was from Kenya to Nigeria!! Dopeness!! I see me in all of you😎🤜🏾👑💪🏿✊🏿 oh and thank you for teaching me do the legs dance!!🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 #african #melanatedkings #proud #family

Jun 2019

Everytime I see @kingbach he is always so funny and cool!!! My bro 4 life!! #chillin #makingmovies #livingmybestlife

May 2019

Rocking the yellow #detroithustlesharder shirt with the hat today... sorry you cant see it I was cold lol @richboi_withacamera @sanfordn Somebody said I looked like a young #marshawnlynch . He's my inspiration for the dreads. I started at five.....I would love to meet him!!!

May 2019

Just chillin in my #detroithustlesharder hat and shirt!! Thanks for the hookup @richboi_withacamera and @sanfordn Love u4 life✊🏿✌🏾👑👑

May 2019

Being with this cast and crew is more than a dream come true. Im learning from the greats!!! I feel like I'm dreaming y'all!!! #childactor #hollywood #grateful #livingmybestlife #osbrinkkids #seattletalentagency #management101 #superhappy

May 2019

I made reservations for 2! My favorite girl in the world!! You are my everthing and i mean it with each beat of my heart!!!! Thank you mommy for letting me express myself no matter how people feel about it. I want to cry from happiness because your smile has everyone in this place watching,smiling and saying what a beautiful child....smh What they see in me is you!!! Thank you Ancestors!! 😘😍👊🏿👑