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9 hours ago

We made it through the first one! God is good. Thanks everyone!

20 hours ago

Today is the day! Opening Night!!! @ledisilittlegirlblue @thewallisbh https://thewallis.org/Nina After years of begging for a chance I decided it was time to take a chance on myself like all my Heroes and Sheroes before me who paved their own way. Thank you God, Ron, Mom and Dr. Simone for Legacy and the audacity to BE! 😘❤️👑 @figstreetfilms #ledisilittlegirlblue #littlegirlblue #ledisi


2020 see you there. www.ledisi.com

3 days ago

Thank you @officialbroadwayworld for a little light in your world. 🙏🏾Honored. Friday it begins. @thewallisbh

5 days ago

Just made it home. Exhausted and heading into tech week for #littlegirlblue @thewallisbh . I wanted to say Thank You @theblvdmemphis @henryleemusic and @thefountainofpraise for an amazing weekend of Christmas Celebrations! What a time. Great seeing and hearing you @nowthatsmajor Thank you @rolandjack Stephanie and @bchristiankeyz for being there on the journey with me. God is good. 🙏🏾 📸 #jackinthebox Dress by @siralgernon

1 weeks ago

One week away from opening night of “The Legend of Little Girl Blue” @thewallisbh this was suppose to be for a week only. A lot of things were suppose to happen 🤣19 shows ok..😩🙏🏾God had other plans. Los Angeles Dec 13- 29th Get Your Tickets. https://thewallis.org/Nina * 📸 @rontyoungphoto Make-Up/Styling @ralph .jeffries #littlegirlblue

2 weeks ago

Ok. That’s what we doing today. Alright gloray! At least it’s more than 3 people. 🤣🙏🏾 Thank You for being on the journey. Have a great week. ❤️ @spotify #ledisi #spotifywrapped2019

2 weeks ago

Great rehearsal today. God is good. 🙏🏾 #thelegendoflittlegirlblue @thewallisbh Dec 13-29th Get Your Tickets https://thewallis.org/Nina 🎥 @rontyoungphoto @bchristiankeyz @dparks901 @thebriancollier @sanginsara @sangindiva @figstreetfilms @rexkrideout #greggfield @bennybriggs1

2 weeks ago

Right in the middle rehearsals and before tech week for my show @thewallisbh I will be taking time to celebrate the Season and Fundraising with @theblvdmemphis and @thefountainofpraise ! Hope to see you there! Graphics @Theanomalycc 📸 @rontyoungphoto

2 weeks ago

@figstreetfilms Presents “The Legend of Little Girl Blue” Starts Dec 13th- Dec 29th in Los Angeles @thewallisbh www.thewallis.org/Nina

2 weeks ago

😘 @rontyoung “You betta come back here and give me some suga.” - @ledisi #rehearsalface #nomakeup #black #afro #singer #writer #actress #producer

2 weeks ago

1st pic was the second time I met you. @rolandjack and I flew to your sold out show, bought tickets and you had no idea we were there. I came back stage and surprised you. I was so happy to finally see you again one of my SHEROS! Totally a groupie. Years later you would become my sister, my mentor and one of the best humans I am so blessed to be around. Happy Birthday you beautiful soul!!! We celebrate soon! I love you @l .i.s.a.f.i.s.c.h.e.r thank you for sharing your light with the world. Family for Life!!! 👑😘❤️

2 weeks ago

📸 @rontyoungphoto

2 weeks ago

I am smiling so hard! I am both old school nostalgic and modern. I can play my cassette tapes again!!! My new boom box!Yes I still have my Whitney Houston cassette! #arealfanhere and it still works! Yes, I am singing along like I did when I first got it. Thank You @rontyoung !!! ❤️😘😎 Look @rolandjack !!!

3 weeks ago

It’s that time!!!! She’s 12years old and indeed a classic. When I made this project everyone said why? Stream, purchase and enjoy! One day I’ll make a new classic but this one is still awesome. God is good! 🙏🏾

3 weeks ago

I could have chosen the clear photo but this is the one I love. ❤️Slobbering on my favorite. You were wonderful tonight my @sanginsara !!! Sold out show @yoshioak Congrats to you and the ladies!! So glad I made it! Thanks @nikcaldwell for introducing us and taking this photo!! 📸 @nikcaldwell

3 weeks ago

📸 @rontyoungphoto Test Shot...I love this shot. #unedited ❤️The Awkward Nerd face. This is me uncomfortably leaping out of my comfort zones. 🤓🤪 #wife #mother #sister #auntie #theartistsway #singer #songwriter #producer #writer #author #actress #teacher #ceo

3 weeks ago

While on tour with @gregoryportermusic I’ll be making an appearance in Cincinnati with the @cincysymphony Hope to see you there! For tickets visit www.ledisi.com

3 weeks ago

Grateful to honor @mspattilabelle . 👑Thanks @jessecollinsent @bet and to all the Producers for this amazing opportunity. Special thanks to @iamrobireed and @babyface . God is good.🙏🏾 To everyone mentioned and apart of this show @americansoulbet , congrats on the journey. With Love, Ledisi

3 weeks ago

Honored to support! My brother @josejamesmusic has *New Music* “I Need Your Love” featuring @ledisi @christianscottofficial ! So proud of you! Song is available on all streaming platforms and pre-order his project No Beginning No End 2 . Link available in his bio.

3 weeks ago

8 Shows Added By Popular Demand! What a way to end 2019. Everything I love in one. Thank You Suzi, @theebillyporter @figstreetfilms @thewallisbh and my cast and crew. 19 Shows! Let’s Go! Thanks for the love and support everyone. With Love, Ledisi 🙏🏾 For tickets TheWallis.Org/Nina

4 weeks ago

Everything has been “Sold Out”, for months. So we added 8 more shows. This is crazy... my nerves are a wreck. We haven’t even started yet. Send prayers.🙏🏾 Thanks for the support. With Love, Ledisi * To purchase tickets and for more information, please call 310-746-4000 or visit TheWallis.org/Nina @thewallisbh Dec 13-29