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5 days ago

AD What do you do when you feel you need to gain a bit of perspective in life? 🕊 Also, can you see what the main material I used in this photo is? . I think it's so easy to take things for granted, and that's probably why one of my favourite things to do in my photos is to take something ordinary for us, and turn it into something out of the ordinary. When @AndrexUK approached me about their Toilets Change Lives initiative launched with @WaterAid , and told me that a staggering 2 billion people still do not have access to a decent toilet of their own, I knew I wanted to transform something as ordinary as toilet tissue into something a bit magical. How do you think this photo did? 😀 The Toilet Change Lives initiative is now in its third year, and to help families in Bangladesh get one step closer to having decent toilets and good hygiene you can choose a special WaterAid pack of Andrex Classic Clean when you shop. And, to find out more about the initiative visit www.andrex.co.uk/wateraid #ToiletsChangeLives #AndrexClassicClean

1 weeks ago

Which one of these sea shell photos should I try to re-create while in Burma? 🐚 . And yes, that’s right- soon we’re off to the airport! 😆 First stop is Bangkok where we’ll spend one night, and then onwards to Burma. For the long flight I’ve equipped myself with cosy socks, a knit project, downloaded podcasts and 2 audiobooks, I’ve got my Nintendo Switch, my bullet journal, some muesli bars and dried fruit and my laptop so I can do some work too👌🏼 Have you ever been on a really long flight somewhere? What do you like to pack for ultimate comfort and entertainment? 😌

2 weeks ago

AD Which do you prefer, with butterflies or without? Oh, and can you guess what my wings are made of? . That's right, toilet tissue! I made this photo as part of a collaboration with @andrexuk ’s Toilets Change Lives initiative. The campaign is in partnership with @wateraid and helps to build clean and safe toilets for families and communities in Bangladesh – something a lot of us often take for granted. What’s amazing, these toilets have now seen over 1 million uses across 9 public toilets in 3 cities in Bangladesh. You can help Andrex and WaterAid continue to build or renovate toilets by picking up a pack of Andrex Classic Clean. Find out more at www.andrex.co.uk/wateraid #ToiletsChangeLives #andrexclassicclean

2 weeks ago

Which glitter pic rocks your world more: rainbow or stars? 🌈⭐️ (see how I just assume that obviously glitter would rock your world, or at least nudge it a bit side to side 😆 ) . Just 4 days and I’m going to Burma with my family!!! I’m trying to think about what to pack, and I feel seriously tempted to bring some glitter just in case I get inspired to do more of these type of photos 😂 Hmm, what else? A big sun hat? Some books maybe? And definitely taking the camera with me! 😎

3 weeks ago

Which one is your favorite: back, front, profile or standing with my head cropped away? 😂 . As you can see I’ve been very into pastels and neutrals with my knits lately, so I’m thinking about making my next knit project in a bolder color. I’m thinking a cropped cardi with big buttons 😍 What color should I make it in? Maybe turqoise? Or mustard? Ooh, or pink? 🧶🤔

3 weeks ago

Letting my imagination (and frizzy hair ) fly 😂🦋 . This photo was taken on a very cold day in one of the probably most photographed allies in Hampstead. And yes, I do now have a sore throat after standing in the cold without my coat on waiting for passers by to move from away from my shot 😅🙈 Well, it was still worth it as I’ll now have a fond memory of this freezing day in one of my favorite corners of London ♥️ Hope you have a lovely rest of your evening! Ps. If you need me I’m on the couch editing tomorrow’s video 😆

4 weeks ago

”Don’t look at me, don’t look at me, gaaah hello look at me!” 🤣 Do you prefer the ”normal” edits or the ones with some scratches and dust speckles? . Last photo is taken two seconds before I realised sprinkling glitter above your face is not a genius idea- it will take me weeks to get it out of my hair and face! Still, very much worth it 💫 I’ve just arrived back to a very grey London, but I don’t mind. Gloomy days actually make me feel calm 😌 How’s the weather where you are? What is your favorite type of weather?

5 weeks ago

Which photo composition do you like better, the one taken in profile or eyes closed? . I’ve spent a week in my old city Stockholm, and took this photo in one of my favorite spots close to where we used to live. It’s strange, I’ve lived in 5 different countries in my adult life, and at the moment I feel like I have 5 home countries, but at the same time I feel a bit rootless. Like ”home” is chopped up in five different pieces scattered all over Europe. Although, of course Helsinki is where I grew up so that is still the most ”home” 😌💙 Do you also get nostalgic when visiting old neighborhoods you used to live in? Have you lived in different cities or countries?

last month

Hello Sweden here I come! How do you like my ride? 😂 If you could go anywhere, where would like to travel this year? . I just landed in Stockholm to visit my sister for a week and it’s so nice to be back in my old home town! I lived here for 2 years before moving to London and it was here my Instagram journey began. I’m preparing for a very nostalgic week and going to have fika every day ☕️🥐 And next month I’ll be travelling to Burma for two weeks! So excited! Do you have any travels planned this year?

last month

Which one of these photos would you choose as wallpaper 1-6? They’re all taken out in my favorite spots out in Hampstead Heath 🌿 . Sometimes I feel a bit sad I don’t have more photos from my dancing days, so I was happily surprised when I found this jumping one on my camera roll that I’d forgotten all about. It might not be a photo taken from the stage but at least I feel like it’s a pretty epic jump 😆 Do you have a period in your life you wished you had more photos from? I guess nowadays most of us actually have too many pictures 🙈

last month

When you pretend to show off the tiny universe in your coffee but actually you’re hoping someone will notice your handmade beanie and pompom...and sweater 😂 It gets dark here in the North around 3pm, which means suddenly all my knit projects progress in a much faster pace than when the days are longer! There’s always a silver lining right? How do you survive during this dark time of year? Any hobbies or projects you like to keep yourself busy with? 😌

last month

Which do you prefer: coffee or tea balloons? 🎈 I’ve got a confession, I woke up at 1 pm today... and I’m totally blaming it on it being so dark this time of year 😅 I’ve been wanting to re-create this old photo idea but this time with coffee, for above mentioned reasons haha! . I’ve got this kinda cheesy quote in my bullet journal that says ”trust the timing of your life”. I find it very comforting because sometimes it’s nice to let go of the idea that you can or should control things in life. So, here’s to a new year taking off with a whole lot of coffee and trusting that new and exciting opportunities will come our way. Happy New Year! ✨

last month

Which do you prefer 1, 2 or 3?✨ I personally think I might’ve gone a bit overboard with the effects on the last one 😂 . I can’t believe this year and decade is almost over! I started making a list of things I want to do in 2020. So far I’ve got: travel to Japan, going to the sauna more often and building a fort at home. It’s a pretty good list don’t you think? 😆 And, of course continue to make photos and videos and build up my skills and the community I’ve found online ♥️ What do you want to do in 2020? Any fun ideas on your list that I can steal and add to mine too? 😏

last month

#AD Ice cream in Winter, yay or nay? ☃️ . What is your favorite Winter-y food or drink? I've been using my phone to find and share super yummy hot drinks recipes online, and can't wait to try some out during the holidays 😊 Do you browse online to find inspiration for recipes to try out? Making the holidays #ChristmasUnlimited with @vodafoneuk

Dec 2019

Riding right into the next decade on my gingerbread bike 🚲 As I’m sure we’ve all heard before, it’s not about the end goal but about the journey.. and, if I can give a little tip: never travel without snacks! 🍪😂 What goals or journeys do you have planned for the next year?

Dec 2019

Which do you prefer, with sparkle or without? ✨ I need your help with something. I want to make a motivation boost video with tips for when you feel low on inspiration, and would love to hear your advice! What would you say to someone in need of a motivation boost or stuck in a creative rut? 🤔 I’m getting ready to channel my inner coach voice for an epic pep talk, so bring on your tips! 🥳

Dec 2019

AD I figured nature needed a helping hand to make it snow, how do you think I did? 🌨 . Me and my fancy ride are planning to do some Christmas shopping for the holidays. I'm usually always very last minute with getting any of my gifts ready, and every year I swear that this year I'll make an effort to be done early...let's see if I can make it this year! How about you, are you usually early or last minute when it comes to Christmas shopping? See my stories for some behind the scenes of this shot 🙂 #BMWUSA #BMWX5

Dec 2019

AD Who else is hoping for both snow and presents to fall from the sky for Christmas? Swipe to see the behind the scenes, there's a *small* surprise 😊 . Where are you celebrating Christmas this year? Last year we stayed in London which was really nice and cosy, but that makes it feel even more special to go home to Finland this year. I hope we'll have a Christmas tree as big as in this photo 😍🎄 #BMWUSA #BMWX5

Dec 2019

#ad It's the season of sharing, so I wrapped myself up and I'm going to send this package home for the holidays! 🎀 This year I'm trying to make many gifts myself (Mom stop reading now ), and I've already knitted mittens for my Mom. I've found so many good DIY projects online and saved them all on my phone. Have you ever crafted something as a gift? I mean, since after kindergarten age 😂 Thank you @vodafoneuk for making my #ChristmasUnlimited and allowing me to find the best DIY holiday gift projects online 🎁

Dec 2019

Let it snow let it snow... only, it’s pouring down water outside 🙈 If you had to choose, rain or snow? For me it’s definitely snow ❄️ I made a video with 10 Winter themed photo ideas on Youtube to get into the holiday spirits, and dressed up as a reindeer for it, naturally, as one does 😂🦌 Have you seen it yet? Pink velvet coat of my dreams gifted by @sezane #creativeadventcalendar2019

Dec 2019

With or without the stars, which do you like better? ⭐️ I can’t quite decide, but since it’s the season of magic and all, I think I’ll go with with the stars. . Have you already started to make plans for year 2020? Beginning of this year I started a YouTube channel and that’s been one of the best things! I feel like I’ve connected with all of you much more and learned new skills and also just had more fun with coming up with ideas and projects and been able to share them in a whole new way ☺️ What has been some of the best things for you this year?

Dec 2019

My cookie got a bubble bath, which version do think looks cosiest 1, 2 or 3? 🤗 Also, gingerbread yay or nay? . Last weekend I experienced something life altering: putting chocolate pieces in your hot chocolate! I’ve always been a powder girl but no more. It was so yummy and you get all that melted chocolate at the bottom of the cup when you’re done 😏 Mind. Blown. So yeah, life has been pretty wild lately! . Also, if you’re looking for some creative self portrait ideas to do at home, I just published a video on that subject. You’re welcome 😂 The gorgeous pink velvet jacket you see a bit in these photos (and you’ll see much more of it soon ), was gifted from @sezane

Dec 2019

Which version do you think is best 1, 2 or 3? ⭐️ It’s funny what a big difference a crop can make 😹 . Today I made this bookpage wall in our bedroom, and even though I made it for some photos I like it so much I think I’m going to try convince my bf we should keep it. What do you think, keep or toss? Do you and your partner/ family agree on interior decoration decisions? Haha I feel that’s potentially a loaded question but I’m taking my chances! 😅

Nov 2019

#ad True love is to be able to share a toothbrush, either by accident or because someone has toothbrush envy 😂 I switched to an electric toothbrush in the Summer, and ever since my boyfriend and I have been sharing it (no worries, we're using different brush heads 😅 ). But the sharing ends now! I'm getting him his own for Christmas (and on the look of this stop motion, the cats and our whole extended family too haha ). Right now, you can save at least 70% on @Oralb_uk Smart Series 6500 or 6000 on @amazon , such a crazy good deal! #BlackFriday #OralB