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2 weeks ago

Facts for all my lovers out there 🤞🏾❤️

Nov 2019

Dis forever my dawg 4 life. No matter what playaaa. In the wise words of frank ocean “Whoever held you down Whoever propped you up Built your structures with you switch the buckets with ya, who was f*ckin' with ya Who was your brothers when you needed that?”

Oct 2019


Sep 2019

Thots 🕊

Sep 2019

Couple lil thangs for y’all to see 😏

Jul 2019

Who happy?

May 2019

May 2019

We$t 🤙🏽

May 2019

Original big 3 🤙🏽❤️

Mar 2019

“Love me because I’ve lost and failed” #ThisMeThursday

Feb 2019

“Holding the mystery of the faith in a pure conscience.” ‭‭1 Timothy‬ ‭3:9‬

Jan 2019

I’m gonna miss this Cali sunshine😩😩 #Backonroad

Dec 2018

Durag Santa Fuh Krismas #yeaahaiight

Nov 2018

Getting that offshore luggage 🤙🏽

Oct 2018

Young Vet 🤙🏽

Oct 2018

“Like I should be less aggressive and pessimistic, Like I should be way more nervous and less dismissive Like I ain’t study the game to the letter and understand I’m doing it the same I’m doing it better, Like I ain’t make that clearer this year, Like I should I don’t know feel guilty for saying that” -Aubrey

Oct 2018

Stall my stuffy nose, I’m in Italy getting that love fever 😂😂 ❤️

Aug 2018

Im off to Italy and I’m feeling hella reflective. Man what a road it’s been. Hoop has given me a life, hoop saved my life, hoop got me to expand my mind farther than what I could see. Hoop is everything to me. I am so excited I am finally here because post-grad life is hard asf. Especially for athletes, you go from people singing your praises and making promises to you, only to watch those same people dissolve and disappear. God humbled me this summer, but through this process of humbling me, I have fallen in love with myself. Self love and self care are the most important things this world can have because at the end of the day (sorry babe ) you are the only person who breathes the air you breathe. I only hear my thoughts fears, worries, dreams. And instead of running from this person God told me no more. He told me to embrace this person and not at a point where other people were. Who are you at your lowest? Is a question I had to look at and change the answer. Everybody got bad habits or toxic things in their life but loving and forgiving are the most important. Love is the ultimate healer and self love only exudes through every problems you have. Love is the most powerful thing this world has to offer and it has nothing to do with anybody but yourself. I know my process and I know where I’m going and In a couple of years all those people who dissolved will try to return because I will be back at the top. But to the people who have been here at my worst, who have believed in the crazy dreams that I got for myself. I love all of you, and you are forever in my mind and hearts, my journey still continues and this is not the end I just love where I’m at and where I’m headed. I just ask whoever read this whole thang to love the person in the mirror because that person is the most beautiful and vibrant person you know because God made you that way. In the wise words of the great white Mac Miller “I paid the cost to see apostrophes” because in my mind I am not supposed to be here today but God has shown me that I’m not just supposed to be here I’m supposed to thrive and become legendary. Also @kobebryant come through boy 🤙🏽

Jun 2018

Me and Bruce came to the gram just to tell y’all that @jacquees drops the album in 7 days. He gon put y’all bike in ya r&b feels and have ya chilling with ya special someone for real. He gon have y’all serenading and parading in the skreets for ya boo. Also my fit fire so 🤙🏽

May 2018

Ya bike 💕

Mar 2018

Simon says she gets it🤙🏽

Mar 2018

When she answers that ‘you up?’ text