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4 weeks ago

Bring your tribe into theirs in other to be more divergent. #kwaleö #beyourowntribe

last month

I remain surprised it was with my phone I took this one. Great hommage to the Lady Queen 👑

last month

Thinking that those are my best shots of her soul💕 mostly the last.

last month

Beninese Always Take Over Power. 🇧🇯

last month

And oh I forgot to tell you tho; Ivory Coast is one of my homes 🖤🇨🇮 Thanks @kingyeezy97 for the great visuals 📸

last month

I thought many times about doing this one or not, but there was so many pictures and moments I didn’t show you during this trip that I finally decided to merge them into a short one 🤤😏😻 so let’s watch it together and don’t forget to tell me what you liked 😌 !! So much thanks to our amazing hosts @sarahubben & @enyagahene ♥️ #rwanda #visitrwanda #travel #vlogger #videotrip #africa #eastafrica #landscapephotography #roadtrip #familytrip #familytime #discover #vacation #vacationmode #views Song —+ @cecilekayirebwa - Tarihinda

Oct 2019

It’s been a while my @monrayo_ 🌺 and me didn’t make a dance or music video for you guys and during one of our road trips, we thought why not doing one really casual 😂😂 so here it is after a special editing 😏🔥!! Thanks for our guy @call_me_mister_benyg54 in the back oh #roadtrip #trip #mybae #musicwithlove #couplegoals #couple #couple #baecation #videoedits #videography #smile #africa 🔊 @iamkizzdaniel - Fvck You; @burnaboygram - Ye; @iyanya - Mr. Oreo; @odunsitheengine - Alte Cruise; @taycofficiel - My Lov’; @nadjeeofficiel - À l’envers; @fettywap1738 - 679; @plkpb - Dis moi oui; @torylanez - Freaky; @taycofficiel - Jenevah 🔥🔥🔥

Aug 2019

Sinon que le 1er Août passé, nous commémorions les 59 années d’indépendance de mon sublime pays le Bénin 🇧🇯! 59 années de hauts, de bas, de périodes tumultueuses, d’années en soit fructueuses aussi et maintenant en phase de révélation au monde entier. Enfants du digne Benin, debout ! 🌍 Avec @mydailydoseoffit in the back.

Aug 2019

3.8.18 Essaouira — 4.8.19 Kigali Nothing can be more beautiful than our own continent. 🌍🇧🇯🇷🇼🇲🇦 Such beautiful places that eyes have never seen before🤯 The same behin the camera —-+ @sitou_tnt 🌹

Jun 2019

Nothing else but an “ Akôwé “ life. 🇧🇯🌹 📸 : My 1rst Fan ♥️

Jun 2019

Everyday searching for the right way of showing you my feelings. I’m still on it my wife 💘🌹 📸 : @beny_g_54

Apr 2019

Killin’ Dem. 🙅🏾‍♂️ • • • • 📸| @wadekilledjohann the First!

Apr 2019

He asked me to be natural. 😂 • • • • 📸| @rodneyakueson

Apr 2019

They’re people I love, missing on those visuals. ♥️

Mar 2019

Be Your Own Tribe. 🇧🇯🌟 • • • 📸 ———-+ @wadekilledjohann #theoneandonly

Mar 2019

When it happens to me having my mind in the past as if it was the present. Credits to @rodneyakueson 📸

Mar 2019

Thank You. For You being « You ». ♥️

Nov 2018

Sometimes, animals don’t care about us humans. 😭😂🌹

Nov 2018

Oath to annoy you until death tear us apart. 🌹🌺

Oct 2018

Don’t you see my light as I do?🌻

Oct 2018

Let Her Love Me.

Oct 2018

At least we can agree on something. 😂

Oct 2018

2 Years of being nothing but real and natural with you.💘💍 It couldn’t be more perfect with my Fam behind the camera. Thanks for the amazing job 📸 @callmerister

Sep 2018

She’s always waitin’ for the moment where I’ll be smilin’