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2 weeks ago

Life is a challenge, it’s how you overcome the obstacles, Everything happens for a reason in life the good and the bad, stay positive and know things will get better nothing is ever permanent especially if you don’t want it to be.💯💙💙

3 weeks ago

I never thought I would make it to see another year but I did and I’m so blessed and thankful I have an amazing mom and family and friends that lift me up and words can’t describe how I feel on this special day much love to all those who showed me so much love this morning like I’m so greatful💯💙💙💙💙💙💖💖 #19birthday

4 weeks ago

Being happy feels good man y’all don’t even know 😫🥰🤩hope it last 💯 I always use the same filters 😂💀

Sep 2019

Being happy is an amazing feeling especially when you can make yourself happy and be happy for you.💙

Aug 2019

I don’t feel like e senior yet but it was a nice first last day 🤗 #senior #🎓2020

May 2019

I’m never on here 😂but I would love to take a minute and appreciate my mom she is everything to me and everything I do is for her. She picked me up when I was down and has over come life itself. She is my rock. Your an amazing mom and friend. I could never ask for anyone different. All the love in your heart is pure. Keep shining beautiful queen 💯💙I love you. Happy Mother’s Day 🥰I would t be here if it was not for you.

Apr 2019

I barely post on here😂😂but nothing but self love. Hope everyone is doing Okaii and living life to the fullest 💙💙love ya🥰🥰

Feb 2019

Self love Post 💜😍 I don't post much😂😂 I feel in love.....with myself Because that comes first Love you 😘😘 😘

Dec 2018

#newbeginings #selflove ready for 2019 and what comes my way💜💜💜

Dec 2018


Dec 2018

Don't every chance for anyone. Feel great being you no matter what ppl say. Love yourself more then anyone will ever love you. You are amazing and beautiful.

Nov 2018

self post🖤🖤🖤 Song~bellas lullaby~twilight One of my favorites I can be photo happy sometimes when I'm bored 😂

Oct 2018

No one will ever love me like I love myself & and no one will ever have me like I have myself.

Jul 2018

Love you and who you are💙💙💙

Jul 2018

Be you, be unique, love yourself, be happy, and don't change for anyone but yourself. ~makk~💙💙💙

May 2018

#selflove always comes first 😘😝

Apr 2018

I'mma always love myself first

Apr 2018

I have my flaws and my mistakes and I can be mean sometimes but I love more then I hate and if u actually see me, the real me u would know that. 🖤🖤🖤🖤

Apr 2018

Some People come into my life because they care and want to be there and some people come for a split second then disappear without a reason why. But i don't let that stop me from doing what i believe in and being me. I Keep a smile on my face and keep living my life.

Jan 2018

Last year was a lot for me but the end of the year came out really GD cause I got to meet someone very special to me and helped me grow in so many ways and I'm happy asf and I will forever be Happy thanx to her and me wanting to be a better person. I have other ppl that helped me through some rough times and I'm thankful to have them very few in my life they know who they are the ones who still here by me on a new year

Nov 2017


Oct 2017

Hope everyone had a gd day💯💙😍😁

Oct 2017


Aug 2017