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4 days ago

How often do you spend time to reflect on your past experiences? I’ve found that I don’t spend enough time looking back on my past experiences. It’s a shame because no matter what I think about in my past, I tend to always find an experience that I can learn from. As I am looking through my photo album, the thought that came to mind was, “What kind of person did I become after visiting Japan back in 2018.” My answer to that is, I’ve become a person that is able to absorb and learn from my surroundings more than before. Exploring the cultural differences between Canada and Japan, it is completely unique from one another. Being in an unfamiliar surrounding allowed me to be more present in the moment. It forced me to see through my eyes in a new perspective. To extract the fine details my eyes would allow me to see. To Communicate with the people in a new way I have never done before (English translated maps and hand gestures lol ). To taste new food that my pallet has never tasted. I feel that a lot of times we go through new experiences without ever taking the time to reflect on them. This is a change I am committing to myself. I hope this will also be a change you will commit to yourself as well. To reflect more on your past experiences to learn more about your body, your mind and your soul. Tag a friend that you share amazing experiences with 🚀🚀

last month

It’s very often we overlook our wins. Whether it’s big or small... We forget to acknowledge the blood, sweat and tears we put into accomplishing our goals. It’s important to always remind ourselves to celebrate our wins. Even if it’s small. It doesn’t only feel great physically, but it feels great psychologically. I believe celebrating wins have a compounding effect to your own psyche. The compounding effect of celebrating your wins may inspire you to do more, to strive for more and to be more without feeling burnt out or exhausted. One of my favourite ways to celebrate my wins is to reward myself with a small gift for myself, like a book or a something silly on Amazon. Lol 😂 How do you celebrate your wins?

last month

In order to be yourself. You need to be living in the present moment. - Last night, I had a great conversation with a friend of mine. - We talked about what it means to be fully present in your mind, your body and your soul. - It’s something that we both feel we need to truly work on in our own lives. - And to achieve the ability to be present in ever living moment, is something that needs to be practiced. - In order to truly be yourself and truly express yourself. You have to be in the present moment. - Only then, will you possess the ability to become a transcendental leader like Bruce Lee himself. ——— After every conversation with this guy. I am always inspired to do more with my own mind, my own body and my own soul. - Be a leader and TAG a friend that you want to share this message with! 🚀🚀🚀

Sep 2019

Here’s a recap of my recent trip to Vietnam and Taipei.

Sep 2019

Had a great run with these guys at #adidas101 ⛹🏻‍♂️⛹🏻‍♂️⛹🏻‍♂️ - Grateful to be able to share the courts with them! @gold_x_5 @jhin_jay_ @wang__112

Sep 2019

The greatest part of traveling is embracing the experience of seeing new things. - Whenever I see a sight that inspires me to spark creativity, I always try to capture the moment through a picture. - The inspiration you can get from seeing how the other half of the world lives is incredible. - The only way to fully absorb the feeling is to be somewhere you have never been before and to see things you have never seen before. - 👉🏻 Swipe right to see more...

Sep 2019

But first. Let me take a selfie 🤳

Sep 2019

Wishes do come true. Believe it! 🔥

Aug 2019

Great runs at THE SHOP with @thekinghandles ! 🚀🚀🚀 . @dibbsongibbs teaching me how to be strong on the court. 💪🏻 Showing me how to FLEX! - #schoolofhandles #kinghandles #theshopopenrun #vancitybasketball #g2basketball #hdtraining

Jul 2019

FOCUS. - Unfortunately, I’m not very good at staying focused. - My mind often drifts and becomes distracted by the constant stream of thoughts flooding in my head. - As I am writing this post, I’ll admit that I was suppose to be doing something else 🤣🤣🤣 - But fuck it. I want to share my thoughts with you. - So here’s a reminder. - Keep your eyes on the prize. 🏆 - And never give up. 🚀

Jun 2019

I decided to have some fun, so I created a product page mockup for the Beats Studio 3. 🙌🏼🙌🏼 Whatcha guys think? 👇🏼👇🏼

Jun 2019

Meet @billionairepa He said... “Speak your dreams into existence.” - I remember a couple years ago, I was browsing on YouTube. I came across an interview with @tombilyeu and Billionaire P.A. I immediately became fascinated by his story and his contagious enthusiasm about his life and his dreams. The amazing story he shares is about how he went from living dead broke in a car and transforming the negativity he was surrounded by… and how he attempts to inspire and impact a billion minds with positivity. A few days later, I had the opportunity to spend a few hours with Billionaire. That day changed my life. Being in the same room as him for just a few hours, he really showed me the value of our own thoughts. What you think about is what you attract and manifest. If you have negative thoughts, that is what you attract and manifest in your own life. If you have positive thoughts, that is what you attract and manifest in your own life. But as powerful as they are, thoughts are still thoughts. Having the ability to speak your dreams out loud, possess an even greater power. I’m sharing this experience with you is because I truly believe that us human beings have the ability to speak our dreams into existence, in order to do something great for the universe.

Jun 2019

Are you somebody that loves to learn and develop yourself, but you always find yourself having a difficult time retaining and remember what you learned? . I’m going to share with you… How to learn something fast and make it L.A.S.T. . L.A.S.T is a 4-step acronym. . Step 1 is to LEARN the information. . Step 2 is to APPLY and take ACTION on what you just learned. . Step 3 is to STUDY and DISECT the information you learned and the action you’ve taken. . Step 4 is to TEACH it to somebody else. When you are teaching somebody, you are learning the information again from a different perspective. . That’s it! . I promise you, if you want to make something L.A.S.T in your mind. All you need to do is follow the 4 steps. . This little trick has changed my life and it made studying and learning a lot more effective. . Tag a friend that needs to learn how to make it L.A.S.T!

May 2019

Have you ever watched the movie with Will Smith... The Pursuit of Happyness? . There is a scene where he and his son is shooting a basketball. . And he tells his son something that I believe everybody in this universe needs to hear. . He said, "Don't ever let somebody tell you that you can't do something. Not even me." . "If you got a dream, you gotta protect it." . "People can't do something themselves, they wanna tell you, you can't do it." . "If you want something. Go get it. PERIOD." . The crazy thing is... . I am happy and proud to share my thoughts, my dreams and my aspirations openly. . and... . I'm grateful that it's never been somebody else telling me that I can't do this... or I can't do that... . Or maybe they have told me I can't do something, but I just phase it out and don't hear it. . But... . One thing I despise is the limiting self-beliefs in my mind. . It's always the little bitch voice in my head that tells me "NO, you can't do this... You can't do that..." . It is always a constant battle of believing in myself and crushing that little bitch voice. . I don't always win and sometimes that voice gets the best of me. . But I'm constantly trying to be better and to get better at suppressing it. . I want to tell you to always believe in yourself. . If you can't do that... . Know that I will always believe in you. . No matter what anybody tells you... YOU are the only person that can hold YOURSELF back. . Now go on YouTube and watch that movie clip.

May 2019

One of my biggest inspiration in my life is Armin Van Buuren. . You may know him as the number one DJ in the world. But to me... . He is a great entrepreneur making an impact in people’s lives through his music and productions. . It's inspiring to see Armin turn his passion in music production into an incredible business. . He once said, If you are devoted and dedicated to something and you love it, you will be 200% good at it because you're passionate about it. . When I first heard this. It made me think... . Am what I'm doing every day something I am really passionate about? . The answer... . Is YES! . I am passionate about learning more about advertising everyday. . I am passionate about learning more about business everyday. . I am passionate about learning more about marketing everyday. . This also reminded me of one of my favorite philosophy. . The Kaizen Philosophy. . Kaizen roughly translate to "good change." . It is a Japanese productivity philosophy which means, "constant, continuous improvement." . It is a mindset that you can apply anywhere in life to get better and better everyday at whatever you do. . Therefore, if you're passionate about what you do. You will be 200% good at it. . Leave a comment on who is one of your biggest inspiration in your life.

Dec 2018

Always continue to chase the better version of yourself.🚀🚀🚀 - Today marks the start of a new month. In the next 31 days, we enter into 2019. - I want to remind you that 2019 is not only going to be the best year for me, but 2019 will also be the best year for you. - Continue to smash it in 2018 and start off 2019 with a bang! 💥💥

Nov 2018

🧐 FOCUS! 🧐 Many days I find myself often being distracted with the busy world we live in. - This is a reminder for myself and for you to seek your dreams and your desires and stay laser focused. - What’s your prize? 🏆

Nov 2018

A whole year has past since I took #selfie . 😁😁 - Through out the past year, I consistently put in the effort to develop myself personally. - On this day, I wrote to myself to make an effort to meet and connect with more people. - It’s amazing how much you can learn from other people just by talking briefly with them. - I am very grateful to be able to meet so many new people and make lots of new friends over the past 12 months.

Nov 2018

I remember on February 23rd, 2018. I witnessed something far beyond extraordinary. . What I saw was a man standing in front of almost 9000 people, sharing his expertise in marketing. . After 90 short minutes of an absolute killer presentation. He created a rush towards the exit of the venue. . One day later, @russellbrunson shared with us that he made over 3 million dollars in 90 minutes. . This was such an incredible experience that I will never forget.

Nov 2018

2005 vs 2013. Spot the difference? 📱

Sep 2018

Umbrella, raincoat and sandals. 🌧🌧🌧 Osaka Castle. - - - - - #osaka #shotoniphonex #shotoniphone #japan #travel #kathykeanetravels #wunderlust #osakacastle #rainfall #vacation #vacationmode #vacationoutfit

Sep 2018

Monkeying around in Kyoto. 🐵🙈🙉🙊🐒 👉🏻 Swipe left to see more! - - - - - #kyoto #kyotojapan #shotoniphonex #shotoniphone #kathykeanetravels #monkeys #travel #monkeypark #arashiyama

Sep 2018

Shinjuku Nights. See how this street looked light 2 years ago. 👈🏻 Swipe left. - - - - - #shinjuku #tokyo #japan #kathykeanetravels #travel #nightphotos #iphone #shotoniphone #shotoniphonex

Sep 2018

“NIRVANA IS COMING. THE MYSTIC PORTAL AWAITS.” -LGMs - - - - - #maricar #tokyo #shobuya #toystory #kathykeanetravels #travel #lgm #ultramusic #tourist #shinjuku