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Dec 2019

You bring me so much joy that I just had to spam my insta feed with your adorable face! You're always so smiley and I'm so lucky that I get to see you grow up!😢🥰 Love ya Xx

Dec 2019

(Have you ever seen a family more focused on cake?😬 ) Can't believe you're 3 already! HAPPY BIRTHDAY NEPHEW! You are so so soooo loved!❤😩

Sep 2019

I took a 'I woke up like dis' picture 🤷🏽‍♀️

Nov 2018

Egeirnry3ur8fjf <<< that was my attempted caption.. (I tried )

Aug 2018

National youth theatre 2018 ❤❤

Feb 2018

Dec 2017

Finally got a goddam picture with him and I had to take it so quick because he kept moving. Seriously @kavineet1 's son just doesn't sit still. No wonder it took me the best part of a year to get a pic with him.😂😂 anyway, I hope you had a brilliant first birthday my precious beauty! Love you !! 😘❤❤ (Wow that was cringy )

Jul 2017

Commem/after party

Jul 2017

Commem 2017 You all looked amazing btw🔥❤

May 2017

Couldn't have asked for better people to spend these five years with ❤ 2012~2017

Dec 2016

Guys I completely forgot to say it, but merry Christmas from me and baby Ash! 😊❤🎄

Dec 2016

First day - it actually went really well and I even surprised myself by staying quiet, It was difficult but I pulled it off - @alisha_mcdonald1 sorry you were wrong pal😜😂 anyway, I just wanna say thank you to every single beautiful human being who helped me today 😄 you guys really did come through for this charity and within school hours alone we managed to raise a total of £43. This is enough for 8 months worth of water supplies and it also means we've just saved 20 children. Ahh I'm so happy, and so grateful to everyone who supported this! If you didn't see me today, you can donate tomorrow as well and also go on the @savethechildren website! Day two tomorrow, but no I'm not being silent again 😂 Thanks once again guys, you really have made a difference to the world! ❤

Dec 2016

Well, it's nearly Christmas and it's a hard time for some.. therefore, for those of you who don't already know, I'll be doing a sponsered silence tomorrow for a charity called @savethechildren and all donoations will be hugely considered as it means that your help saved a child's life! The reason I have decided to help this charity is because not only has it touched me for a while now, but this charity helps over 130 countries in the world every day, these include places like syria, Ethiopia and one recent place that has been headlined for it's corruptions, Aleppo! Right now, young girls are taking their own life in order to avoid rape, young boys are being forced to be puppet soldiers. Some don't even make it past 5 Years old due to the lack of hygiene, lack of shelter, lack of clean food and water and so on. We are just a majority that can help these young children realise that there is a life consisting of beauty outside of their lifestyle. As a majority, it should be our responsibility to help the minority who think that freedom isn't apart of the human rights. No one should face violence and isolation in the world, especially young children who have barely even been in the world yet and all they know is being alive is like being in hell. As a majority, we need to stop taking our lives for granted, to stop whining about school, or the food you have for lunch or the fact that you have to get up to go somewhere! Every day I hope that you consider how lucky you truly are to be able to wake up in a bed and in your homes, warm where you know that you're here to see another day. I can go on forever but you get the gist, I really hope that we can help another part of humanity so that they can get the support they need. Remember, even 1p is more than helpful in saving a child's life. Thank you!

May 2015

Yesterday was good 👌💜🙊 #london #royal -albert-hall #symphonic -rock😊