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If you are looking for an amazing massage experience, check out @lifetouchal . They are black owned, professional, and provided excellent customer service with a great ambiance! I had the warm stone massage provided by masseur Patrick Cook! #selfcare #MassageMonday #supportsmallbusiness

Oct 2019

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Sep 2019

National Read a book day!!! Hope your reading something really spectacular!!! Shout out to @mahoganybooks for helping me with this purchase while in D.C. #morethanenough #elainewelteroth #nationalreadabookday #whatchareading 📚 #booklove

Aug 2019

Owner of @thesupremeburger dropping free knowledge and wisdom for entrepreneurs @webuyblackconvention ! #Blackexcellence #webuyblack #waleedshamsiddeen

Aug 2019

As we descended in the elevator @ NMAAHC my mood became somber. My heart sped up, anticipating what we were about to see and the questions my son may have about our ancestors and the history. I cant imagine there ever being a great time to introduce the truth of black free men, women, and children being kidnapped from their native land and enslaved for selfish reasons. With the current political climate and the continued fight for justice in 2019, he has to be armed with the knowledge of the past so he can continue the fight for his future. I experience racism first hand frequently, so I can only imagine what his journey will be as he grows into a young black man. At the end of touring the museum, I left feeling empowered and inspired. Our ancestors fought, they were entrepreneurs and they pulled themselves up with no boot straps, they made something out of nothing. We are dynamic and brave people; I just pray we continue to believe in ourselves and one another! "The great force of history comes from the fact that we carry it within us, are unconsciously controlled by it....history is literally present in all that we do." James Baldwin #fbf #NMAAHC #empowered #inspired #letsgetit ✊🏾✊🏾✊🏾

Aug 2019

Just wrapped up one of my summer reads by @sarahjakesroberts . Are you living or are you settling for safe? Safety is an illusion. Key take away points: 1. Survival empowers; it does not confine. 2.Practice integrity with yourself. 3. Beauty attracts predators also. 4. Remove the weeds from your garden. Weeds of doubt, fear, insecurity, and etc. 5. The patterns in your life will determine the difference between destruction of your life or construction of it. 6. Release those that hurt you, so you can unleash you. 7.You do not choose purpose; purpose chooses you. 8. Anyone can admire a diamond, but few recognize the quality and care required to keep it beautiful. #MotivationMonday

Aug 2019

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Aug 2019

Good food, good people, and good times! Thanks for your hospitality Paris! #Lewepler #deliciousfood #paris

Jul 2019

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Jul 2019

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Jul 2019

Him: Mommy, I didn't know Dory, Nemo, and Parick Star (from Sponge Bob ) live here! Me: Yes! Great observation!😏😁😂 #gaaquarium #saturdayfun #aww ❤❤❤

Jul 2019

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