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2 days ago

The star on the top of my Christmas tree sang this to me note for note earlier.

3 days ago

Honest true story... I was shown the lyric video for One More Try and hated it. 😂 So after the premiere in London last month. I asked if I could go on the stage for 10 minutes. I put my phone in my bra and sang along. See me tuck it in at the start. I ain’t slick. I always sing live when shooting videos even though the music is synced over. I just like to feel it and it look real. I did two takes and this is one of them. I will post the edit with the lyrics later. One more try is out now | The link is in my bio. Thank you @carltv and @jamaledwards for 🎥 and understanding this last minute quick creative idea ✨ Thank you @julietmusical and the Shaftesbury Theatre for letting me use your stage. Musical Theatre is my training and where I started this crazy journey. So meant a lot. Cant wait to return one day. Thank you to everyone who bought and supported this song ❤️ Was the perfect lyric to end 2019 on. ✨

5 days ago

7 years ago today... Moral of the story... I’ve been extra af and singing loud af this whole damn decade. The mic stand slam tho. I can’t. Also going to buy red glitter tomorrow.

5 days ago

I have a 24” pony tail back there but you can’t see it. But please believe I wore it as a scarf on the way home. Thank you @eduardoponcehair and @anthonyhnguyenmakeup for your talented hands baby yeah 🧛🏻‍♀️

5 days ago

Polka Thots and truffles

1 weeks ago

How jet-lag be singing at 3am

2 weeks ago

It’s this🦒 birthday in 13 minutes. @alx__andra I now realise I only met @stanaj so I could meet you. It all makes sense now... Joking... Not joking. I love all you Stanaj’s 🥰 @stanajmanagement included. BUT you the most. 🤫 Don’t tell them. NO ONE entertains my madness like you do. Tbh no one matches it like you do ❤️ Take that risk sis. You got it all. Give it to em! Stand in that light. I love you so much SWEEEEETIE ☀️👑 IF YOU GO I GO

2 weeks ago

Me on the tour bus after a show

2 weeks ago

I posted this on my story a few days ago. But it’s definitely a main page moment. To add to it... All women on and off Instagram. Those I know personally and those I do not. I see YOU. I feel you! I am actively practicing saying what I am thinking in the moment in real life, to a complete stranger or to someone I have known for years. Sending a text, saying it on a phone on a call or in a FaceTime. Instead of THINKING it. There is never too much love to give. Women. I adore you. I love you. I am so grateful to stand with you and learn and grow and evolve through and with you. Thank you for lifting me up. Thank you for teaching me so much. YOU. ARE. AMAZING! 💪🏻💪🏼💪🏽💪🏾💪🏿 Tag a woman who Inspires you! ❤️

3 weeks ago

People always say “Why does she sing with an American accent” I like to describe it as neutral. If I sang with my accent everything would sound like the musical Oliver. Not about it tbh. One 👏🏻 More 👏🏻 Try 👏🏻 Out NOW | Link in bio ❤️

3 weeks ago

Ready for some VIIII BRA AATOOOO... The song would be an hour long if Max used all the ad-libs I did. Sorry Max. 😂 I do 100 and keep 2. That means you get the best 2. Practice makes BETTER. Never perfect. To all the singers who ask me for my advice for singing live or in singing the studio. WORK HARD. Forget ego, don’t be afraid to get it wrong in the studio, don’t stop until it’s right. And do not use tuning when you record. Makes you lazy. And then you don’t let your vocal chords / muscles get used to singing it. You go to sing it live and it sounds like you are vomiting up a melody wrapped in cheese. No...Nobody wants that. One More Try | OUT NOW 🌍 link in bio 🏄🏻‍♀️✨

3 weeks ago

I mean thankFULLY the song is called “One More Try” should have been called “And again”... We get it Jess. You’ve made mistakes and you are starting over with tears in your eyes. ELEVEN HUNDRED AND TWENTY SEVEN MORE TRYS OUT NOW | Link in bio and story 🏄🏻‍♀️

3 weeks ago

I edited this video with the intention to show you how awkward I am. It’s good to laugh. #onemoretry OUT NOW | Link in bio 😐😂 “cool”

3 weeks ago

I went to the premiere of @julietmusical on Wednesday night. Here is a little look into what happened on and off the carpet! I say in this clip the song is out tonight. Go with me. Lol. It’s OUT NOW! Congratulations to the incredible Max Martin and the whole cast and everyone involved in creating this show. So much hard work and passion has gone into it! It’s such a FUN night out!! This 🎥 Directed by @jamaledwards Filmed and edited by @carltv ❤️ link in bio ✨

4 weeks ago

One More Try #outnow @julietmusical 😏🥳

4 weeks ago

My accent after being in London for 4 days. Also this is a true story. In Paris. Cutela a years ago. Don’t test. Duckin and divin. This has nothing to with my single “One more try” I just dropped. (link in bio ) But it’s funny. We all deserve a laugh. 👋🏻 “Cuaaaam on”

4 weeks ago

From now on the J in Jessie J stands for JULIET! My new song “One More Try” The only original song in the musical @julietmusical and written by the amazing Max Martin is out tomorrow! AKA Tonight at midnight 🌎 22nd November!!! Im so honoured to be singing this song. Learn it and sing it and use the hashtag #onemoretry I wanna hear youuuuuu!!💋

4 weeks ago

A NEW POP BALLAD x MUSICAL THEATRE x MAX MARTIN = #OneMoreTry An original song and the only original song from the @julietmusical and it's available on Friday!! The rest of the songs are ALL HIT songs with you know Max Martin has written / co written! (Including Domino ) ❤️ It’s so FUN! Go see it! Thank you Max Martin for giving me this opportunity. AndJuliet #MaxMartin 💋🌷🌸🌠 Also I hate that out of habit I say “Hi it’s me Jessie J” when I’m posting this on my page. It’s weird. I go into this person that actually pisses me off. Smh. Need to find a way to do these videos more as myself 😂🧛🏻‍♀️🥳

4 weeks ago

One more try 🇬🇧

4 weeks ago

Chatted it up with @ChefSangYoon and @RollingStone talking all things music and food… With a few Essex jokes thrown in there, obvs. Then got to learn and cook in the kitchen to make my very own custom @LightlifeFoods Plant-Based Burger. It was DELISH! Check out the full video from the link in my story #LightlifexRollingStone #Ad #toldyoumynextpostwouldbeveganfood 🍆

4 weeks ago

Alone in a hotel room but with these little titties I would make a great “flat mate” *smerk* #inmycalvins (Not an ad just the hashtag felt appropriate ) Issa unexpected bum theme this week. You know with my ocd there is a 3rd ass pic coming soon. I have these moments. I enjoy them. Let me live. Next week I will be posting pictures of my vegan dinner and riffing along to a ballad my range isn’t big enough for. So don’t come for me. BALANCE.

4 weeks ago


5 weeks ago

Sometimes I do an American accent all day and sing like @laurenwillson 🐓