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May 2019

Congratulations to my cousin 🎊so proud of you 😘

May 2019

Can’t believe it’s been 2 years already 😆 - class of 2017

May 2019

I just want to say happy Mother’s Day to this beautiful gorgeous independent smart women right here I love you so much I wouldn’t be the man that I am if it wasn’t for you thank you for teaching me right things to do and raising me to be a smart independent black man I think the Lord that he chose you to be my mother... we have been through so much from even when things were the worst but you always told me to never give up u gotta keep going . u always taught me to never take crap or mess from people do let folks run game over u and to always have your own back thank for loving me and teaching me things about this world and to speak kind of people and to don’t worry about what’s peoples think of u cuz there a lot of hating ass haters out there that would do anything to stop u from doing anything u wanna do or accomplish something. thanks for carrying and bringing me to this world I still got a lot to learn 20 years now . I’m thankful that your here for another year for Mother’s Day i love 💕 u so much. 😘

Mar 2019

Mar 2019

About To Go Enjoy This Nice Weather💯🤟🏿🤪

Feb 2019

My Bestfriend/Chi-town bitch ❤️💜

Dec 2018

Positive Vibes 💯🤟🏾

Aug 2018