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This season has been a bumpy road, with many injuries holding me back from what I love doing. Although I have the hips of an old man, ya bois making progress 💪🏾


So excited to be appearing on @siriusxm DoctorRadio this week to talk about all things derm and travel! #siriusxm #nyulangone #RanellaMD


Patients at our Hassenfeld Children’s Hospital, and their families, enjoyed a sweet Valentine's Day celebration last Friday, with crafts, games, cookie decorating, and a special visit from @olive .my.luv. ❤️💜


MSG to the #MEDIA - Please honor the life and legacy of Mrs. Debbie Fox by publishing her story. Look into her remarkable path and the impact she had on so many. Her notable journey living with a CRANIOFACIAL condition and the medical treatment performed by Plastic Surgeon Dr. Milton Edgerton at Johns Hopkins Hospital that changed her life. She passed February 15, 2020. Source & Photos property of FACES The National Craniofacial Association. Contact them directly to learn more about Debbie’s life. The now known @ FACEScraniofacialassociation started as the Debbie Fox Foundation, named after this young girl born in 1955 with a complex facial cleft, with the purpose of helping her pay for her medical expenses. After seeing many doctors, she finally met Dr. Milton Edgerton from Johns Hopkins who gave her hope with a new face. Dr Edgerton photo PC: Johns Hopkins Hospital. #bbcnews #wsj #dailymail #usatoday #gma #peoplemagazine #globalnews #nytimes #nbc4ny #todayshow #insideedition #huffingtonpost #nydmgram #skynews #cnnnews #cnn #fox #cnnenespañol #timemagazine #nypostnyc #amnewyork #npr #telemundo47 #univision #breakingnews @beyondFACESnyc #craniofacial #advocacy and #awareness at #nyulangone PLEASE contact FACES The National CRANIOFACIAL Association about Debbie’s story, and Johns Hopkins about Dr Edgerton, to obtain accurate information.

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After managing lower back pain from a herniated disc for nearly a decade, Connie finally sought treatment. She found neurosurgeon Dr. Erich Anderer, who helped her reach full recovery one year after back surgery. “The doctor told me, ‘You deserve to be doing what you want to do, and this surgery and recovery plan will help you get there,’” she says. Connie is now back to her passions of running & CrossFit®, and can pick up her two children again. Click the 🔗 in our bio ⬆️ to read more of her story.

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Heart month photo challenge day 17: nurses. You know I love nurses. They are the keystone of good healthcare, and I’m not the least bit biased for any reason 🤪 But our nurses are so wonderful. They would stop by in their free time to visit when he wasn’t their patient. They were genuinely thrilled to see us when we came to visit. After a long hard night awake with Sam after his cath one nurse scooped him up and held him in the hallway, keeping him occupied and quiet so I could get a little sleep. They were also very understanding when I had a nervous breakdown from lack of sleep when he was a newborn (or at least they pretended to be ). These ladies (and unpictured gentleman ) are some of the finest nurses you will ever find. And we love them so much! #chdawareness #hlhs #singleventricle #fontancirculation #heartmonth #nyulangone #ccvcu #congenitalheartdefect #sammiestrong #toddlersofinstagram #nurse #nursesrock

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Heart month photo challenge day 16: Providers. We absolutely adore our team of doctors and NPs at Nyu. They really put the “home” in medical home. I remember the first time I met Dr ludomirsky, he told me we were family now. I didn’t think as much of it at the time because he was just the head of the department and I was so overwhelmed with diagnosis. But after Sam was born and I saw how he was with his patients, I knew he truly meant it. Dr Chakravarti was the same way from the moment we met. She is “aunty sujata to her patients” and that love she has for each and every family is real. Honestly the pictures speak for themselves, you can see in the eyes of these providers and they hold him how much they have invested in his care, and when you are living in the ICU for a month (and we had a shorter than average stay ), it’s important that you feel like family because it becomes your home. But it’s not just this feeling that makes NYU special, they are also the best. They specialize in single ventricles and they kickass at what they do. And when you go home interstage, they basically stalk you to make sure everything is going perfect at home. We haven’t had as much of a chance to get to know Doctor mosca because he’s always in the OR, but he was so patient with me during my prenatal consultations. Answering all my questions even though he basically had to teach me how to do my own Norwood and then later the arterial septoscopy and BT shunt placement 🤣 We really miss you all! 😍 #singleventricle #mendedlittlehearts #hlhs #fontancirculation #halfaheart #chdawareness #doctor #nursepractitioner #cicu #ccvcu #hassenfeldchildrenshospital #nyulangone #toddlersofinstagram #sammiestrong

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So proud of my hubby, Dr. Fritz François, who made the Becker’s list as one of the top Chief Medical Officers to know in the country. He also remains the same lovable guy I met at the age of 16. 😊❤️ #nyulangone #proudwife #chiefmedicalofficer #diversityingi https://www.beckershospitalreview.com/lists/100-hospital-and-health-system-cmos-to-know-2020.html

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ONE WEEK POST RETRIEVAL! ••• this little valentine had a fun day yesterday and so did his moms! We celebrated Valentine’s Day with some delish food and a couple cocktails, and then got a late in the day call from NYU with our blastocyst results! Four of the six embryos that were created last Saturday made it past day five! This is a pretty good ratio and I was super happy with the results. All four were biopsied and frozen, and the cells were sent to @coopergenomics for genetic testing. Trying to stay as positive as I can about this next step because it can take up to 14 days to receive any news. Charlie was the only embryo we sent to genetic testing the first time around, and we all know how that ended (🥰👶🏻 ) so I’m hoping our track record continues! I mentioned this in my last post, but the messages and support I’ve received bc of this account have been incredible and it’s so nice to have so many people rooting for us. Lately people have been requesting posts which I think is so fun! So far, I have a request for a post about how we picked the sperm, how we decided that I’d carry both babies, how many kids we want if all four embryos test positively (5! LOL JK ), and a question about what we’d do with the embryos if we had any left over after being done with having kids. I love these questions! I’ll answer them all! If anyone else has any burning questions regarding my ovaries or family planning hopes and dreams (😂🤣 ) leave them in the comments! 📸 cred to our family’s savior @emmadimarco ❤️😂🥰😍 #nyufertility #embryofreezing #ivfsupport #ivfsuccess #ivfcommunity #socialinfertility #progyny #salesforce #nyulangone #twomoms #lesbianmoms #gaymoms #ivfmeds #genetictesting #ivfbaby #ivfembryos #embies

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Day #0 Surgery is over and hopefully successfully. Time will tell!! I'm down for now, but definitely not out. Want to thank the amazing doctor and nurses at @nyulangone #achillesrupture #achilles #surgery #nyulangone #nyu #roadtorecovery #recovery #downbutnotout #💪 #capoeira #family #community

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Happy Valentines Day from NYU Langone - Lake Success #nyulangone #valentinesday2020 #happyvalentinesday #humanheart #lakesuccess #nyulangonehealth

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My mom’s step down room at #nyulangone #bestcare ❤️ #happyvalentinesday

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CSM 2020, so proud to represent skin health and acute rehab! #hcc9 #nyulangone #madefornewyork

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❤️HAPPY VALENTINES DAY! Love, Super Lucas #valentines2020 #superlucas #nyulangone #23weeker

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Happy Valentine's Day to two of our long-time, valued employees, Natalie Jones-Bruce and Ronald Bruce. 💜 Natalie has worked for NYU Langone Health for 30 years, and Ron celebrated his 25-year anniversary in 2019. Even more impressive than their long tenures here, the couple have been married for 39 years! Their commitment to NYU Langone and to each other are sources of nearly equal pride. “We love NYU Langone. We always tell people that NYU Langone is our backbone,” says Ron.

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Today is #NationalDonorDay . Meet our patients John and Martin, two strangers who met for the first time last month, after John altruistically provided a living kidney donation to Martin. Martin had been on hemodialysis for a year and a half and would have waited much longer without a living donor. Both are happy and recovering well. Click the 🔗 in our bio ⬆️ to learn more about organ and tissue donation.

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MEET Helena: still working at NYU Winthrop hospital. Loves to swim and walk. Helena is beautiful at 78 years young!! #thisis78yearsold #thisis78 #nyu #winthropuniversity #nyulangone #seniorcitizen #stillworking #birthdaytees

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Guarding the sick #nyulangone #hospitalart #lionsofinstagram #courtyards

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Two of my paintings at NYU Langone’s Perlmutter Cancer Center. So heartwarming to hear from the wonderful staff there how much the work is appreciated by people coming through. #healingpowerofart #artinhealthcare #nyulangone #nyulangoneartprogram #contemporaryart #rachaelwren

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It's kind of fun to do the impossible. -Walt Disney

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(Being Brave part 1 of 2 ) The Polar Plunge 🥶🇦🇶🌊 (28°F/2°C )! . A person only knows how strong they can be, until being brave is the only choice they have- Three years after a devastating motorcycle accident where my leg was degloved, severed 💉🩸, almost amputated , and then reconstructed🦿-- I was able to get back into the water again 🦾! . Thanks to all my family, friends, coworkers at Port Authority of NY&NJ, doctors, nurses, physical therapists (at NYU Langone Health, Bellevue hospital, Jersey City medical center, fieldstone lodge in the Bronx ) , and the Freemasons 📐 for their compassion, support, and being given chances few others have been granted - I will make my life count 💎 and let's make it memorable 🔱 !!! . #wearealloneflag #conqueryourfears #stephenhawking #abrahamlincoln #turbokid #motorcycleaccident #survivor #motorcycle #recovery #rocky #antarctica #compassion #love #polarplunge #helenkeller #joanofarc #demolay #nyulangone #polarplunge2019 #panynj #benazirbhutto #oprah #beethoven #mothertheresa #evaperon #martinlutherkingjr #shackleton #gandhi #mason #bravery

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Zoe, who was diagnosed with an interruption in her heart’s arteries before she was born, was treated with a rare and complex cardiac surgery at our Hassenfeld Children's Hospital when she was just one day old. Click on the 🔗 in our bio ⬆️ to learn more about cardiac surgery for children. #CHDAwarenessWeek

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Participants need for Women’s Health Issues Study #NYULangone #RuskRehab #womenshealth #newyorkcity

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POST RETRIEVAL! ••• Charlie’s got eyes on my marg! Realized I haven’t posted a formal update other than on stories, being an influencer is so hard you guys. Lol just kidding. I’m feeling great 5 days after my egg retrieval. Day 2 & 3 were probably the “worst” days but truly not bad at all- some cramping, kinda tired, very light spotting. I’d say I’m about 80-90% back to normal right now, other than some weird muscle tightening/cramping in my lower abdomen if I move the wrong way. It almost feels like a spasm that aches. I bent over on the subway this morning to grab something from my bag and when I stood back up I was achy for a minute or so. I’m supposed to wait ~10-14 days to workout (until I get my period ) and while I’d love to lift right now it doesn’t feel like it would be a good idea. After taking 5 weeks off after giving birth and slowing way down while preg, I fully realize taking time off isn’t that big of a deal and while I probably have lost a little bit of muscle, it’ll come back fast. I didn’t have this perspective a few years ago and was way harder on myself- grateful I have grown in that way. Life’s too short! Some people have asked me whether I gained weight from the meds- I started at 128, was 131 on the morning of egg retrieval, 133/134 the morning after, and I was 127 today. Another example of “don’t freak out, it’ll all work out.” Was I psyched when I saw I was 5+ lbs up the morning after surgery? NO and I’m sure I bitched to @ccallahan13 haha. But I’m already back at my starting weight so that was wasted bitching time! As far as NEXT STEPS... 11 eggs were retrieved, 6 eggs fertilized, 1 little guy (or gal? Lol ) maybe fertilized, and we are waiting to hear how many made it to a day 5 blastocyst stage. Should hear by Saturday. 🙏🏼🤞🏼 a HUGE thanks to everyone who is following along, reaching out with personal stories, and sending good vibes! It has made this process feel so much easier. ❤️ #nyufertility #embryofreezing #ivfsupport #ivfsuccess #ivfcommunity #socialinfertility #progyny #salesforce #nyulangone #twomoms #lesbianmoms #gaymoms #ivfmeds

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This show featured the NYC premiere of Platitudes followed by a conversation with the director of the film, @neurogirl1861 . @jess .hulsey shared with us her heartfelt stories from her childhood and her inspiration for founding Addiction Policy Forum. Dr. Lexie Mellis showed us how the brain is like a game of ring toss. This was such a fantastic event and I couldn’t have asked for a more amazing crew to discuss the stigma of addiction with! #scicomm #womeninSTEM #gradschool #endstigma #addiction #nyulangone #brain #neuroscience #health #nyc #film

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OrthoManhattan's Dr. Louis Catalano is hosting #NYU Doctor Radio on @siriusxm Channel 110 tonight at 6pm! He'll be discussing the newest techniques and technology in the orthopedic field, especially in relation to the hand, wrist, and shoulder. #nyu #NYULangone #doctorradio #drradio #orthopedics #orthomanhattan #SiriusXM

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What a feel-good evening! Last night's Playing for Pediatrics Winter Game night raised nearly $1.5 million to help fund cutting-edge research and care at Hassenfeld Children's Hospital! Click the 🔗 in our bio ⬆️ to learn more.

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Gardening helps fight stress, improve mood, and lower body mass index. Our Rusk Rehabilitation is home to one of the nation's first horticultural therapy programs, designed to help adults and children heal after treatment. Click the 🔗 in our bio ⬆️ to view our locations.

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ONE DAY POST RETRIEVAL ••• wanted to do a post about symptoms, pain, side effects etc. because that’s one of the things people ask me about and I’ll be quick to forget. Days 1-9 were pretty much uneventful. I think I was a little more emotional, but I went back to work on day 10 so I feel like that’s an unfair circumstance to judge! Day 11, or 4 days before egg retrieval, I began to feel a little nauseous. On Wednesday (two days before retrieval/trigger night ) I’d say I was more nauseous than I was during my first trimester with Charlie. It’s the same kind of low grade, all day nausea with no pukes, but you kinda just wanna puke bc it sucks so bad? Man I don’t miss that! Thursday (one day before retrieval ) I was still really nauseous and had a headache. I walked around three miles doing errands and my lower abdomen felt so heavy- like I had a bunch of grapes in there.. hehe I basically did. Nothing that would keep me from walking, though. As far as pain from the injections, it kinda got uncomfortable in week two... bit of bruising around my belly button, some pain if I laid on my belly, but again, nothing crazy. The morning of retrieval day I was starving and nauseous, and kind of grumpy ; ) - 12:30pm felt like a long time to wait to be seen! Since the retrieval, I have had Tylenol three times.. glad I kept the strong stuff from when I was discharged from the hospital after having Charlie! My cramps are like a 3/10, no worse than period cramps, and otherwise I feel normal. Right before bed was the most painful, but laying down helped. I’m tired but I think I’m always tired now 😭😂 Finally, when I cough it hurts in my lower abdomen. Not shooting pain, but just doesn’t feel normal. I was pretty nervous I’d have a shitty weekend so fingers crossed I feel good over the next few days! Waiting for the ☎️ today to hear how many eggs successfully fertilized. #eggretrieval #eggretrievalday #posteggretrieval #byebyeeggs #eggfreezing #nyufertility #embryofreezing #ivfsupport #ivfsuccess #ivfcommunity #socialinfertility #progyny #salesforce #nyulangone #twomoms #lesbianmoms #gaymoms #ivfmeds

Nov 2019

Sing up. TARGET AUDIENCE: Enrollment in this course is open to (LINK IN BIO ): - attending surgeons and residents in Oral and Maxillofacial, - Otolaryngology-Head and Neck, - Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, - Oculoplastic Surgery, and other surgical specialties involved with stable internal fixation. Allied health professionals involved in the care of patients with craniomaxillofacial traumatic or oncologic defects will also find this course to be of interest. Info posted at www.facialrecon2020.org. COPY (above and below ) from the AO website: The majority of high-energy craniomaxillofacial traumatic or oncologic defects are composite in nature and involve the skin, skeleton, and mucosa. Successful reconstruction with the most advanced conventional techniques restores facial appearance and lays the foundation for functional rehabilitation. Human facial transplantation has become a reality and holds tremendous promise for severely disfiguring craniomaxillofacial deformities no amenable to conventional surgical practices. The focus of this course will be on aesthetic and functional reconstruction of the craniofacial hard and soft tissue. The distinguished internationally recognized faculty will discuss reconstruction for bony, as well as, soft tissue reconstruction of the face and skull. The course will be advanced and problem-oriented with an emphasis on the newest techniques, latest technologies, planning and imaging. The format will include lectures and panel discussions to facilitate audience participation. * Please Note – Early Bird Registration Discount in Effect until December 31, 2019 #aocmf #plasticsurgeryresidents #aestheticsurgery #reconstructivesurgery #medicalresearch #craniomaxilofacial #maxillofacialsurgery #alliedhealth #headandnecksurgery #oculoplastics #hospitallife #nyulangone #nyualumni #nyu #nyunews #medicalcourse #nurses #education #transplantation #sciencegeek #cirugiaplastica #cirugíareconstructiva #bucomaxilofacial #instamed #celebrity #asps #americancollegeofsurgeons #eacmfs #implantologia #iaoms

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PARTNERSHIP OPP IN VARIOUS FIELDS, for all our charity events. No sponsorship cost! 💜 EVENT VENUE: Arhaus Furniture LOCATION: Meatpacking District, NYC DATE(s ): May 18-20 OBJECTIVE: Shop-For-A-Purpose while RAISING MONEY to support the Pediatric Craniofacial Surgery Services at NYU Langone Wyss Department of Plastic Surgery. 💜 I am seeking collaboration from companies in several fields who may want to be part of this event, potentially but not limited to the following fields. See below: 💜 Friends, NYU Langone supporters, followers, pls feel free to share this post. 1- book (women's health / book signing ... ) etc. 2- flower shop 3- skin/beauty` products (cruelty-free please ) 4- interior designer / home stylist with presence in SM (SECURES ALREADY ) 5- MANICURE / FACIAL (to offer mini services ) 6- MICRONEEDLING/LASER offer. (SECURED ALREADY ). 7- SMALL BITES sampling (cup cakes, baked cookies, etc ). (SECURED ALREADY ). 💜 PM me for more details. Thank you *** #meatpackingdistrict #chelseany #westvillagenyc #sohonyc #shopforacause #healthbook #womenshealth #nycevents #arhaus #homefurnishings #skincareny #microneedlingnyc #cruetyfree #flowershopnyc #nyflorist #nycmom #nyfloraldesigner #interiordesignny #womeninbusinessnyc #nycshopping #businesswomen #mompreneur #charityblogger #fundraising #nyccharityevents #plasticsurgery #bemyguest #nyulangone #thenewyorktimes #fashionarthomenyc


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Aug 2018

What an amazing team I had the privilege to work with while I was at NYU! The Hansjörg Wyss Department of Plastic Surgery and NYU Langone FACE Transplant Team. These are some of the best plastic surgeons in the world and I was honored to be amongst them. Together we did the most extensive face transplant to ever be performed - practicing monthly before the actual surgery to perfect it. . . . . #facetransplant #NYUlangone #plasticsurgery #microsurgery #bestdoctors

Jul 2019

Taking in this epic view while anxiously waiting to be discharged from @nyulangone ☀️ I’ve been in the hospital since Saturday feeling totally fine but internally things aren’t fine. More details over at @madevisiblepodcast . This is invisible illness 🤷🏻‍♀️

Apr 2019

Happy one year anniversary to me! Thank you NYU for having me, teaching me, and guiding me! Hope I’m making you proud! #nyubrooklyn #nyulangone #happyanniversary #grateful #nursepractitioner #ancc #aanp #nurselife #nurse 👩‍⚕️

Jun 2018

Them: Now do serious Me:

Apr 2018

The two halves of @lovechildyoga acupuncture 💙And two thirds of the @nyulangone Labor&Delivery acupuncture team. . I think people often imagine that acupuncture during labor is all about pain management. But it really depends on the needs of the birth moment at hand. . In our Brooklyn hospital, most people opt for an epidural as their primary comfort measure. So with the pain aspect covered, we’re usually called in to help with labor progress: encouraging dilation of the cervix, “wrangling” contractions into a productive pattern, softening the effects of pitocin, etc. Each case is different depending on the person - the one laboring AND the one being born. . But across the board, regardless of context, I can always count on it being exciting work, all this seeing humans appear earthside! . #acupuncturelife #laboranddelivery #integrativemedicine #acupuncture #nyulangone #westvillagenyc #brooklyn #acupunctureworks #hospitalacupuncture

Sep 2018

First day back at @nyulangone since the dumpling was born. Stroke Rehab rounds done ✅ Now onto Labor and Delivery 🤗 . . We’re getting geared up for another round of 30 hour intro courses here in the fall. If you’re a licensed practitioner interested in the foundations of integrative hospital practice DM me for program details ✉️ . . . . . . #nyulangone #acupuncture #integrativemedicine #evidencebasedmedicine #evidencebasedpractice #newyork #hospitalacupuncture #traditionalchinesemedicine #whitecoats #wellness #brooklyn

Mar 2019

Recently, I was reflecting back on how a year had passed since my recovery. I was in my car and just started crying remembering how I couldn't even walk, let alone drive this time last year. My vision was so badly affected that my eye muscles were too weak for me to look in different directions. I find myself so grateful for the littlest of things these days. Just being able to glance to the side without turning my head gets me so emotional. (I'm also just very emotional in general lol ). Life really tried to break us down during our first year of marriage but we stood firm in our faith. So very thankful to God, my doctors, my incredibly supportive family and most importantly my amazing husband. Here's to more years of health and happiness. #varkala #varkalabeach #varkalacliff #varkaladiaries #mistymornings #enchantedwoods #kerala #keralagodsowncountry #keralavibes #keralagreeny #southindia #sheisnotlost #femmetravel #darlingescapes #girlsthatwander #theglobewanderer #stayandwander #agameoftones #thevisualscollective #artofvisuals #traveladdict #lifewelltraveled #nyulangone

Oct 2018

What are your favorite smoothie add-ins for a nutrition and flavor boost? My smoothie today included: banana, blueberries, pineapple, maca powder, cacao, chia seeds, @manitobaharvest hemp seeds, cinnamon, @califiafarms Coconut Almondmilk Blend, and kale.