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"I was falling. Falling through time and space and stars and sky and everything in between. I fell for days and weeks and what felt like lifetime across lifetimes. I fell until I forgot I was falling." - Jess Rothenberg⁠ .⁠ Artist: @aleksey_litvishkov ⁠ Animation: @theglitch .og ⁠ Music: @anaamalyzenmusic ⁠ 🚀 Apparel for Space Lovers (link in our bio )⁠

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The two sides of the night sky 🌌 Amazing adventures under the purest dark skies on the Star Island, Møn. @idadarksky #astrophotography #milkyway

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Just above a lake covered by ice and snow in the Alps a sky as clear as it can get. The sky was filled with so many stars that I could see every constellations, the Andromeda galaxy and so much with my naked eyes. A beautiful airglow in the distance was adding to the magic sight #a5000 #sonyalpha #sony18105 #landscape #alps #winter #villardarene #landscapephotography #nightscape #pleiades #orion #constellations #airglow #clearsky #nightsky #stars

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Went to a cabin this weekend with friends. Amazing company, good ice fishing, fun games and this - SPECTACULAR Aurora Borealis! Now the first pic was taken by @mislkv with his Huawei P30 Pro, while the second was me with my Huawei P20 Pro, at the same time. I usually wait a few years between phones, but I just GOT to get me a P30 soon 😮 #huawei #p30pro #p30 #p20pro #auroraborealis #aurora #nordlys #varanger #finnmark #norway #cabin #icefishing #friends #spectacular #nordic #scandinavian #arctic #snow #landscapephotography #landscape #night #weekend #green #instanature #instaspace #nightsky #view #amazing #オーロラ #北極光

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Yesterday after flow class I decided to last minute do a photoshoot with the bestie @hellybean_ after having deep talks with @vivalamichaela and @gayslutclown Over bubble tea, if you’re wondering the only light source I used other than shooting wide open at f1.8 was a iPhone flash light 😂 but still @hellybean_ is a natural!!

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A beautiful starry night at the Taxi lift a few nights ago. . . . . . . . . . . . #skiing #snowboarding #winter #starrynight #stars #vermont #ski #skilift #longeposure #lookup #nightsky

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Going for a galactic type something or other with this little friend. I am holding off with naming him until I see what's up inside. I am ANXIOUS to see what I created!! . This is one of my all time favorite fragrances ....star showers fragrance oil from @nurturesoap ...OH I love how it smells around here from this awesome fragrance!

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The Flaming Star Nebula (IC405 ) and Tadpole Nebula (IC410 ) in Auriga. The tadpoles (bottom left ) were hatched from the surrounding gaseous nebulae a mere 4 million years ago. They’re actually pillars of gas illuminated by the very young and hot stars in the local open cluster NGC1893. The tadpoles are actually about 10 light years long and may be in the process of hatching their own stars... The Flaming Star Nebula (top right ) is illuminated by the irregular variable Star Aurigae. Perspective in space can be a weird thing, the Flaming Star Nebula sits in the foreground a mere 1,500 light years away whilst the Tadpole Nebula is over 8 times more distant at 12,000 light years. #tadpolenebula #flamingstarnebula #astrophotography #space #youresa #deepsky #stars #nasa #esa #deepspace #telescope #astronomy #astrophoto #astronomyphotography #nightsky #astro_photography #theskyatnight #amateurastrophotography #astronomynow #apod


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How do you say Solar Eclipse in your language? 🌑 . . Want more? @spacespot has what you need 💫 . . 2nd page: @thecosmiclaboratory Credit: Ryuunosuke Takeshige

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Bioluminescence 🌌 Facts about bioluminescence: Insects (e.g., fireflies, glow worms ) and deep sea ocean animals (e.g., squid, hatchetfish ) aren’t the only ones that emit light. Many plants (e.g., jack-o’-lantern mushroom, algae ) also produce bioluminescence. ⠀ Bioluminescence is light emitting from a living organism. Bioluminescence is produced through a chemical reaction, which is what sets is apart from fluorescence or phosphorescence. ⠀ Luciferin and luciferase are the two chemicals that must be present for an organism to luminesce. Luciferin produces the light and luciferase is the catalyst. Life in the sea most often use coelenterazine, a type of luciferin. Sailors commonly saw waves glowing in the wake of ships. This was caused from dinoflagellates, a single-celled algae, which glows when its startled. ⠀ Anglerfish use a long illuminated appendage, called a protuberance, to attract young and vulnerable prey. Luring prey is one way bioluminescence is used to an animal’s advantage. They may also use it to stun prey or to attract or recognize a mate. Conversely, many animals use bioluminescence as a defense mechanism. They’ll cleverly create smoke screens or burglar alarms, as well as counterilluminate or startle predators. ⠀ Some animals that luminesce use it defensively and offensively. Sperm whales, the deepest divers of all the whales, depend on bioluminescence to help locate food. Echolocation is also key to locating food. ⠀ The U.S. Navy tapped into the science community for help to develop products that monitor bioluminescence because bioluminescent algae have been known to endanger military missions. ⠀ The pulsing light of creatures found in the deep sea is “perhaps the most common form of communication found on our planet”. That phrase was from a video (below ) which takes us on a visual journey of what the first deep sea explorer, William Bebe, described in 1934 from his expedition off the coast of Bermuda. This video was produced by National Geographic. Do you love Bioluminescence ❤ Are you ready to explore Space 🔭 @theourspace Image credit: @mohammadsadeghhayati

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Throwback to an early autumn evening as the Milky Way arches over the colorful Paria Rimrocks in southern Utah. – These fantastic rock formations were virtually unknown until only a few years ago. Although the rimrocks cover a much smaller area than neighboring regions such as Coyote Buttes, they are not subject to any access restrictions and are significantly easier to reach. Vast areas either side of the Paria River have similar erosional scenery, but what makes the rimrocks particularly unusual is the concentration of balanced boulders where flat blocks of hard sandstone are perched atop narrow columns of softer rock — making the area uniquely photogenic. — · EOS 5D Mark IV · Tamron SP 15-30mm f/2.8 G2 · iOptron Skytracker Pro 180s | f/3.5 | ISO 1600 (x10 ) @ 15mm 12s | f/5.6 | ISO L(50 ) @ 15mm Processed in Adobe Lightroom CC Classic, StarrySkyStacker, Pixinsight, Photoshop CC 2019 . . . . #milkywaychasers #milkywayphotography #longexposure #astrophotography #theoutbound #earthoutdoors #outdoortones #nightphotography #nightscape #werutah #nightsky #amazingplaces #beautifuldestinations #canon_photos #withmytamron #hikevibes #wildernessculture #campinglife #exploretocreate #awesome_earth #bhphoto


Hello everyone, it's Natasha Newton ( @natashanewtonart ) here and I'm Jehane's newest artist! I'm excited to be taking over her account this week to introduce my work to all of you, and to talk about what inspires me. I feel proud to be a part of her amazingly talented team of artists. As soon as I met Jehane to discuss the possibility of our collaboration, I knew that she was someone who I could trust to represent my work. I admire her integrity. I could see that each project is approached with such care and thought with an eye for quality and originality. I'm now exclusively represented by Jehane Ltd for illustration and licensing. Throughout the week I look forward to talking to you all in more detail about my art, and please stay tuned for a giveaway coming soon! Natasha x

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and the hope is always there. even when we don’t feel it. 🌙💕 write a poem with the word “moon” in the comments and I’ll share the best ones in my story xx.

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One of my drawings for the animated bits in 'Pillbox', a silent film by @williampcorgan and @lindastrawberry with music from 'Ogilala' album by @williampcorgan (I absolutely adore this album! If you haven't heard it, do have a listen! It is a masterpiece. And the latest one, Cotillions is another gem of its own unique kind ♡♡♡ ) One of my dream projects with one of a kind people whose many talents I deeply admire and who inspire me on a daily basis ♡ #illustration #pillbox #ogilala #wpc #dariahlazatova #billycorgan #lindastrawberry #nightsky #stars #music #inspiration