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PT early this morning with Alex my physical therapist @regenexxtampa and @team_exos He even did some Chinese cupping too. The last few months I’ve had so many more problems with my body that between him and the Doctor who does my OMT work, I don’t know where I’d be mentally without them. And in the game of life after cancers, the mind is more important than the body at this point. The mind and the spirit. Thank you @alexrocko grateful 🙏🏽 . . . . #mindfulness #mindoverbody #chondrosarcoma #sarcoma #lifeaftercancer #lifeovercancer #physicaltherapy #chinesecupping #modalities #fightolive #mindovermatter #championoflife #campionedelavida #rehab #overcomer #thriver #survivor #warrior #brave #highperformer


How do you honor the memory of your BFF in a special way? Darlene chose to be our 2020 Sarcoma Stomp Team Ambassador! Yes, you’ll still see her with Team Kim on the race course on April 25, but before then she’ll be welcoming over 65 teams, answering questions and making sure they have a great Sarcoma Stomp experience. Thank you for your 💛, Darlene! 👟🌈👟


After yesterday’s 10 hr surgery, Mom’s blood pressure was low and they were monitoring her during the day. This evening, when I came to her bedside and started rambling with her - her blood pressure came right back up to normal. Just a coincidence? I think not but just to see her awake and in good spirits is just such a relief. #mommasboy #strongmom #mom #cancer #cancersucks #curecancer #beatcancertogether #tumor #chondrosarcoma

2 days ago

Chacun sa bataille... après la pluie le beau temps... réapprendre à bouger... vaincre la douleur ... on va y arriver!!! #chondrosarcoma #chondrosarcomafighter #chondrosarcomaawareness #chondrosarcomaofthehumerus

2 days ago

Wow I am tired today. Let's get these scans done so I can go home and take a nap. 😴💤 * * #chondrosarcoma #chondrosarcomaofthehumerus #chondrosarcomasurvivor #lifeafterbonecancer #lifeafterchondrosarcoma

2 days ago

🤷🏼‍♀️Don’t look at me- he picked his own outfit out this morning. My little chkn nug has had two great days since we’ve been able to cut back his pain meds. I think he’s still sore and a 10 minute walk wears him out. We saw an oncologist today and are waiting to hear back on the grade of the tumor (chondrosarcoma- a rare type of bone cancer ) but it’s kind of looking like we’ll be doing radiation therapy either in Seattle or Pullman. I’m just so happy to have my shadow following me around the house again😊

2 days ago

We made it to Ann Arbor and met with Dr. McKean. She thinks she can get all of the tumors on his head/face! Due to the nature and size of the tumors, it may not be the prettiest but it will improve his quality of life. He can always get it fixed later if he wants. At this point, anything is better than these tumors! Surgery is at 7:30 AM tomorrow and it is outpatient. However, we are going to stick around AA for another night where Jordan can be more comfortable instead of traveling 4 hours back home after surgery. I’ll try to keep you all updated! Picture credit to the lovely @michelleannettewilliams #theblodgettsbattle #sarcoma #sarcomaawareness #chondrosarcoma

3 days ago

❤️Its been a hard week but all I know is GOD IS GOOD❤️ today I share my most emotional podcast but I land in a place of peace. I can’t imagine doing this without God, he gives me the peace that passes ALL understanding. The title is “Peace Through My Hardest Day...Yet” I share about the extremely difficult conversations I had to have with the kids and how God is our rock in this storm. You can listen on Apple podcasts, Spotify, anywhere you listen by searching for “The Peace Cast” or by going to the link in bio, thanks friends! 🙏🏻 🙏🏻 🙏🏻 🙏🏻 🙏🏻 🙏🏻 🙏🏻 🙏🏻 🙏🏻 #thepeacecast #peace #peaceofgod #cancer #cancersucks #cancerwarrior #cancercantcrushus #michellebader #sarcoma #chondrosarcoma #godslove #godisgood #peacethatpassesallunderstanding #christian #christianpodcasters #christianpodcast #christianpodcasting

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🐾Motivation Monday🐾 Daddy was home today so we checked a item off my Bucketlist : McDonalds Cheeseburger 🍔🍔🍟🍔🍔 Boy did I enjoy it! Now I'm napping! We even saw some Turkeys walking!! #TeamTankKickCancer #bucketlist #mcdonalds #cheeseburger #chondrosarcoma #instadog #Tankstrong #CanineCancerWarrior #CanineCancerAwarness #pibble #Seniorpitizen #pitnation #pitty #staffy #staffygram #dogswithtumors #dogswithcancer #seniordogsofinstagram #dogsofinstagram #pitbullsofinstagram #livelikeroo #enjoyeverymoment #pawsitivity #gofundmelinkinbio

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Introducing Nitro, my new ride! And she is lighter and folds up all the way, which my older one doesn’t; so it was hard for transport. And she’s a beautiful piece of art too. Latina fashion in accessibility too. 💃🏽 . . . #rollerator #fashion #art #accessibleequipment #ada #rolleratorstyle #♿️ #fashionableaccessibilty #accessibiltycanbesexy #chondrosarcoma

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These may both just look like pretty purple patterns, but one of these images is of normal benign cartilage and the other is chondrosarcoma (a malignant tumour of cartilage ). Can you tell which is which? . . . Answer: the first image is chondrosarcoma, with disorganised, crowded cells and enlarged atypical nuclei. The second image is benign cartilage from a bronchus, with cells that are more widely spaced, and tiny bland nuclei. . The training to become an anatomical pathologist takes so many years because we need to learn to recognise what is normal, in every type of cell in your body (of which there are many! ), and then learn to recognise the vast spectrum of different abnormalities. The treatment a patient receives varies greatly depending on what diagnosis we make: is it an infection, an autoimmune disease, a benign tumour, a malignant tumour, or something else?! It’s therefore incredibly important that we do our best to get it right. Hence the years of training and many exams. . #anatomicalpathology #theinvisiblemedicalspecialty #behindthescenes #downthemicroscope #surgicalpathology #pathology #registrar #pathologist #cancer #diagnosis #cancerawareness #cancersucks #chondrosarcoma #cartilage #histology #radiology #sarcoma #sarcomaawareness #orthopedics #surgery #health #medicalschool #medschool #premed #medicalstudent #medicalscience #nursingschool #nurse #purple #anatomy

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It's Childhood Cancer Day February 15th.... 💛 We stop to honor, uplift & remember all those who are battling, the survivors, & the angels that have earned their wings.... Your fight was not in vain! We won't stop until we are heard & a you get more than 4%. You are worth so much more! Always in our hearts & on our minds. We love & miss you!💔🙏💛🌻🙏 #ForHisglory ! #Sarcomaawareness 🎗 #Chondrosarcoma ! #Weareadvocatesforlife ! #wontstopcantstop ! #Weneedacure ! #ourkidsareworthmorethan4 #Childhoodcancerday ! #RafsodFoundation 🌻

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“If you don’t know, now you know”. Wise words from @derekweida . . #fuckcancer #cancer #neverquit #fighter #chondrosarcoma #pimplimp #military

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Just a few more hours to register for the 4.25.20 Sarcoma Stomp with $5 off with code “PAULA” at checkout, celebrating the birthday of our beautiful founder, Paula Takacs! We miss you, Paula! ❤️👟❤️ Run|Walk|Virtual 🏃🏼‍♀️🏃🏃🏽‍♂️ www.sarcomastomp.org [Link in bio]

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It’s not just V-Day❤️! It’s the birthday of Paula Takacs, our founder! She’d want us to celebrate 👉🏼YOU and her love of family & friends today, so register for the Sarcoma Stomp today for only $20pp with code ‘PAULA’ at checkout. [Register: link in bio] Let’s STOMP sarcoma together on April 25 in Charlotte or virtually in your hometown! Either way, we are creating change and elevating HOPE!

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Excited to present my talk on extended lateral transjugular approach for complex jugular foramen tumors today at #nasbs2020 . Truly blessed to be surrounded by a team of dedicated and talented specialists across multiple disciplines to manage these difficult lesions. #jugularforamen #paraganglioma #glomustumor #meningioma #schwannoma #chordoma #chondrosarcoma #skullbaseteam #neurosurgery #otolaryngology #endovascular #radiationoncology #otology #headandneck #laryngology #voice #vocalcord #cochlearimplant @rutgersneurosurgery @rutgers_njms @saintbarnabasnj @rwjbarnabas_health @university_hospital_newark @rutgersu @rutgersbhs

3 weeks ago

This week has been rough. Two of the four kids had Flu A, lots of work missed, housework put on the back burner, a missing wallet, and driving on a prayer across town to get home and find the wallet. My mom announced her next step in treatment which I’m processing. . . To top it off? School let out early for the severe weather warnings we’ve got going on and I needed to rush home to get everyone before the storms hit. So. What did we do? Ordered Mexican food on Grubhub with a promo code and “had a really cool living room picnic.” #fluseason #mexicanfood #vegetarian #tacos #burrito #workingmom #livingroom #tornado #family #fosterfamily #love #familytime #sarcoma #dedifferentiatedchondrosarcoma #chondrosarcoma

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Today Facebook reminded that it is your birthday Shayna, that reminder wasn’t needed because I think about you almost every day. Today I wear yellow to honor you and your birthday and to hopefully raise awareness for #chondrosarcoma . This weekend would have been ours to celebrate but life had other plans 💛💛 They can take tomorrow and the plans we made They can take the music that we never played All the broken dreams, take everything Just take it away, but they can never have yesterday…💛💛 I’m glad we got to spend so many birthdays together and I’ll hold on to those memories for the rest of my life 🥺💛💛

3 weeks ago

🌻 Sarcoma Awareness 🌻 Each time that I am given the opportunity to share & bring more awareness to this disease, celebrate the life of our princess Raven and of course honor God at the same time; I feel so blessed to do so. #ForHisglory ! #PreachersAgent ! #Sarcomaawareness 🎗 #Chondrosarcoma ! #Advocatesforlife ! Thanks again @latonyalashea for such a blessed opportunity. 🙌🌻🙏

3 weeks ago

I was hesitant to share this picture because of the comments I’ve read regarding the halftime show, but I decided to say F-it because at 42 I’m in the best shape I’ve ever been, and stronger than I’ve ever been, thanks in a large part to #polefitness . While I’ll never be thankful that I had #cancer , I am thankful that #chondrosarcoma brought me here to this place to discover something I probably never would have done had I not been diagnosed. I’m so proud of my pole wife and I as we set #goals and crush them. I can’t think of a better #polepartner and #bestfriend ❤️. Also a big thank you to my pole community who is always supportive. @karolynnevarez @lilia_aimee @geegee_marie808 . You ladies are the best! 😘 @academyofaerialfitness #academyofaerialfitness #chondrosarcomawontstopme #chondrosarcomasurvivor #megaprosthesis #megaprosthesisandtkr #aerialistsofig #polefitnessover40andproud #pdbutterfly #poledoubles


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Aug 2017

درد های استخوانی رو جدی بگیرید خارج کردن تومور بزرگ از استخوان ران نوجوان پانزده ساله. #osteocondroma vs. #chondrosarcoma excision of distal of femur. #Tumor #orthopedicsurgery #drhajivandi

May 2017

When life throws you a curve ball be like this guy and take em deep! My great friend and college roommate @bigdusty had surgery to remove #chondrosarcoma from his knee, first procedure of its kind to ever be done. Your strength and relentlessness will have you back doing the things you love in no time. But most of all, THANK YOU for punching cancer right in the fucking nose. Love you buddy! #fuckcancer #chargers #snowboarding #river #longbeachstate #friends

Jul 2018

there’s no shortage of medical words that spread like ashes across charts. statistics of rarity feel like regurgitation to me, coughing up numbers that lack humanity. doctors are eager to get in your pants when you’ve got a rare cancer like sarcoma, and it’s easy for me to disconnect from that piece of me. but underneath the avoidance there is the outrage. that is bone cancer. and so i dig around to find my voice, because i have to sit with what brings me discomfort in order to grow. july is sarcoma awareness month and... cancer of the pelvis? are you fucking kidding me? how is that the card that was played? shuffled into my deck just to shake things up. your pelvis: that’s the very core of you. your balance. your connection of hip and leg all that houses your reproductive parts. your essence of what you thought it meant to be a woman, grounded in that root chakra, the pelvic bowl that holds your insides. so there’s me then, wanting to avoid the unpleasant. i wear fabric to avoid the scars. those are the bad days. but the good days? i’m part warrior part goddess, with the fleshy reminder that i was an inch or two away from losing my leg. life is unbelievable, unpredictable, unreliable. but i climb the stairs, i tell my muscles how to move and lift, i put my right foot on the gas pedal and yes, i drive too fast. so, i say this for those 600 people a year who were diagnosed with #chondrosarcoma and for those 600 people who came before and those who will unfortunately come after us. it’s a small club, and not everyone wants to talk about it. so i say this for those of us who experienced brutality. those of us left with limbs intact or limbs removed. for those of us with only pieces of pelvis or hip or shoulder or rib or leg. for those who were taken too soon and can’t say these things for themselves. this is the outrage. there are human lives behind these statistics. living breathing heart beating humans. so #bonecancer can fucking suck it. may we all become a #cancerslayer that’s my prayer. and that’s all i have to say about #sarcomaawareness

Oct 2016

{the road to recovery} I am member to a subculture of people who gather online. we are all ages and genders and races, we live across the globe and our numbers are few, because only 1% of cancers are sarcomas. we are a small group of chondrosarcoma survivors and this is the only online support group in existence. we survive because of amputation, because of limb salvaging surgery, or proton radiation therapy or what they call the cyber knife. we are the rare and somewhat unknown bone cancer until someone shares a post that says "Hey look! Episode 12 of Grey's Anatomy featured a chondrosarcoma!" and the group is all a flutter. between tears of diagnosis and "scanxiety" about upcoming three month check ups, after news of reoccurrence or metastasis or death... there is a little bit of hope when light shines down on a medical term that has fucked all our lives in varying degrees of chaos. and always the positivity of these survivors to pick each other up when news is often grim. a voice chimes in to say "We are famous!" with a silly laugh but our hearts all lift a little, on this roller coaster ride, because there is the hope, that tinyness of a four letter word, the only oppositional force to the power of the four letter word "fuck"... but there is hope regardless. having more eyes and ears on this rare sarcoma can only mean more awareness and hopefully more studies and research, then more medical advances to save more lives. #cancersucks #standuptocancer #chondrosarcoma #bonecancer #fuckcancer

Aug 2014

اجهاض تلقائي .. طبعا مستغربين وايد انزل بالاطفال بس لاني قاع اداوم اطفال حاليا pic reposted from @medtalk

Jul 2017

july is sarcoma awareness month. i am lucky i am unlucky. and so it goes in the mind of a cancer slayer. on good days i'm a warrior. but the life-is-fair/life-is-unfair card swings like manic moods depending on the day's pain, a perpetual state of change. officially i can't call it remission until i hit my one year anniversary. so this place of limbo is where i stand, where i question things handed to me as well as the things taken away. i wish i didn't have a memory for numbers. dates attached to memories, good or bad. july, i've been planning for you, dreading you. looking at you with a brave face because you're peppered with dates across the calendar page. reminders of bombs blasting holes in my perception of reality. blasting through fortysomething years of self in this perfectly imperfect body. please be kind, i pleaded on july 1st, a year ago to the day i was told it was a tumor - but didn't yet know it was cancer of the bone. i couldn't be in my house on this day one week ago, so we went camping, out to sea, to put those dates out of my mind and to fill my head with new life instead. last july annihilated my reality as i knew it. and i'm trying my hardest to let that be gone, let this july be something different, something to celebrate because these dates feel like land mines, unavoidable as they approach on the calendar. the day we knew it was a bone tumor. the day my father died. the day we learned it was cancer. and rare. and aggressive. the day i learned i would lose part of my pelvis but keep my leg. the day the day the day the world broke apart. when i kept crying and saying into the windshield "this really isn't funny" as if the universe were having a good hard laugh at my expense. where is god in the heart of a cancer patient? so many tears and so many days wondering how the fuck a mother is supposed to tell their child they have cancer. it feels so far away and exactly like yesterday. i am lucky, i am blessed. and still july hangs like a shadow i can't seem to outrun. . . . #sarcomaawareness #chondrosarcoma #bonecancer #fuckcancer #cancerslayer

Oct 2019

My whole life was turned upside-down on September 16 when I received a grim diagnosis of chondrosarcoma in my left humerus. I'm feeling like my life is finally starting to return back to normal. I'm no longer gripped with anxiety every night and unable to sleep. My kiddo and I have resumed our homeschooling routine, which I had to put on hold for a little while. I wouldn't have held up so well through this storm if it wasnt for the support of so many amazing people in my life who have reached out to help us in any way they can. So many people have donated to help us with medical bills, cooked and brought us a meal, sent an encouraging card or flowers, visited me in the hospital or at the house, and/or just gave me a genuine hug. To all of these people, I love you, and I hope I can be as encouraging and self-sacrificing when you are going through a difficult time in your life! #chondrosarcoma #chondrosarcomaofthehumerus #chondrosarcomasurvivor #bonecancer #bonecancersurvivor