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Bionic hips and all! I’m coming back slowly so don’t even dare to count me out. #avnwarrior #avascularnecrosis #balletdancer #doingthemost #tendus #lovinglife #fighter #livelovelaugh #proudlysouthafrican 🇿🇦

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These are the unfiltered hands of an artist with an invisible illness. They appear fairly unremarkable, yet the pain inside them is often unbearable. It renders me klutzy, and tries to stop me from my art. The pain will never win.

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Yesterday I sent out my saliva sample to check if I have any of the TWENTY genetic mutations that are connected with pheochromocytomas and paragangliomas and my chances of them coming back after they get evicted. Being proactive and being an advocate for yourself are arguably one in the same, but I think they are different. Stand up for yourself and fight for the treatment, tests or aids you know you need and deserve. That's how you advocate for yourself. Being proactive is taking steps to make sure this isn't going to come and bite you in the ass for not making sure it would, like genetic testing for predispositions. Fight, and keep fighting my loved ones. #ehlersdanlossyndrome #ankylosingspondylitis #avascularnecrosis #geneticist #pheochromocytoma #adrenalglandtumors #adrendalglandcancer #fuckcancer #paraganglioma #genetictesting #advocate #beproactive #itsjustsomespit #bluehairdontcare #longhair #longhairdontcare #salivacollectionkit @invitae #iamthestorm

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In Love With Lupus!! At the Georgia State Capitol for Lupus Advocacy Day!! #lupus #lupie #screwyoulupus #sle #discoid #alopecia #spoons #igotspoons #avascularnecrosis #chronicallycute #benlystabae #infusion #blessedlupie


Posted @withrepost@theosteopathcliniccroydon Struggling with hip pain, hip bursitis, greatertrochantericpainsyndrome. All chronic recalcitrant problems like above respond well with treatment from us. #hipbursitis #glutemedtendinopathy #tendinitis #avascularnecrosis ( early stages ) #shockwavetherapy could offer a solution . Criteria use an evidence based modality, #focusedshockwave #radialshockwave #emsswissdolorclast #swissdolorclastacademy DL my free book https://shockwave-therapy.co.uk/shockwave-therapy-book #shockwave -therapy.co.uk


🇭🇺 Milyen patológia látható a képen? A megfejtésért 👆🏻➡! Bal femurfej asepticus necrosisa. 🇬🇧 Which pathology do you see in the image? 👆🏻➡ to see the answer! Aseptic necrosis or avascular necrosis of the left femur head. #MRTIB #radiology #rad #xray #pelvis #bones #necrosis #avascularnecrosis #asepticnecrosis #orthopedic #exam #test #diagnosis #education #med #medicine #europa #hungary #rtg #mrt #ortope ́dai #oktatas


Another day another appointment! So we had our three months follow up with the Ortho at MD Anderson, and after multiple attempts to find a surgeon who would be willing to work with us, we have decided to stay here with her current Ortho doctor. . • He originally wanted us to find a pediatric Ortho who specialized in joint replacements l, but after many visits with all the doctors in the Houston area, we didn’t have any success. . • Her knees, ankles, and hips are all collapsed. He recommended we work on getting the Contracture’s repaired first because if she is not able to use her leg and hamstring properly, then the joint replacement would be for nothing. . • So we will follow the recommendation and work with physical medicine and rehab at TCH, intense rehab, and Botox injections, as well as bracing at nighttime to improve her range of motion. . • The doctor did mention a possible procedure for her knee where they would drill holes in the bone and inject marrow and bone from an unprocessed cadaver, but it comes with the risk of infection and disease. . • We know these procedures all have risk, so we will prayerfully weigh all the options presented to us. We did learn if she can walk, she will NOT be able to do any high impact activities. The replacement joints can not handle that. He said she would be looking at 2-3 possible replacements in her lifetime. . • We will continue to keep a smile on our faces and hope on our hearts for the future! #kaystrong has defied the odds many times over the past two years!! . • • #sheisbeautiful #herstrengthisamazing #orthopedicsurgery #avascularnecrosis #steriodssuck #leukemiasurvivor #transplantsurvivor #lifeaftertransplant #bonemarrowtransplant #cartcelltherapy #boneproblems #justanotherday #ournewnormal #cordbloodtransplant #kidsgetcancertoo #morethan4 #wednesdaymotivation #thestruggleisreal #jesustakethewheel #chronicfatigue #mdandersonchildrenscancerhospital #xrays #kneeproblems #poorbaby #wheelchairgirl #wecandohardthings


Dr. Dixit doesn't play around! Catch Anna Itty rock it in Merce, Season 2, Episode 2 "Who's Got the Pain?" #MerceTheSeries #WatchMerce #HIVComedy #HIV #webseries #gay #gayseries #musical #comedy #avascularnecrosis #UequalsU #loveislove #lgbtq 🌈


Luego de 4 meses de la operación, la rehabilitación me está ayudando bastante a poder caminar casi sin problemas, ya no hay mucho dolor para dormir y sobre todo no siento cómo si me sacarán el fémur 😞 los dolores que tenía antes de la operación eran inexplicables, ahora más que nunca me siento mucho mejor, porque día a día voy avanzando. Vengo recuperando mi salud poco a poco, tengo mi familia cerca a mi, Gracias a todos por su preocupación aún tenemos Dgo. para mucho más tiempo. #avascularnecrosis #necrosis #femur #necrosisavascular #rehabilitacion #dgo #siempreadelante #go #fuerzadevoluntad #luchador #2020tayfaçalışıyor

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Avascular necrosis (AVN ), also called osteonecrosis or bone infarction, is the death of bone tissue due to interruption of the blood supply. It can be treated without any surgical procedure! . . #AVN #HipJoint #ShivayaHospital #DrAvinashSingh #AVNWithoutSurgery #doctor #bestdoctor #AyurvedaAVNTreatment #avascularnecrosis #avascularnecrosistreatments

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Being diagnosed with bilateral femoral head #avascularnecrosis has been a journey. Me being a people person, it's hard not wanting to be around people with my crutches. It's hard to explain to my little ones when they ask "Daddy what's wrong?". I can't just say "I'm in chronic pain all of the time, and my bones are dead in my hips." I still go to the park with them, but I sit on the side and watch them play wishing I could run around with them. I'm still me though... joking, laughing, and beasting through it all. This experience has helped me pick up a new talent which is my acoustic guitar and that has been healing. My family and few friends that I have has been supportive, especially my wonderful Wife @kaleymariewebster Without her I would probably just crumble. So, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for being my rock! I have the first of the few of my surgeries coming up March 5th. Keep me in your prayers and know that I'm King Beam, and I'll continue to carry on from my past self and grow into a more strong and more wise human being. Music Cred, My brother: @godovereverythingbbg #avn #coredecompression #gerd #chesthernia #avascularnecrosis #heartaneurysm #prediabetes #stomachulcers #inflamedintestines #toomuch #prayforme #goe #carryon

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This is a HARD one 🙌🏼 I know for me, it took me a looooonnggg time to accept I wasn’t in control of every little thing. ⠀ ⠀ Especially when it comes to #chronicIllness . I used to FREAK out because I couldn’t see the light at the end of the tunnel. 😫😱🤯⠀ ⠀ But through a lot of meditation and A LOT of self work, I realized I needed to embrace every moment. ⠀ ⠀ Good. Bad. Beautiful. Ugly. ⠀ ⠀ It was all teaching me lessons in life. ✨⠀ ⠀ So my hope for you is that maybe today you can’t accept it, but at some point, you can believe that everything you’re being served is serving a greater purpose in your life. ⠀ ⠀ We may not know what for - but that’s not always for us to know now, is it? 🙏

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...Done...🤦🏽‍♀️but I'm still fightin! #fibromyalgiawarrior #osteoarthritis #avascularnecrosis #fcancer #trustgod #mandown #unbreakable #OBDiamond

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Sometimes I think about how this man came into my life. Almost as if he was sent to me straight from above because I honestly don’t know how someone after only knowing me for less than 6 months could care take for me through 4 months of aggressive chemotherapy. My rock, my now husband, I love you! #avascularnecrosis #thankyoubodyforallyoudoforme #thankfultobealive #letsdothis #survivor #iwillnotgiveup #toomuchtolivefor #momofboys #fuckcancer #cancer #cancersurvivor #canadiancancersociety #canadiancancersurvivornetwork #cancerjourney #cancerawareness #cancersupport #cancermom #cancertreatment #postcancerlife #lifeaftercancer #chemotherapy #choriocarcinoma #thekarunagroup #momofboys #onedayordayone #thefeels #lifeaftercancer #choriocarcinoma #lifeisbiggerthancancer #hayrivernwt #canada 🍁 #3yearspostcancer

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İnsanoğlu ne garip, kırılan kemikse kaynamasını gayet normal bulurken, aynı kemik kireçlenmişse, kemik erimesi teşhisi konulmuş, hele de nekroz denilmişse, illa çözümü dışarıda arar hale geliyor. Oysa tek yapması gereken az bedenine müsade etmek değil mi😊 O yüzden yıllardır Ostokin iç, Solmazın hiç diyoruz aloooo 😊😊😊 #kemiğinizesağlık #ostokin #kireçlenme #kemikerimesi #avaskülernekroztedavisi #donukomuz #belfıtığıtedavisi #boyunfıtığı #ostokinplus #justdrinkit #avn #avascularnecrosis #osteoarthritis #osteoporose #frozenshoulder #kienbocksdisease

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CLC MEMBER FEATURE: My name Abayomi Afolayan from Nigeria, 22 and I have sickle cell disorder. Sickle cell disorder is common among Africans and the black community but it also affects other races and colors. • There are many complications that come with having Sickle Cell and one of them that have affected me from childhood is chronic fatigue caused by anemia because our red blood cells have very short lifespan. • Another one is delayed growth which made me suffer a lot of discrimination as a child. It affected my mental health, had to deal with low self-esteem, self-doubt, social anxiety all through my childhood. When I was eighteen, I was diagnosed with a complication called avascular necrosis that left me temporarily disabled and using a walking stick. • Avascular necrosis is the death of bone tissue due to loss of blood supply. It usually happens to the joints and mine is in my left hip joint. It causes pain and discomfort but I don’t let it affect me. • My illness is and will always be part of me and I have accepted the fact in order to begin my healing process. I once had a dream to become a professional basketball player but my health has stopped that dream from making that dream come true. • I believe strongly that I can do anything so even if I won’t play basketball professionally, I can play it for fun. Also I believe that for every disability there is something in you that compliments it. • I write my pain out and soon I am publishing my debut fiction novel. I urge everyone with a disability to find something that you can do better than others and develop it. You should try to search within for that thing, it is worth it. • Always remember that you are human before your illness, live with purpose, have fun in life and don’t let your illness take control of your life because I won’t let mine. Also to add, I am a blogger and I own a lifestyle blog for people living with chronic illness.

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🚨 NEW BLOG 🚨 Our new blog post is now available to read. We talk about more about my medical journey, our children and what’s going on with @walkingwithwheels !! 👇👇👇 LINK BELOW 👇👇👇 . . . . . . WalkingWithWheels.co.uk/blog #mymedicaljourney #medical #health #healthblog #ehlersdanlos #ehlersdanlossyndrome #eds #edsblog #avn #avascularnecrosis #avnblog #blog #blogger #newblog #newblogpost #disabledblogger #disabled #disability #disabilityawareness #disabilityblogger #disabledbusiness #disabledinbusiness #smallbusiness #disabledmum #disabledparent #wheelchair #wheelchairlife #wheelchairuser #wheelchairlife#wheelchairgirl

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Uhmazing sesh last night! Someone decided it would be a great idea to stand where we were surfing at... so look for the only person standing in the ocean and you can see me zipping past her. #surfline #bodyboard #bodyboarding #surf #huntingtonbeach #beach #ocean #crohnsdisease #avascularnecrosis #multiplesclerosis #huntingtonstreet

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Workouts ☑️ Let’s talk diet success. My dedication to diet rivals my exercise. I want a lean strong athletic body yr round. There’s no half way to achieve it. Trouble dieting? Key to success = SELF COMPASSION. Ur not perfect. U will struggle at times. Do ur best enough times over. It will work out 💫 #trainarizonaracing #stage4cancersurvivor _______________________________________ #avascularnecrosis #cancersurvivor #crosstraining #triathlete #ironman #tritraining #triathlontraining #ironmantraining #findyourstrong #tricoach #triathlon #trilife #leanmuscle #trailrunner #trailrunning #traillife #gorun #runforfun #furtherfasterstronger #irun #instarunners #runnersworld #fitnesslife #bostonmarathon #runnersworld #runitfast #runarizona #triathlon_world #triathlonlife

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Sol bud - çanaq oynağının IV dereceli koksartrozuna ( Sol bud başının avaskulyar nekrozu ) görə oynağın total sementsiz endoprotezleşdirilmesi (Zimmer ) emeliyyatından 2gün sonra post-op R-q #avaskulernekroz #avascularnecrosis #femurhead #coxarthrose #coxarthrosis #zimmerbiomet #arthroplasty #endoprothesis #endoprotez #hipendoprosthesis #hiparthroplasty #hipjoint #dr_orthoped

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Stormy Sundays have my imagination thinking up adventures to come and adventures that have gone. . A few years ago, whilst bored letting hip dysplasia and avascular necrosis rule my life, I turned to cycling to take some of the bite out of the hip joints that I got from other sports. Turned out my cycle commute wasn’t enough and I wanted to cycle the length of the UK for charity. . 7 months later I cycled from John O’ Groats to Land’s End in 9 days. Covering over a 1000 miles (slightly the longer way round due to stopping off at fundraisers ) it was complete with £1000s donated for When You Wish Upon a Star charity. . It was the hardest physical challenge I’d ever known. My hips, my poor bum, my back. However pains a funny thing, it never lasts forever, and a week after finishing, all the doms had passed, hips, back and bum back to normal and I sat in my disbelief bubble for sometime. . . Never limit the lengths you can go to. If I had limited myself by looking at an X-ray of myself, I would have done nothing but stay in bed all day long! You’re better than that. . Always remember that you can blow your own mind too 💫💥 . #johnogroatstolandsend #cyclingtheuk #hipdysplasia #hipdysplasiaawareness #avascularnecrosis #hipsurgery #hipreplacement #girlswhocycle #lejog #dontlimityourself #domorebemore #pushinglimits #blowyourownmind #landsend #meridabikes #strongmindstrongbody #focusonyourself #onegoalatatime #jogle #outdoorwomen #gratefulformybody #thebionicwarrior #whenyouwishuponastar #doingitformymentalhealth

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True love doesn’t mean being inseparable, it means being separate and nothing changes. ✨ ⠀ ⠀ Yesterday was obviously Valentine’s Day and the @national .psoriasis.foundation reminded me of a post I wrote about dating with #psoriaticDisease . ⠀ ⠀ It got me to thinking about when I wrote it and where I was in life. And now, 4 years later, how I’m happily married, have a baby girl who’s turning 2 next month and have another one on the way. ⠀ ⠀ I’d be lying to you if I told you I never doubted if my reality today would actually ever be reality. I spent many years unsure if I’d ever find someone to accept my health issues. I mean, my long term boyfriend had left me because they were too difficult to deal with - how was I going to find someone new to start all over with?⠀ ⠀ I don’t have all the dating and relationship answers - not even close. But I do know one thing. . . #PsoriaticArthritis , #Psoriasis , #automimmune - ANY #chronicIllness , DOES NOT make you any less lovable. The right person will love you despite any obstacle in your life. ⠀ ⠀ It took me kissing many frogs to find mine - but I’m so glad I did find him. He ended up coming into my life a month after I had my #Regenexx stem cell procedure. And while he wasn’t with me at my hardest health moments, he’s seen me fight back to walking and loving life. ⠀ ⠀ I love you Josh. Emme and I miss you and can’t wait til you’re home with us again soon. 💜 #deploymentsucks #deployment

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Spontaneous osteonecrosis of the knee (SONK ) is a painful condition that occurs when the blood supply to a section of bone is disrupted. Because bone cells need a steady supply of blood to stay healthy, osteonecrosis can ultimately lead to destruction of the knee joint and severe #arthritis This patient has SONK of the medial femoral condyle. Due to the degenerative changes to the patellofemoral joint and severe bone loss of the medical femoral condyle, partial knee replacement was not an option. A “rebar” technique was used to build-up the medial distal femur to support a standard primary femoral component without augmentation #avascularnecrosis #kneepain #totalkneereplacement #orthopedicsurgery #orthopedicsurgeryandsportsmedicine

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https://youtu.be/IabLkIEqs64 #avascularnecrosis #avascularnecrosis #slipdisc #hippain

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💚♻️🌱🔋DIT IS GEEN RECLAME! ORTHOPEDIE (Beweging ). GEFELICITEERD! En nu is dit meer dan 10 aandoeningen en ziektes. niemand zal mij geloven lol, juist omdat ik zo mooi eruitzie! Maar het geeft niets! Zie eerdere posts en @missfauxy voor meer en mijn stories👆🏾👆🏽👆🏿👆🏼👆👆🏻! Ik ben echt niet te stoppen nu! Ik heb van alles al gehad ook dood en verderf in de ogen gekeken! Ik ben trouwens 52 jaar oud! Daar krijg ik ook problemen mee! Wat nog meer? Binnenkort word ik voor gecompliceerde en zeer ernstig heup problematic door letsel hier bij Diakonessen Huis, in Utrecht geopereerd (vergevorderd artrose, osteophyten, stenose, 4de + stadium ) en in Februari naar de Neuroloog! Yep ik heb nu gekozen voor MIJN DIAK! Ik ga alles voortaan documenteren en regisseren zodat Nederland en de wereld wat van kunnen leren! Ze zijn al 175 jaar hiep hiep nu jullie? @diakonessenhuis 🎉🎂Dankjewel voor jullie begrijp en sneller acties! Omg zeer deskundig en behulpzaam! Groetjes en veel liefs Volg mij om te kijken hoe ik herstel en resultaten tuurlijk gaat alles bij mekaar erg lang duren maar daarom heb ik dit gestart en hoe hou ik het vol? Ik laat jullie zien volg mij aub! Ik ben Unstoppable baby ! Jennifer Kisten knuffels en kusjes💋🙏🏽 *******************************************************

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🌱💚 🔋♻️DERMATOLOGIE / MAAG, DARM & LEVER ARTS (huis en darmen ). Ik heb ook twee nare zeer zeldzame auto immune disorders op 52 jarig leeftijd Coeliakie / Coeliac , Celiac disease. DUTCH: Ik heb letterlijk alles al meegemaakt wat kan ik nog meer verwachten? Het liefst alleen meer hoop en vreugde! Dit is nu de 2de post en ik ben net begonnen 2020 belooft wat! Ik wil jullie graag beinvloeden met echt verhaal echt photos en mijn ellende te delen die ik nu nog steeds onder controle te houden! Ik heb niet 1,2,3 of 4 maar meer dan 8 chronisch ziektes en 2 zeer zeldzame auto immune ziektes Coeliakie en Morbhus Durhing! Meer laat ik jullie in 2020 zien en meemaken. Ik hoop jullie te inspireren door te gaan, sterker te maken en blijven lachen! Ik zoek geen geld of medelijden of beroemd hiermee te worden nope al wat ik wil is jullie te inspireren! Meer komt goed? Knuffels en kusjes 💋💋*******************************************************+ MY SKIN & AUTO IMMUNE DISEASES! Dermatology & Gastroenterology (skin & intestines ). Share & Inspire! I overcame so much, i suffered and still do but I also conquered and I’m not gonna stop now! So here’s a second post but In 2020 I will do more posts showing you not only my sufferings due to Celiac / Coeliac Disease (Coeliakie ) and Morbhus Durhing (Ziekte van Durhing ) but a whole list of medical problems not 1, 2,3,4 but more than 8 chronical and 2 serious rare auto immune diseases like this on my entire body! But also medical wrong doings I’m gonna deal with it all! I want to influence you but give you hope and courage to move on be stronger and tougher! I am not looking for fame and fortune but I want to inspire you! Please follow me for more 2020 gonna be fun! More to come! Hugs Kiss Kiss 🙏🏽💋💋*******************************************************

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Eng below. 💚🌱♻️🔋DUTCH: Een tijdje geleden heb ik jullie verteld dat teveel TRAUMAS hebt. Ipv DRAMA QUEEN WERD IK TRAUMA QUEEN! Mijn medisch leven begon niet met een MRI! Later bleek dat dit ongetwijfeld een groot rol speelde met verschillende diagnose vooral nu het feit dat ik als jonge mens in beide heupen Artrose door letsel heeft! Het heet Avasculaire Necrose van de Heup en is best ingrijpend! Hoe ga ik door in het leven? Hoe ga je jezelf opbeuren! Hoe ga je verder om de zoveelste medisch gedoe onder controle te krijgen! Soms wil ik het opgeven maar ik ben een sterke vrouw! Ik ga door. In 2002 was het begin van een dubbele Neckhernia( Cervicale HNP ) dus vanaf mijn nek tot schoulders begon het al. En nu weer door letsel heb ik tot boven been en heupen vergevorderd Artrose wat eigenlijk Avasculaire Necrose van de Heup is en dan beide weliswaar rechts meer dan links! Ik ga niet opgeven want weer heb ik iets ook heb ik al 2 zeer zeldzame auto immune ziektes, Coeliakie en Morbhus Durhing! Dat was beide in 2009 ook bij de Vumc ontdekt! Intussen en daarvoor zijn er tientallen meer niet erfelijk medisch problemen onstaan. Ik zet deze op voor jullie ervaringen op te doen en ziektes en aandoeningen onder controle proberen te krijgen en delen met plantaardig voeding Ayurveda en een gezonde leven te leiden! ENGLISH: MEDISCH WONDER IS DUTCH FOR MEDICAL WONDER! My medical ups and downs didn’t start with an MRI! Yet it turned out by coincidence if it wasn’t for the MRI I would have suffered in silence! It was recently for me devastating to find out that at a young age i have Artrosis caused by injuries! From the neck and schoulder (right ) suffering Cervical HNP and Facet Artrosis twice later on because of this double neck hernia until the bottom part of my body and thighs I sustained Avascuscular Necrosis of the hips recently. I also found out both were caused by injuries but I knew it and I know it’s not natural it’s still a medical problem that needs attention. So how do I cope with all of this? I also have Coeliac Disease and Morbhus Durhing! You won’t believe me anyway! #Ayurveda diet and an healthy lifestyle 🙏🏽


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Dec 2017

2017 has certainly been one of the most transforming and challenging years of my life. Coming to terms with a disease that took away so much from me, both physically and mentally. Recovering from a subsequent surgery that was more painful and difficult than I ever could have imagined. Literally learning to walk again with a new titanium hip. About a dozen other health challenges including a very serious hormonal imbalance, chronic vertigo, and struggles with mental health. Learning to accept my fate with chronic illness. Becoming empowered by my ability to survive these struggles. Letting go of toxic people and learning how to set boundaries. Prioritizing my needs for self care, especially over the expectations of others. Making and strengthening friendships with people who value deep and genuine connections as much as I do. Cultivating my connection to the earth with my first garden. Accepting and sometimes learning to love my flaws. Gaining a newfound confidence in who I am as human, a woman, a latina, an empath, a creator, and a bruja. I’m ready for whatever 2018 has in store! Happy New Year, everyone! 🖤🥀🌿✨

last month

Something really tragic happened to my hip that’s majorly affected my life, mobility, and ability to fence. I’m in the end stage of a condition called avascular necrosis of my hip, which has caused my bone to die and collapse. To have perspective, I’m still healthy other than #avascularnecrosis and I’ll talk more about it later. There are obstacles a million times worse. But for me this has been a sad experience of loss. For 19 years, fencing has been my best friend, one of my oldest friends. @peterwestbrookfoundation introduced me to her & @whathebuuuck taught me how to love her. I’m incredibly lucky to have enjoyed her and have been so spoiled with her affection. She’ll always be in my heart because she offered me the most complete friendship filled with every possible emotion. Fencing knew everything about me - my best and worst habits, my most intimate details - because I gave it everything. And so it is a huge part of me. My love for fencing will never change but our relationship will now be different. In this next chapter, I’m looking forward to empowering kids from my community with this special kind of love - the priceless opportunity and satisfaction to become masters of their craft. I’m really proud of my experience in the sport and will always have fond memories. I love you all and will still be around to cheer for my team 🇺🇸

Jun 2018

Maybe not today, tomorrow, next week or even in a year, but eventually things will turn up and you will be able to look back and say with relief and accomplishment: I made it. Today I went for my 3rd hip operation in a year. The diagnosis was/ is avascular necrosis of the left femoral head, meaning that the hip joint doesn’t get enough blood flow and eventually the bone “dies”. So our only option was to drill holes into the bone to remove the dead bone, stimulate new blood flow and new bone growth. If I hadn’t slipped a couple of months back and went for the second op they wouldn’t have picked it up in time to save the joint. You can ask the question, “why me? “ But you can also ask, “why not me?” 80% of the time doctors don’t know why avascular necrosis occurs and unlucky or lucky for me they don’t know why it happened in my case. The easiest thing at the moment is to be negative, but as I like to make life as difficult as possible for myself, I’m trying to be positive. You just have to remind yourself that it’s okay to not be strong, it’s okay to shed a few tears, it’s okay to feel sorry for yourself as long as you don’t stay in that place. Lean on your support system because they are there for a reason. Pick yourself up and move onwards and upwards. #avascularnecrosis #onwardsandupwards #mysexysocks

Jul 2019

This was my first post on Instagram a few years ago. It didn’t get much attention then. I have what is called an invisible illness. I am not alone. We are warriors.

Nov 2019

Happy fall, friends!. . Our little fam has been busy over the past few months. . Good news, is that we are IN the new house! It feels great to have a place to call home again. . Bad news, is that I have yet another surgery scheduled in December (I’m currently 2 weeks post op shoulder ). This surgery will be on my knee & other hip. Another 6 weeks non-weight bearing, in crutches. . That’s 4 surgeries in 5 months to save my joints. Steroids saved my life 2 years ago, but are wrecking me now. They are THE WORST!. . Plus, I’ll be getting a partial shoulder replacement at the start of the new year 😜. . I’m tired. Exhausted, and honestly feel a little defeated. I am ready to feel normal again. And James 1:2-3 comes to mind. “Consider it pure joy, my brothers and sisters, whenever you face trials of many kinds, because you know that the testing of your faith produces perseverance.”

5 days ago

Stormy Sundays have my imagination thinking up adventures to come and adventures that have gone. . A few years ago, whilst bored letting hip dysplasia and avascular necrosis rule my life, I turned to cycling to take some of the bite out of the hip joints that I got from other sports. Turned out my cycle commute wasn’t enough and I wanted to cycle the length of the UK for charity. . 7 months later I cycled from John O’ Groats to Land’s End in 9 days. Covering over a 1000 miles (slightly the longer way round due to stopping off at fundraisers ) it was complete with £1000s donated for When You Wish Upon a Star charity. . It was the hardest physical challenge I’d ever known. My hips, my poor bum, my back. However pains a funny thing, it never lasts forever, and a week after finishing, all the doms had passed, hips, back and bum back to normal and I sat in my disbelief bubble for sometime. . . Never limit the lengths you can go to. If I had limited myself by looking at an X-ray of myself, I would have done nothing but stay in bed all day long! You’re better than that. . Always remember that you can blow your own mind too 💫💥 . #johnogroatstolandsend #cyclingtheuk #hipdysplasia #hipdysplasiaawareness #avascularnecrosis #hipsurgery #hipreplacement #girlswhocycle #lejog #dontlimityourself #domorebemore #pushinglimits #blowyourownmind #landsend #meridabikes #strongmindstrongbody #focusonyourself #onegoalatatime #jogle #outdoorwomen #gratefulformybody #thebionicwarrior #whenyouwishuponastar #doingitformymentalhealth

May 2019

Good morning friends! Well it's done, I've now got my new hip and I'm hopefully on the start of a new journey to get back on my feet 🏃 The operation was done on Friday morning and I'm going home today. How do you like my compression stockings? I've got to wear these for 6 weeks, which will spoil my tan but I'm channeling the Britney Spears school uniform look 😅 I've got pain where my scar is and it's all a bit swollen, but I'm pleased with how it's all gone so far. Have a great Sunday x #amlsurvivor #avascularnecrosis #hipreplacement #britneysocks #goinghometoday #cantstopmenow

Mar 2019

After being told for 2 years that the pain in my leg is muscle stiffness, and not giving in, I finally have the correct diagnosis. I wish it was muscular, but its the hip and it needs replacing 😥 . I've had large doses of steroids in the past and the bones in my hip have lost their blood supply and died. I'm not going to waste my energy on being angry that it's been missed for so long. I've got myself a new pair of crutches and I'm getting ready and stronger for the operation 💪. I've started some gentle pilates each day and I hope this will give me a better result. This will be my second hip replacement, my right hip was done 8 years ago after an infection. So now I'll have matching scars at least. So if life knocks you down, kick right back. Take control and save your energy for moving forward. I'd ❤ you to come with me on this new adventure (no gory pics I promise ). #avascularnecrosis #fucksteroids #newcrutches #motivationalposts #positivelife #goodvibes #positivevibes #positivethinking #positivevibesonly #positivemindset #inspiration #internationalwomensday #positiveattitude #happy

May 2019

Whatever the outcome of today, I am so proud of how far I have come in the last three months. Maybe I have or maybe I haven’t managed to grow new bones/blood vessels, but I have definitely grown in determination, in strength and true empathy for wheelchair users. Whether this is the end of a long, painful road, or the beginning of a number of surgeries, I appreciate all that the last three months have taught me. I am greater, I am braver and I am better for it. 💄📷🖌: @jeannemypeacock #lifeafterlymphoma #chemocomplications #avascularnecrosis