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2 weeks ago

WORKING TOGETHER: First of all, thank you all for your actions of cooperation during this difficult and a time of uncertainty. I've been your voice via our social media platforms for few years now and I will continue doing my best to keep up with the changing developments occurring every 24 hours. The life that we knew a month ago, to the life that we knew two weeks ago, is very different from the life that we are living this very moment. Our life is changing by the hour. This Monday, the City of Lynwood took action to officially inact emergency measures to prioritize our city's public health and welfare to prevent the spread of the virus in our community. On Tuesday night, as your City Council, we gave City Staff direction to continue addressing essential services in Lynwood, along with advocating for our city employees. Now that we have addressed our more critical issues, we are considering other actions that are also important to our community. I have received so much feedback about many issues ranging from our local grocery store schedules to our street sweeper schedule to possibly closing our parks (all TEMPORARILY, of course ). Our Council and staff have been working around the clock to address all of our concerns and your concerns. So, as we move forward, I would like to hear from you all on any additional measures that YOU believe the City should temporally consider to make life in our community better. I always welcome open dialogue that is respectful and constructive to everyone. Thank you and I look forward hearing from you all on how we can continue to address additional issues. Remember, #WeAreLynwood and we will get through this together if we work together. #CouncilMemberSolache #Lynwood #LynwoodCA #WorkingForLynwood #ResultsForLynwood #CityOfLynwood #GoLynwood #LynwoodStrong #TeamLynwood #TeamSolache #LynwoodSchools #LynwoodCalifornia

4 weeks ago

It’s Election Day in Lynwood! #TeamRendon #TeamSolache @rendon63rd @jl_solache

4 weeks ago

Important: Don’t forget to scroll to the end of your ballot to make sure your vote for Central Committee Candidates. #TeamSolache is always appreciative of your support. #TheWinningTeam

5 weeks ago

Avoid the lines on Election Day! Here are the voting locations in Lynwood today: Bateman Hall (11331 Ernestine ) Henning Youth Center (11049 Birch St ) Lynwood Worship Center (11984 Santa Fe Ave ) Hours: 7:00am-5:00pm Don’t forget to vote for #TeamSolache ✅ 🗳

last month

ELECTION SEASON BEGINS: Lynwood, I will never get tired of telling you all that my commitment to be a voice for our City and our surrounding communities will always be a priority. As your strongest advocate, I have decided to seek re-election to the Los Angeles Central Committee. In this role, I get to be a voice for our entire Assembly District 63. This will not affect my work in Lynwood and I will continue being your council member. You all know me and you all know that I love serving our communities. If you know voters in the following cities, please encourage them to vote for Jose Luis Solache. Aside from representing Lynwood in our Central Committee, if re-elected I would continue to represent the communities of South Gate, Maywood, Bell, Cudahy, Lakewood, Paramount, Hawaiian Gardens and North Long Beach. Absentee ballots have arrived this week for the California Presidential Primary set for March 3rd. I am also supporting the following four Candidates: Mary Louise Zavala, Andres Ramos, Franbert Calderon and Antonio Chapa. Thank you for always supporting my commitment to being a voice for our communities. #TeamSolache

Jan 2020

HELLO 2020!!!! On this first day of a brand new year, and actually a brand new decade, I've realized that this is the start of my 7th year on the Lynwood City Council, and since we're counting, it's also the start of my 17th year serving the City of Lynwood as an elected official. I forget sometimes that I served 10 years on the School Board before coming onto the City Council. I am proud to say that my commitment and passion to serve my community has not changed throughout the years. In fact, with every new year, I look for more ways to serve and be a strong voice for my community. Who is ready to continue supporting #TeamSolache in 2020? We have come a long way but our journey together continues and I am blessed by your support - without all of you, I wouldn't have made it this far. I pray you all have a great 2020. From here on forward, let's make every new year a better one. #TogetherForLynwood (PS. 2020 also means that I'll be turning 40 this year, so making it great is not an option, it's a must, especially if we're going to 🕺🏽💃🏽! )

Dec 2019

HAPPY CHRISTMAS DAY MY INSTAGRAM FAMILY! Posing with some of our 2019 Kid Mayors for my annual holiday card, I'd like to wish all of you and your families a very Merry Christmas. Wishing you peace, love, and laughter this holiday season. #CouncilMemberSolache #Christmas #Holidays #CityOfLynwood #KidMayor #KidMayors #TeamSolache #TeamLynwood #GoLynwood

Dec 2019

After having participated in the last 16 years of our Lynwood Candy Cane Parade, I missed this year's due to a small little vacation I forced myself to take. Thank you Mom and Cousin Maggie for representing #TeamSolache during our city parade. #Christmas2019

Nov 2019

Happy Thanksgiving Instagram Family! I am grateful for all of your support during my 2019 Mayorship in Lynwood. Along with your support during my run for State Senate, you all have stood by me through thick and thin, and for that I am grateful and blessed. It’s humbling to know that I get to serve the community that raised me and helped shape who I am today. Thank you all. Today, let’s celebrate with our families and simply be thankful for our health, loved ones, and friendships. A special thanks to all the phenomenal people who either donated or volunteered their time this week to help others in need. It has been a week full of joy seeing our community united in going above and beyond to help their fellow neighbors. #ThankYouAll #HappyThanksgiving #Lynwoodians #MayorSolache #GoLynwood #WeAreLynwood #TeamSolache #TeamLynwood

Sep 2019

Guess who was born 39 years ago today? Yes, your Fluffy Mayor is celebrating another year of life in this great city of ours. Thank you all for being a part of my life and for making this journey a great one. I thank God each and every day for blessing me with such a wonderful community and loving family and friends. Even though I keep getting older, I'm still young at heart. Cheers to the last year of my 30s! Let's make it a great one! #39YearsYoung #MayorSolache #TeamSolache #Lynwoodian #GoLynwood

Jul 2019

Thank you to everyone who attended today’s 2019 Relay For Life! Together, we will continue to help find a cure to this horrible cancer disease . So far, our #TeamSolache has raised a total of $1,275.58 to help with this year’s Lynwood/South Gate’s Relay Goal. #TeamWork #CancerSucks 👊🏽🙌🏽 #Lynwood #SouthGate #MayorSolache #americancancersociety

Jul 2019

A special message from Mr. Lynwood 2019, Olvin Serrano! #TeamExpressiveNine #TeamSolache #RelayForLife #ACS #TeamLynwood #TeamSouthGate #CancerSucks

Jul 2019

Good morning Lynwood and South Gate! It’s time to get our Relay For Life walk started! Today’s event will be a 14 hour relay to remember our loved ones, those who are currently fighting, and those who are cancer survivors. #TeamSolache will be here from 9am to 1pm. Feel free to drop by South Gate Park and join us for a couple of laps or make a small donation. #UnitedAgainstCancer Photo: With our Lynwood & SG Relay Chairs, Yolanda and Rosanna.

Jul 2019

Lynwood: #TeamSolache needs your help! We are getting ready to walk this upcoming Saturday for our Lynwood/South Gate Relay For Life event. Will you come walk with us in the morning? Will you make a small donation? Let’s beat cancer! 👊🏽🙅🏽‍♂️ (Photo: Mom and I at the 2018 walk )

Mar 2019

Celebrating a great candidate. • • • #teamsolache #mariachilascatrinas #lynwood #candidate #mariachi #statesenate

Mar 2019

Thank you, Senate District 33! #TeamSolache

Mar 2019

Don’t forget to come get your #TeamSolache sign. Visit our Atlantic/Fernwood campaign headquarters today or feel free to DM your address and one of our volunteers will drop it off! #Solache4Senate

Feb 2019

Join us this morning to support our friend as he launches his campaign to represent us in Sacramento. #SD33 #teamsolache

Jan 2019

It’s an honor and pleasure to endorse and support my colleague, friend and mentor José Luis Solache for the 33rd Senate District. His passion for our community is second to none. #solache4senate #TeamSolache #Lynwood

Jan 2019

Join me in supporting @solache4senate for CA SD33 #teamSolache #Solache4Senate #fluffyCaucus

Jan 2019

Jan 13th don’t forget to go vote and support these great leaders. #SELA #Leadership #lynwood #TeamSolache

Jan 2019

Lynwood: Thank you for making 2018 a great year! Together, we accomplished so many great things for our community. Here are some fun highlights from this year. #MayorSolache #Lynwood #LynwoodCA #CityOfLynwood #WorkingForLynwood #ResultsForLynwood #TeamSolache #TeamLynwood #GoLynwood

Dec 2018

Celebrating our 2018 gains! Merry Christmas from Lynwood, CA! #MayorSolache #Lynwood #LynwoodCA #CityOfLynwood #TeamSolache #WeAreLynwood #GoLynwood #CityOfLynwood #LynwoodCA

Dec 2018

It’s always a blessing when your family shows up to fully support you and help celebrate your installation to the Lynwood City Council. Thank you all for your love and support! #TeamSolache #Lynwood #LynwoodCA #CityOfLynwood #WeAreLynwood #MayorSolache #GoLynwood

Dec 2018

We were sworn-in tonight! Our Oath of Office ceremony was a total success and we were honored by the presence of our friends, family, and many supporters. We helped welcome two new Council Members, Marisela Santana and Jorge Casanova, to our Lynwood City Council. Thank you all for attending and joining the celebration. #TeamSolache #TeamLynwood #Lynwood #LynwoodCA #WeAreLynwood #GoLynwood #ThankYou #WorkingForLynwood #ResultsForLynwood #Lynwoodians

Dec 2018

Honored to have Mom join me as I pick up my official Certification Of Election by City Clerk Quiñones. Looking forward to see you all tonight. #TeamSolache

Nov 2018

Dear Lynwood Supporters: It would be an honor to have you join our friends and family as we take the Oath Of Office. As for me, I am humbled and thankful to have been elected by you to represent our community for the 5th time. Join us as we continue to make Lynwood brighter. #WeAreLynwood #Lynwood #Lynwood #LynwoodCA #CityOfLynwood #TeamSolache #TeamSantana #TeamCasanova #WorkingForLynwood #GoLynwood

Nov 2018

I can not believe they are still counting. These results are the bi product of hard work. Once again Lynwood I am humbled and ready to roll my sleeves up and begin working towards a brighter and better #Lynwood #teamworkmakesthedreamwork #hardworkPaysoff #TeamCasanova #Teamsantana #TeamSolache

Nov 2018

Another reason to be thankful during this Thanksgiving holiday...because of your support, our numbers keep climbing. #LynwoodStrong 🗳💪🏽 #Lynwood #LynwoodCA #TeamSolache #CityOfLynwood #GoLynwood

Nov 2018

I know many of us are watching Election Results in states like Florida, Arizona and even here at home. Our Lynwood numbers have also increased and below are the latest results. Thank you again for the amazing support. 💥 👊🏽💪🏽 #LynwoodROCKEDtheVote #TeamSolache #GoLynwood

Nov 2018

What a blessing to have Mom and Dad at our Victory Party last night. When my mom was recently at the hospital, she said she wanted to recuperate fast to make sure she was at our Chico’s Pizza Campaign Party and our Lynwood Candy Cane Parade. It’s the small things (Big to me ) that matter in life. Always LOVE your parents. #TeamSolache

Nov 2018

Woooo hooooo! Big congrats to @jl_solache on being re elected to #lynwood city council! It’s amazing to see your passion, drive and care for the people of #lynwood pay off! Thanks for inviting us into the campaign to see this all first hand. 👏👏👏👏👏👏 @jasonian747 #teamsolache #lynwoodalwaysuptogood

Nov 2018

Lynwood: I'm currently at our regular scheduled Lynwood City Council Meeting doing the people's work (Yes, on Election Day 😳 ) Please help me while I'm busy at our council meeting and use this last hour to go vote. Let's show Lynwood that #TeamSolache votes 🗳 #CommunityEffort


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Apr 2015

I'm happy to introduce to you our April 2015 Lynwood #KidMayor : Yasmine Sterling. Will Rogers Elementary School should be proud of #MayorSterling for representing their school as this month's Kid Mayor. #MayorSolache #Lynwood #LynwoodCA #CityOfLynwood #WeAreLynwood #TeamSolache #WillRogers #PayingItForward #FutureLeaders #LynwoodLeaders

Jan 2015

It was great to meet with Lynwood's Congresswoman, Janice Hahn at her Washington D.C. office. It was a perfect opportunity to discuss federal issues that impact our local community. I look forward to continue working with her awesome staff to make sure we advocate for Lynwood. #MayorSolache #Lynwood #LynwoodCA #CityOfLynwood #JaniceHahn #TeamSolache #TeamHahn #WashingtonDC #USMayorsConference

Dec 2014

So happy to celebrate with my community at my favorite place in Lynwood. Can you tell we're excited for the year ahead? #MayorSolache #CommunityFUN #TeamSolache #ChicosPizza

Jan 2015

I introduce to you our first ever #KidMayor , Eduardo Zuñiga from Lincoln elementary school. He will serve our city during the month of January 2015. #MayorSolache #MayorZuniga #Lynwood #LynwoodCA #CityOfLynwood #CommunityEffort #CommunityFUN #TeamSolache

Dec 2014

My first official city event as Lynwood Mayor was a total success. It was such a joy to see the kids' faces light up when they saw Santa... I am loving the holiday spirit! #MayorSolache #TeamSolache #CommunityFun #LynwoodCA #Lynwood

Nov 2016

Congratulations to "Tacos El Tapatio" restaurant for celebrating their 13th year of business in Lynwood today. I am happy to have been one of their first customers back in November 2003. Thank you to the owner, Griselda, for her investment and commitment to our Lynwood community. #CouncilmanSolache #Lynwood #LynwoodCA #CityOfLynwood #GoLynwood #LynwoodPride #WeAreLynwood #TacosElTapatio #LynwoodEats #TeamSolache #Food #Lunch

Dec 2014

It was a pleasure working with her while on the Board, but it is even more exciting to be installed by her into my new role. Thank you to our School Board President, Briseida Gonzalez. I am excited to continue working hard to ensure our students are being looked after by only the best. # #Lynwood #LynwoodCA #GoLynwood #TeamSolache #LynwoodSchools

Dec 2014

We made the local newspaper! #MayorSolache #SolacheSelfie #TeamSolache #DreamComeTrue

Dec 2014

I found the perfect tie for our Lynwood Candy Cane Lane Parade. #MayorSolache #CommunityFuN #Lynwood #LynwoodCA #GoLynwood #TeamSolache