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5 days ago

The other day I got a QOTD (question of the day ) asking if I could do in home self-portrait photography, so I gave it a go! Video up on the channel 📸

2 weeks ago

I’M BACK! AGAIN! Btw it’s my birthday! 23 now holy crap. So yeh a few days ago I did a shoot playing around with smoke bombs ( @pixiesmokebombs ). This photo is all about self expression; embracing the positive and negative sides of oneself. The idea is that the more you embrace all parts of yourself, the more you open yourself up to being the most colourful version of yourself. The vibrant, contrasting colours in the smoke is a symbol of a person who is acting out of self expression and letting go of the ego. DEEP STUFF I know, but I’ve wanted to take this photo for a very long time and I wouldn’t have been able to do it without @arfa and @visua1s_ collaborating with me. PC: @visua1s_ Full video on my YouTube channel! What’s your favourite colour? 🤪

3 weeks ago

IT’S HERE BABY! Link in bio!! After over a years work on these presets and merch, I’m now finally excited to release my website haydenpedersen.com ! Swipe left for details! This has been such a huge journey with sooo many ups and downs and I wouldn’t have been able to do it without @custompromotions , @_ckcreative_ , @northborders , @7th .era , @limonfan , and everyone else who was involved, you know who you are. If you like my content and you want to support me you can purchase anything from this website. Lastly I’d just like to thank you for also helping and supporting me. You’ve critiqued stuff I’ve put out there and I’ve listened so I was able to refine the products into something that you also have created, so you also played a huge part in this whole process as well. I’m forever grateful from the bottom of my heart to have people like yourself following my journey, and supporting me along the way. It hasn’t been easy, but that means it’s meaningful. Pursue the negative baby 📸🎥

3 weeks ago

YOOOOO! Today is the day! I’m so excited but also nervous because in three hours from this post (8:30pm PST ) I’ll be releasing my website with my merch and presets! This has been a process that I’ve been working on for nearly the past year, so I’d love it if you were to check it out. I’ll see you soon! 😁

4 weeks ago

Hey! Just thought I’d check in, how are ya? These are a few flicks from the other day at the Twelve Apostles trying to show off the merch 🤪 oh yeh! Only a couple days until the merch and presets will be available! I’m soooo excited to share this with you, it’s been a long project that I’ve been working on for months! 😁

4 weeks ago

Wassup! Just thought I’d give you a quick update on the merch and the presets, we’re currently working real hard on the website which is why my videos have been lacking a little. I’m pushing to have it done and up within the next few days! SUPER keen to share this all with you and SUUUPER keen to get back into making more content. Anyway, hope you’ve been well and you’re doing heaps of stuff that scares you 😎

5 weeks ago

The idea of this shoot was to get some basic shots of my merch to advertise it a lil bit.. got a bit carried away 🤪 link in bio!

last month

Bitta bts from me shooting a thumbnail today lol. Always lovin dem particles doe

last month

When @northborders does nofap for a week and gives in 😦 Oh yeh also we did a coke and mentos rocket photo shoot, link in bio! 🤪

last month

Here’s to 2019. I’ve met some amazing people, had some amazing experiences, had some really tough times, lots of growth and LOTS of photography. There are so many more people that I wish I had photos with to tag but everyone who I’ve met this year who is now in my life, I’d just like to say thank you, and that I love you all. You know who you are. Also, just posted a recap of 2019, link in bio! It’s more of a film rather than a recap video, but yeh, check it out! And lastly, I’d love to thank you, the fans. Without you as you already know I wouldn’t be able to do this as my job, and for that I’m forever grateful. Now I wanna tell you the biggest lesson I’ve learned this year: in a world where only the extraordinary is broadcasted, people feel like they have to be extraordinary to be accepted. But in reality, your shortcomings are what make you unique. Nobody is perfect, nor would you want to be, HOW BORING WOULD THAT BE. The desire for more positive experience is itself a negative experience. And, paradoxically, the acceptance of one’s negative experience is itself a positive experience. Thank you for the greatest year ever. It’s time to start a new chapter. A blank slate. Let’s bring on 2020, we got this.

Dec 2019

So I did a podcast interviewing @_ckcreative_ 🤪 link is in the bio of the @btf .podcast . We talk about a whole bunch of things, spanning from how to gain confidence, meditation, stories about going up to girls, Elon Musk and just being idiots 😁 really had fun making this one, who do you think we should interview next?

Dec 2019

ELLO ELLO! Just snapped this iPhone shot today whilst doing late Christmas shopping. One thing I didn’t talk about in the video (swipe left ) is that I decreased the vibrancy in the photo but boosted the red, green and purples in the pic to boost those Christmas colours 🎄what’s the thing you like most about Christmas? ☃️

Dec 2019

Just thought I’d do a cheeky throwback to the start of the year considering this year is about to end soon. Can’t believe how quick it’s flown by! What’s something interesting that you’ve done this year?

Dec 2019

AYY wassup!! This video is about trying to take photos of my merch which will be releasing next month (I know I said this month but I’m a piece of shit ) so YEAH! Link in bio 📸🤪

Dec 2019

EXCITING NEWS! We have a podcast and we just released the first episode! I’d love to hear your thoughts on it, what we could do better etc, and who would you like to see on the podcast if we were to have guests?? 😁

Dec 2019

SYDNEY PHOTO BATTLE IS HERE! In this one the rule was hip fire, so we couldn’t see what we were shooting. We had to shoot from the hip. This was SO hard, but who will lose? Btw the loser has to jump into the Sydney harbour with the sharks (: Link in bio 📸

Dec 2019

Can we all just pause for a moment because ma boi @7th .era has just turned 21!! Love you so much brother don’t know where I’d be without you honestly ❤️ always be grateful for what you have!! PC: @northborders

Dec 2019

“Nice to meet you, I’m Hayden Pedersand” - @co_ral_ Who’s keen for the Sydney Photo Battle next week!

Dec 2019

I like this picture of this Zen Buddhist Temple that I took in Japan because of its imperfect reflection. Perfectionism is a quality that some seem to idolise because they see perfectionism as excellence. Perfectionism and excellence however are two COMPLETELY different things. Perfectionism is really, the desire for things to be perfect, not excellent. In fact, the less perfect something is, the more human and relatable it is. Imagine a world where everyone was ‘perfect’, how bloody boring would that be! Our imperfections literally make us all unique and different. Imperfection is exciting, spontaneous, dynamic and fun. Whereas ‘perfection’ is static, dead, boring and sterile. Celebrate and embrace the fuck out of your imperfections so you can unclench your fist and let go of the illusion of control. Be you, accept you, you don’t need to be anything more than what you are, you’re enough as it is. The more you resist who you are and the possibility of not living up to others ridiculous expectations, the more you muddy the water and lose touch with the beautiful, imperfect reality in which we all live in. Hey, I’m weird as shit, I’m a bloody YouTuber, I’m literally a living meme 90% of the time. But the more I try to be anything other than that, the more I resist who I am and the more static and unhappy I am. Life is a dance, just go with it, otherwise your like a fish with a hook in its mouth swimming the other way; it would be much more enjoyable if you went in the same direction it’s pulling in. As Alan Watts said, “the desire for a positive experience is a negative experience, and, paradoxically, the acceptance of one’s negative experience is a positive experience.” Also check out the podcast that I did on the @uncommon_show where I talk a bit about perfectionism and other things, it was heaps of fun : )

Dec 2019

Sand photography is pretty fun. Link in bio 😁

Nov 2019

Can you believe these are all shot on the iPhone 11? Such a ridiculous phone for photography! The Singapore Photo Battle is up now, link in bio 📸🇸🇬

Nov 2019

Here’s another pic from the Singapore street shots, just because I couldn’t fit it in my last post. Who loves some good vibrancy in photos? 🤪

Nov 2019

Here’s some cheeky flicks I took from shooting some street in Singapore 🇸🇬 the first three in the carousel are my favourites because of the rich story behind them. I also love the isolation of the colour red because it emits so much emotion. One interesting thing about shooting street is you’ll get rejected sometimes when asking people if you can take their photo, like this kid in the third pic 😂 but that should never discourage you, rejection is inevitable whenever you put yourself out there. I’d much rather be rejected doing what I love, than be accepted for not doing what I love. Just another example of pursuing the ‘negative’. SEEK THAT REJECTION BABY. Learn to love rejection and criticism, and you’re free. Anyway, if you wanna see the vlog, as always, link in bio 📸

Nov 2019

It’s been a minute! New vlog heading to Singapore, ya wouldn’t read about it, link in bio 📸 PC: @7th .era