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Here are the stories of how a simple swab can help fight blood cancer. Register to be a #bonemarrowdonor . Share your #SwabSelfie .

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3 days ago

The #LYMcrew at @osulymcrew are kicking it up a notch. Check out our newest swabbers from @theohiostateuniversity . #LYM #DKMS #deletebloodcancer #bonemarrowdonor #loveyourmelon

1 weeks ago

The future nurses 👩‍⚕️👨‍⚕️ of tomorrow are on it! The @ttuhscson hosted a special donor drive to get more people on the national bone marrow donor pool. #uReact #Deletebloodcancer #DKMS #nursing #futureleaders #nurses #bonemarrowdonor #donordrive

2 weeks ago

Much ❤️ to these new potential lifesavers! Join us in welcoming the newest members of the #DKMSFamily . 👏 👏 Send us your #SwabSelfie ! . #Bonemarrowdonor #DKMS #Deletebloodcancer #Getswabbed #bonemarrowdonors #dogood #feelgood #savelives

4 weeks ago

Get yourself a swab that can do anything...even save a life! 😍 #dollypartonchallenge #DKMS

last month

WHAT A WEEKEND 🤗 ! The Dallas community came together to support 9-year-old Harrison who is fighting acute myeloid leukemia. ❤️ Over 1,000 people swabbed and showed their support for #TeamHarrison at @parishepiscopalschool . ♥️👏 . A special shout out to some of these amazing people who showed up: ✅ 4 DKMS donors ✅Harrison’s family members and other DKMS patient families ✅Parish Episcopal School students ✅3 members of the Dallas Youth Advisory Board ✅DKMS US CEO @jmspinnato #DKMS #deletebloodcancer #wedeletebloodcancer #fightcancer #bonemarrowdrive #volunteering #dogood #service #dallas

last month

For 9-year-old Harrison, #hockey is life. Since October, instead of lacing up his skates and hitting the ice with his team, he's on the bench fighting acute myeloid leukemia, searching for a matching #bonemarrowdonor . 🏒 "I heard the words that every parent doesn't want to hear, 'Your son has cancer,'" says his Harrison's mother, Courtney. "It's shocking to know that people aren't on the registry when it could be the difference between life or death for patients with cancer." ❤️ Unfortunately, there is no match in his family and an unrelated donor will need to be found. Join the fight with #TeamHarrison and help him get back to scoring goals. 🏒 Sign up using the link in our bio. #DKMS #deletebloodcancer #leukemia #childhoodcancer #hockeylife #hockeyislife #youthhockey #GoStars #DallasStars #Dallas

last month

🎶 Santa Claus donated stem cells 🎶 . Santa 🎅 brings Christmas joy in so many ways. For a patient who was searching for a matching donor, it was 18-year-old Joshua who delivered the gift of a lifesaving transplant. ❤️ . Every year he shares Christmas joy with senior citizens in a local nursing home, but this year he had the call to be a stem cell donor. He quickly found a replacement to take the reins of his duty with the seniors. . Josh said: "I can play Santa every year. It's probably only once that I can save a life." 😍 . #dkms #bonemarrowdonor #savealife #bonemarrowtransplant #santa #santaclaus #newyearsresolution #dogoodfeelgood

last month

Watch out, #Dallas laxers...Bennett is back! This two-time cancer survivor and bone marrow transplant recipient has continually displayed what it means to have grit, determination, and how to overcome adversity. He even scored the winning goal of a championship game last weekend. 💪 💪 💪 #DKMS #cancersurvivor #deletebloodcancer #TeamBennett #fightbloodcancer #savelives #Hope #DoGood #bonemarrowdonor #lacrosse #lacrosseplayer #lacrossefamily #lacrosselife

Dec 2019

Thanks to these swabbers from @bradleyuniversity for sharing their best #Swabselfie . ❤️ 🔥 👏 📸 : @campkesem_bradley #DKMS #Swabselfie #campkesem #1swab #swabrightforamatch #deletebloodcancer

Dec 2019

Now that's the spirit!! The @csunlymcrew showed not only their holiday cheer but their commitment to adding potential lifesavers to the registry, they created a stellar gingerbread village to show off for the holidays. #DKMS #Deletebloodcancer #Loveyourmelon #LYMCrew #Holidays #HappyHolidays #Seasonsgreetings #gingerbreadhouse

Dec 2019

Myla is back at school! ❤️ 🙌 👏 . Join us in congratulating young Myla who just two years ago was battling aplastic anemia and searching for a matching bone marrow donor. Since then Myla received her transplant and is on the road to a healthy recovery. We're excited to share that she is now back at school and back into ballet. . #DKMS #aplasticanemia #deletebloodcancer #fightcancer #survivor #cancersurvivor #ballet #loveballet #dogood

Nov 2019

Our awesome initiators are hard at work swabbing potential lifesavers for patients in need. @rutgerslym @csslymcrew #LYMCrew #DKMS #LoveYourMelon #GetSwabbed #leaders #youngprofessional #uReact #LYM #rutgerslym #lymlife

Nov 2019

On #WorldKindnessDay we remember Aisha. The love and light that she put into the world remind us that anyone could step up and be a lifesaving donor. Read more about her documentary #TheSkyIsPink by visiting the link in our bio.

Nov 2019

These students are the rockstars leading the fight against blood cancer. Did you #GetSwabbed this month? @lymcrew_wcu @uofalymcrew @uwyolymcrew #LYMCrew #DKMS #LoveYourMelon #GetSwabbed #leaders #youngprofessional #uReact #LYM

Nov 2019

HAPPY #marathonmonday to the amazing #teamdkms runners who completed the #tcsnycmarathon yesterday! Thirteen runners raised more than $41,000 to support our mission to find matching bone marrow donors for every patient who needs one. 🏅👏💪❤️

Nov 2019

Ten years of friendship. Countless miles between them. An impact so great can only be measured by the bond that they’ve formed as charity racers. Meet @cullman , @melindamarble , @bkell918 , and @wheretonextmarci . . We’re proud to call this Fab Four #teamdkms runners and honored that they will take on 26.2 to support our mission to save lives of people with blood cancers and disorders. ❤️

Oct 2019

They are equipped and ready to lead the fight 🥊 💪 against blood cancer. Check out these amazing students who are working tirelessly to add more potential #bonemarrowdonors to the national registry. @aclymcrew @stroselymcrew @uweauclaire @acuedu

Oct 2019

Here comes the...bone marrow donor! 👰 Sarah just knew that the best wedding gift of all would be meeting the patient whose life was saved because of her donation. The @nytimes shared their story. 🔗 in bio. . . . . #DKMS #deletebloodcancer #bonemarrowdonor #patientdonormoment #Weddingday #wedding #Love #bonemarrowtransplant #bonemarrow #lovestory

Oct 2019

“Life is a series of micro-decisions that can lead to really big moments. Like how easy it was for me to swab my cheeks at a drive. Like picking up the phone when they called to tell me I was a perfect match for someone. It added up to me helping another person have some really great moments with their family. . John Concado is #Argentinian -American and a #bonemarrowdonor . For #HispanicHeritageMonth he is sharing his story and an important message about joining the registry: “You never know who you could be helping. It could even be someone in your own community. We need to raise awareness and help the LatinX community get informed and register to be donors.” Link in story

Oct 2019

Much ❤️ to these new potential lifesavers! Join us in welcoming the newest members of the #DKMSFamily . . Did you swab this month? Send us your #SwabSelfie ! . #Bonemarrowdonor #DKMS #Deletebloodcancer #Getswabbed #ShowUsYourSpit

Oct 2019

One-year-old Leonora's mom, @mama_von_ninjababy , is asking for your help in finding a matching #bonemarrowdonor for her little girl. . "I ask you with all my heart, give us and many other #cancer patients hope. The registration as a bone marrow donor takes less than five minutes of your time, but would give our ninja baby a whole life." . “Sometimes we forget our worries for a short moment when we see Leonora laughing. She is such a bright, positive girl. As soon as she smiles, she fills every room with her happiness and good mood. We want nothing more, we just want our “normal” life back. Waking up together, having lunch after school, making beautiful memories. We do not give up. Leo is a fighter. At some point this wish will come true, I believe in that.” . Register at the link in our story.

Sep 2019

Special thank you to the #LYMCrew on a successful week of bone marrow donor drives. Amazing volunteers came together to help register more potential bone marrow donors and create countless second chances at life for patients everywhere. @csuchicolymcrew @concordiacollegelymcrew @shulymcrew @sacredheartuniversity #DKMS #LoveYourMelon #GetSwabbed #Swabtember #uReact #LYM

Sep 2019

Lauren and the #bonemarrowdonor who saved her life, Frank, celebrated the 16th anniversary of her transplant with a #Sweet16 for the ages! . “It’s been great getting to know Frank all these years,” said Lauren. “We text almost every day. Sixteen years later and he still reminds me that if I ever get sick again, he would always donate again. And why wouldn’t you do something like this out of the goodness of your heart? Registering to be a bone marrow donor in Germany is something very different that it is in the United States. There, it’s like you automatically sign up for these things when you’re 18. We need that here.” . Surrounded by 150 of her closest friends and family, Lauren and Frank danced the night away recalling all the fun similarities that the two share. “We always joke about how much Frank looks like my dad.” . When Frank registered in Germany to be a bone marrow donor with DKMS in 1997, he was just 18 years old and had never heard of the procedure before. He was compelled by a radio and newspaper story about a boy in his town who had leukemia. “In Germany at 18, it’s the age that you can drive, register to be a donor...and drink beer. I didn’t know the person who needed the transplant, but I thought I could help. At any time I could get sick, and then I would need help too.” . He’s still committed to making a positive impact on the world and being a bone marrow donor. “To help this world, I would do it 1000 times!” . Join us in wishing both Lauren and Frank the best as they celebrate this special milestone and a life filled with love and happiness! . 📸 @ericvitalephotography

Sep 2019

#ThankYouDonor ! Today we celebrate bone marrow donors all over the world. Donors give hope, positivity, love and often a second chance at life to patients, their families and friends worldwide! #WMDD2019