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Sep 2019

What if I told you...?

May 2019

Late night shenanigans🖤🐝 . . . #beforeiletgochallenge #beyonce #homecoming #explorepage

Feb 2019

I took this video over a year ago.. And for those that know me personally know that dance is my LIFE! I've been too afraid of really getting back out there and perfecting my craft. I've been too afraid of not being the best. This year is about growth, taking chances, doing the things that make me happy and most of all being comfortable with who I am!! Don't let anyone, or anything stop you from doing the things you love! I am my only competition😌 #explorepage #DancingwithDari Choreography: @thealiyajanell Song: When We by @therealtank

Nov 2018

🚫🧢. No rap cap.

Jul 2016

Shenanigans 💃🏽