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Hi curlfriends! #teamnatural_ Dominican curly hair enthusiast 🇩🇴 Natural since 2010🙆🏽👑 RI⚓️

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3 hours ago

My curl pattern did get a little loose after dyeing my hair a few times this year. That’s okayyy though! Now that I’m back to my routine where I do my weekly hair treatments (my goal is two a week ), my curls are looking moisturized, shiny, defined, and I’m loving them! I showed you guys in my insta story the two @mauimoisture masks I used for my deep treatment. I also used the hair & scalp growth oil by @shedavi and massaged it into my scalp. To style my hair I used @botanika_beauty “the definer” which you are requesting a review on! Filming it within the next few days 😘 let’s remember to drink a lot of water, smile, & kick some 🍑 ✨ besos 😘 #curls #washandgo #mauimoisture #hairtreatment #shorthair #latinainfluencer #healthycurls

5 days ago

Hola Curlfriends 😏 a mi me gusta cambiarme el pelo. Algunas veces me gusta largo, algunas veces corto, me cambio el color, no quiero siempre verme igual (aunque siempre vuelva al pelo negro 😂 ) 🥰 es importante tener una buena rutina para que el pelo esté saludable entre todos los cambios. Que es lo más importante? Tratamientos cada semana 👏🏽 x o x o #Curlyhair #naturalhair #hairgoals #curlyhairjourney #curls #haircrush #hairroutine #pelorizo #Natural #dominicana #teamnatural #naturalhairrocks #myhaircrush #healthyhair #shortcurls #washandgo #boxbraids #curlybuns

6 days ago

Hi Curlfriends! Sometimes after I co-wash my hair, I use the same conditioner and style my hair with it. For this wash & go I used the biotin & collagen conditioner by @ogx_beauty 💋 lips: @narsissist Mysterious Red 💋 #washandgo #curlyhair #curls #rizos #naturalhairjourney #nars #Ogx #cowash

2 weeks ago

Hi Curlfriends! Have you tried out @shedavi products?! 👀

2 weeks ago

Happy Thursday! Mami didn’t want to get a Christmas tree this year but wanted to do something festive. She wanted to get a little creative so we got empty boxes and different wrapping paper. We added some bows and lights and this is what we came up with! I didn’t want to take a picture in front of it but she made me 😂 swipe to see the progress ⛄️

2 weeks ago

Hi Curlfriends! If there was snow around you, I hope you were safe today! I couldn’t drive around because my tires are so bad and it was too slippery 😩 #curls #naturalhair #blackhair #rizos #pelocorto #naturalhairjourney

2 weeks ago

Baby it’s cold outside ❄️ ⛄️ 🎶 This is 3rd day hair! Which means it’s time for a deep treatment! Are you staying on top of your hair treatments during this cold weather?! Remember to keep your curls moisturized 🥰 btw, just between you and I, I had pants and sneakers under this outfit 😜 📸: @lisegi__ @d .soul . . . —————— #Teamnatural_ #curlyhair #curlsaunaturel #manelover #kinky_chicks1 #afroliciouswomen #curlynaturalhair #naturalhair #myhaircrush #hairgoals #naturalhairgoals #curlyhairstyles #naturalhairdreams #curlsforthegirls #unconditionedroots #kinks2curls #luvyourmane #mynaturalhairisdope #naturalhaircommunity #naturalhairloves #kinkychicks #naturalhairdaily #naturalchixs #berrycurly #curlybeauty #naturalhairrocks

3 weeks ago

Happy Thanksgiving 🦃🍽! The black shoes I was supposed to wear broke and these were the only heels in my car 🤷🏽‍♀️ I’m very full and just want to dance. Enjoy your night mis amores 😘

4 weeks ago

Happy Friday!!! Es viernes y el cuerpo lo sabe 💃🏽😜😆

4 weeks ago

“Imperfection is beauty, madness is genius and it's better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring” - Marilyn Monroe - in other words, antes muerta que sencilla mi amorchhhhhhhh😜 #rizos #curlyhair #pelocorto #naturalhair

4 weeks ago

HAPPY MONDAY! 😆 Are you guys excited thanksgiving is almost here?! I already got my outfit for la sala and can’t wait to eat eat eat! Este año tengo ganas de comer la ensalada de papa con manzana 🤤 yummmmmyyyyyyyy! Those 4 inches I lost from my waist about to come right back 🤣🤣😅🤣 BTW- long sleeve body suit is from @primark and the button up is from the men’s section at savers for $4 ish. 🤪

5 weeks ago

TBT to my big fro! Happy Thursday! Let’s see how long it takes me to get back to this length 🤪 #curlyhair #NaturalCurls #washandgo #NaturalHairJourney

last month

You all really liked this picture on my story so I decided to post it since I have not been taking many pictures lately! I hope you are all having a great start to your week! 😘😘😘 Aladdin at PPAC was awesome! I loved it 👏🏽 #Blackhair #naturalhair #curls

last month

Happy Friday!!!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ I’ll be changing my hair tomorrow so here is a little goodbye clip 😘

last month

Hi Curlfriends! Happy Sunday 😘 (this picture is from last week ). I am feeling much better! Thank you for all the messages you’re all awesome ❤️ I am very excited thanksgiving around the corner! 😄 quiero comerrrrrrr! I already texted my family group chat so we can start planning 😎😜 I better gain what I lost while being sick in one day haha

last month

While people wanted to be sexy this Halloween, I wanted to be una vaca lechera una vaca de verdad 😂

last month

A few pictures because I’m not over this night or this outfit ☺️ espero que tengan un buen fin de semana porque hoy se bebeeeeeeeeeee 🎶 🥰😘

last month

Hi Curlfriends! Happy Thursday!!! 😆 A few of you have been asking - On my scalp I have been applying TXTR by @cantubeauty oil & vitamins scalp saver to help with the uncomfortable itch! It has helped but the itch is not completely gone. What do you use? 👀 I sleep with my braids in a low ponytail and wrap a scarf around my head to keep my braids from getting frizzy while I sleep.

last month

Hi Curlfriends! Which style do we like best?! 👀 I love both I’m not sure if I can pick! 😩🥰 #protectivestyles #braids #fauxlocs

Oct 2019

This is what happens in my head every single time I listen to @sabrinaclaudio songs, slow motion and everythingggg 😂 Her concert last night at the house of blues in Boston was amazing. Her voice is insane, so talented ✨ The black coverup Im wearing is actually a 2XL on clearance for $4 lol everything under it is a medium because they didn’t have smalls but I knew I just needed a belt to make it work and I loved how everything came out! Ladies at the concert were so sweet and gave me lots of compliments ☺️ I hope you’re all having a fantastic Tuesday 😘 Song: Orion’s Belt by @sabrinaclaudio

Oct 2019

You can really see how short I am in these pictures 😂 I’m 5 ft AND half an inch! ☺️ *in @beyonce ’s voice* wait let me fix my hair 🤪 Braids can get very itchy, wanna know what I’ve been applying to my scalp? 👀 Btw I’m so freaking excited that tonight I’ll get to see the gorgeous @sabrinaclaudio in concert ahhhhhhh 😆😍 what does one even wear? Lingerie?! 😂❤️

Oct 2019

It’s that type of fall to fall in love! 🍂 I’m in love with this protective style! Anybody else getting braids done this fall? 👀 . 📸: @lisegi__ 💣 . Also, I just wanted to quickly thank everyone who takes time to leave comments on my posts I really appreciate it very much 😩❤️ If you feel the need to DM me whatever you want to say about my picture, keep it to yourself 😘 thank you!