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I'm Mercedes I'm 30 I'm weird I'm random Idc what anyone thinks of me Just living and loving life

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Nov 2018

Every vote counts

Apr 2018

Ppl always ask on your bday how it feels to be another year older. Well I have to say it feels really really good. As a few of you already know, a few months before my 26th bday I tried to end my life. Thankfully I wasn't successfully but I never thought I'd see 26, let alone 29 so I'm extremely thankful and happy to be alive today. Not to say that I don't still struggle but I'm grateful for every second that I'm here. So I want to use my birthday to bring awareness to depression and suicide. Those that know me know that on the surface I'm usually a really happy person. But I struggle and so do a lot of other ppl. So I'm just asking those who do read this to take the time to check on someone, even if they do seem happy. Just take the time to ask if they're okay or not. It can even be someone you don't know. Sometimes something that small could save a person's life. I appreciate and love everyone who took the time to say happy birthday to me today. You guys will never know how much it truly means to me. #suicideawareness

Jan 2018

Happy birthday to the world's greatest mom! I know I'm not an easy child but I'm really thankful and appreciative for you and all that you do for me. I don't know what I'd do without you and your constant love and support. Thank you so much for everything and I hope your day has been as special as you have always made me feel. I love you mama 💝 @lovejones_73 #happybirthday #supermom #family #birthdaycake

Aug 2014

My baby sister left for college today and I already miss her like crazy. Words can't describe how proud I am of her. I wish you nothing but success and happiness, I love you. #sister #family #love

Jul 2014

Tell me he isn't the cutest baby with his little bowtie #baby #cousin #cute #bowtie #family

Jul 2014

Spending some quality time with my gma #summer #family #bbq

Jun 2014

Congratulations to my baby sister, I'm so proud of you #graduation #classof2014

Jun 2014

They're off to the prom #prom2014 #classof2014

Jun 2014

My baby is ready for prom #prom #prom2014 #classof2014

Jun 2014

There is no bond like the one I share with my sister. She's my best friend, the person I can go to whenever I have a problem and she's always there to listen to me. She never judges me and always lends me her shoulder to cry on. She can always make me laugh even when all I want to do is cry. She's the only person in this world who I can have 30 second dance parties with. Whenever I fall apart she's there to pick up the pieces and make me whole again. She sees the greatness in me even though I sometimes can't see it myself. Even though life is taking us in different directions we'll always be close. I know no matter what she'll always have my back just like I have hers. This tattoo just solidifies our bond and friendship, I love you.

Jun 2014

Getting my first tattoo #tattoo

Jun 2014

Getting her first tattoo #tattoo

Jun 2014

It's a beautiful day so I'm out enjoying myself #fishbowl #vodka #sutra #passionpunch #nauticalmilefestival

May 2014

Beach with my sister's #sister 's #beach

Apr 2014

Margaritas!!! #strawberry #Margarita #chillis #happyhour

May 2013

These late night walks/jogs will be the death of me but it'll be worth it #workout #fitness #motivation #Adidas #swag

Apr 2013


Feb 2013

$2 hurricanes and fried pickles!!! #joescrabshack #hurricane #fried #pickles #bacardi #rum #delicious