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Aug 2019

I wanna give a Happy birthday shoutout to my mom 💙, my guardian angel 👼🏾, my bestfriend 💯, the love of my life 🙏🏾💙. I love you and I miss you 💙😔 continue to watch me and my sisters prosper and grow into the beautiful women you raised us to be 💙😔👼🏾

Jul 2019

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Feb 2019

I miss my bestfriends 💔😪 y'all really dont understand this feeling. #missingmoms

Feb 2019

Who would've thought that this day was gonna be the last valentines day spent together 😪💔 but I'm not gonna he and, I miss you and I love you mommy 💙🙏🏽

May 2018

Today is my beautiful Grandma’s first birthday in heaven 💙 happy birthday grandma I love you 😘

May 2017

I wanna say Happy Mothers Day to the best mothers I've had in my life. My mom & my sister 💙 these two women are my heart, my everything & as I cry while writing this I wanna tell them I love you & I miss you & I appreciate you & everything you've ever done for me 😘💙 #happymothersday

Dec 2016

If she a dog , imma dog too 😍👸🏽🐶 #myqueen 👑

Mar 2015

My lady 😘👸 @shlavsu