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13 hours ago

Flying into the holidays with @botkier 🎄👜👠💜. #holidayseason #giftideas #nynights

6 days ago

Learned today that I don’t know how to wink properly, but I made @nigelbarker laugh so totally worth the embarrassment 😭. Can’t wait to see my @mimeophotos headshot taken by this #fashion legend 😱. #decemberrocks #pinchme #mimeomoments

1 weeks ago

“Classic Blue” was named 2020 #coloroftheyear by @pantone 😮. Luckily, this has been my go-to happening hue for years so I’m more than ready to take this love affair to the next level @💙💙💙. #huewego #bluesmakemesmile #fashion2020

3 weeks ago

Helping to take the stress out of holiday traveling with pets for @akc .tv 🐶. @danakhumphrey @beingbrihunter dish on the latest products and tips to make your next 🚘🚊✈️ trip with your #dog smooth sailing 🙌🏾. Full segment 🔗 in bio.

4 weeks ago

Hanging with some IRL Angels from @national .casa 🙌🏾 who work to make the lives of the more than 450,000 kids and youth in #fostercare better every.single.day 🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾. #changemakers #angels2019 #adoptionangels

4 weeks ago

Got to spend the last two days talking #fostercare policy and advocating on the Hill for #fostercareyouth 🙌🏾. I meet with some amazing leaders and their staff who are deeply committed to child welfare and preparing kids for successful futures. Thank you @repjimlangevin @repjohnkatko @marylandrieu for all your work and support. And, thank you @corybooker for everything you and your staff do for #fosteryouth and thank you for nominating me as a @cca_institute 2019 Angel 😇. #angels2019 #adoptionangels

last month

Dorothy...but make it fashion! 💋🎃 Also, I apparently only have one photo pose 😂. #halloween2019 #happyhalloween #wizardofoz

last month

The @nyccasa luncheon is one of the most meaningful events I get to take part in each year. Hearing from Volunteer Advocates like Katie Napolitano, #fosteryouth alum like Miguel Ortiz and CASA NYC leaders like Kerry Moles give me so much hope, joy and inspiration that I always leave feeling on a high. Sharing a bit of my own #fostercare story on that stage leaves me feeling encouraged, because I know the people in that room are willing to donate time, money, energy and their hearts so #fostercareyouth have a better experience than I did in the system. Thanks @nyccasa for everything you do for the kids and young adults in care and being a tireless #fostercareadvocate for those who can’t or don’t know how to speak up for themselves. #fostercarejourney #fostercarelove

last month

Up, up and away ✈️ #yayfriday ❤️. Filming my next @akc .tv segment and trying to stay grounded 😉. Will post 🔗 soon. #traveltips #onthego #ghostcaughtoncamera

last month

A star, stripes and the right to bare arms 💋😂. #outfitpun #crackmyselfup #falloutfit

Oct 2019

My squad 💫🙌🏾. On this International #dayofthegirl I share my hope that girls everywhere grow up to be like these ladies right here . @sabinaknows @ariellehixson @wasidah . Women who live their passions, fight for what they love, speak the truth, clear paths for the next generation and lift while they climb 🙌🏾. I’m so humbled to be able to call these ladies friends 💕. #internationaldayofthegirl #womenwhoinspire #friendswhorock

Oct 2019

#TBT Yes, I’m an ugly cryer 😭 but I’m posting this video anyway because small actions can create big momentum. When I decided to share my story with @fostercarefilm I thought it might be helpful to other #fosteryouth but I didn’t know in what ways. This video clip of me talking about the dehumanizing process of giving trash bags to already traumatized youth to pack their belongings in before being moved to a new placement struck a cord with tons of people. It’s been used by organization to raise thousands of dollars for luggage for #fostercare youth with one nonprofit raising enough money to buy 6,000 duffle-bags that have been gifted #fosterkids across the country. It’s a great feeling to know that something good is being created from my painful experience. If you’re interested in helping foster care youth in a small or big way check out these incredible #fostercareyouth advocacy organizations @nyccasa @citylivingny @fostercarefilm @togetherwerise 🙌🏾. #throwbackthursday #communityfirst #thelittlethings

Oct 2019

Making fall style a little super with the latest cape looks with @ashleybellman on @newyorklivetv 💫. Sometimes you just got to remind people that there is a ‘S on your chest’ 😉! 🔗 to full segment coming soon.

Oct 2019

Whew Chile! The #dallastexas stop on the #voicesoffostercare @Foster carefilm tour was an intense but incredible experience. We touched on how to identify and protect #fostercare youth that may be experiencing sexual abuse, helping youth who have aged out of care and small but powerful ways to support youth on their journey among a ton of other topics. I’m grateful to all the the @dallascasa volunteers, staff, and trainees who came to share and receive and use what they learned to be even more amazing #fostercareyouth advocates 🙌🏾. #bethechange

Oct 2019

Pictured: #fostercare survivors, supporters, advocates and change makers 🙌🏾. I’ve spoken with current #fosteryouth and alumni across the country and there are always heartbreaking similarities in every story. Sometimes it’s overwhelming and all I can do is let the tears flow as I listen and remember. Being a member of this sorority isn’t easy. But it is inspiring. Because the stories I hear are from youth who are are tied are being scared, tired of being othered and tired of being treated like they’ve done something wrong. They are the stories of fighters who are claiming their right to exist, right to thrive and right to not be ignored. The stories bond us together no matter if we went through the system in Texas, NY, CA or anywhere else. We’re bound together in this mission to be the voice for those who never got to tell their story, got to ask for help or ask their community, “why.” The voices are getting louder and stronger and drawing more people to the cause. I’m in awe of the women to the left and right of me and every #fostercare youth, alumni and advocate who continues to raise their voice. #feelinggreatful #letskeepitgoing

Oct 2019

Couldn’t do a #Texas tour without stopping by @magnolia 😊. It’s a super pretty space with the friendliest people. Totally worth a visit 🥰. #ontheroad #wacotexas #starventures2019

Oct 2019

Being open and honest during the Texas Workforce Commission Foster Parents breakout chat. It was amazing to connect with advocates, social workers, current, former and future foster parents who are on this journey for the right reasons 🙌🏾. #fostercare #youthadvocacy #onthemove

Oct 2019

I’m #lonestarstate bound ⭐️🙌🏾. Headed out with @fostercarefilm for whole week of screenings and #fostercare talks in Texas! Check out our updated itinerary for the Texas tour sponsored by the @annieecaseyfdn and join us! We’ll be in Austin, Denton, Dallas, Van and Beaumont this week. #fostercareadvocate #onthemove #texaslove #seeyouthere #texastour #fostercareawareness #voicesfromfostercare

Sep 2019

Making memories to laugh about on Monday 🥂😭. Love this #girlgang 🥰 #girltime #nycnights

Sep 2019

The vibe from this tribe is my forever mood 🥰. #essentiallove #spadayfunday #coworkerfriends 💋.

Sep 2019

Sun, spa and smiles 🌞. #happyfriyay ya’ll 💋. #iearnedthis #notlettingsummergo 📸 @cclarke32

Sep 2019

Someone told me I was giving #cheerleader vibes in this dress. Well, Bring It On (said, in my best @gabunion voice 🥰 ). #cheerforyourself #alwayshappyvibes #fashiononthemove

Sep 2019

Working on a new fun series 😮. Super excited for the gig and that my bangs are cooperating 😂. #hosting #bookedandblessed #onsetlife

Sep 2019

Nothing but morning smiles on set 😊🎥 ☕️. #iwastoldtheredbetea #fashionshoot #styleexpert